Thousands Flocking to Gun Stores and Gun Shows in Fear of Obama

Fearing that President Barack Obama is about to defy the US Constitution and start banning ownership of guns, thousands of Americans are crowding gun shows and flocking to gun stores to buy guns now before it’s too late.

In Richmond, Virginia, around a thousand people showed up Saturday for the C&E Gun Show held at the Showplace, just off the Mechanicsville Turnpike.  Crowds lined up for hundreds of yards waiting for the doors to open.  One businessman who owns a shop across from where the gun show was held commented:

“This is just a perfect example and sign that when the government starts trying to legislate new gun laws it’s going to create panic.”

Gun stores in the Louisville, KY area have also been flooded with lines of people waiting to buy guns and ammo.  Some store owners say that the demand is greater than the supplies.  Why?  Fear of the unknown and what Obama may do to implant his gun control policies.  Business owners are also concerned about their livelihood if Obama does what he has threatened to do.  They also lay part of the blame on violent video games and paintball.

The same thing is happening in South Dakota.  Michael Mooney, the owner of Southern Hills Tactical in Custer says he sold 85 assault weapons in just days.  The prices ranged from $650 to $3,000.  He says that he’s never seen sales like this before, commenting on the 2.8 million sales checked by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which was nearly a million more than the previous December.

Expo Idaho hosted a gun show this past Saturday and organizer Paul Snider said sales were so high that some people could barely walk and carry all of the guns and ammo they purchased.  Most of the people attending the gun show told reporters that they were concerned about Obama and gun control.

Another gun show opened its doors this week and pulled in thousands of eager citizens wanting to purchase guns and ammo before Obama makes them illegal.  The National Shooting Sports Foundation, which just happens to be based in Newtown, Connecticut where the Sandy Hook shootings took place, is hosting its 35th annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Foundation president Steve Sanetti said:

“Hunting and the recreational shooting sports are here to stay. And so are we.  A prerequisite to any dialogue involving our industry and its products is an honest recognition of the legitimacy of what we do and the important part of the national culture which we represent.”

I keep hearing the news report that 52% of American’s want stricter gun control laws, but I’d like to know where they are taking their polls.  If most of the polls are being taken in the large cities, then the results don’t surprise me.  Big cities are the where the liberals concentrate and where crimes committed with guns are twice the national average.  If you polled a person who makes a living breaking into people’s homes and robbing them, if they wanted tighter gun control and even a gun ban, of course they are going to say, heck yes.  They don’t want homeowners armed when they break in; it’s not healthy for them.

But when you look to the rest of America, they are against more gun control and against any effort to undermine the Second Amendment and their right to keep and bear arms.  If Obama pushes more gun control and starts banning guns, America many well see its second revolutionary war.

Did you ever see the movie Escape from New York starring Kurt Russell?  The entire city of New York had been walled off and left to the criminal elements within.  Perhaps that’s what we need to do with all of the big cities like Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Detroit and so on.  If they are the pockets of liberals and high crime, then cut them off from the rest of America, like a doctor cuts off a cancer in order to save the person.



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  • mwl

    Americans are not in fear of anything. What we’re doing is preparing, just like obama and the DHS are doing on taxpayers dime. obama has an army and he will unleash this army. Americans are waiting patiently. obama has instituted multiple gun laws that are useless he did this for show. He really doesnt care, his plan is much bigger than that. More cynical. We watched the Fast and Furious go nowhere, Benghazi go nowhere. In obamas list of actions he outlines everything he, holder, clinton, are directly in violation of the laws already on the books, including murder. obamas laws are for those against his agenda and the American people who believe in our way of life and the Constitution. Our first course of action is to stop funding the govt., only earn what it takes to pay your bills and nothing more. Stop paying taxes each pay day, pay at the end of the year beat them out of free interest, Zero Growth.
    obama thinks he is smarter than everybody else, he thinks you will be an easy target, he thinks his way of islamic muslim terrorism will win. The leftist socialist communist democrats are using attacks WITH guns against US. They have stated many times what they will do. Use their guns to take OURS. They released a video shooting NRA members. The hypocrits think they are in control. They are not. This is America, we live free or die getting there.
    Mike in Afghanistan

  • wayno

    Obama will LOSE his ‘peace prize’ when he gets a HUGE monument built to him by the gun manufaturers!!!

    LOLSalesman of the Century!!

    Sold the most guns of ANYONE since the American Revolution.

    Why are people buying guns?

    Because they finally got to know what obama IS.

  • wayno

    Cuomo 20 years ago
    “You don’t need 30 rounds to kill a deer’
    Cuomo ten years ago –
    You don’t need 20 rounds to kill a deer!
    Cuomo today
    You don’t need ten rounds to kill a deer!
    Cuomo next year
    You don’t need 7 rounds to kill a deer!
    Cuomo 2015
    You don’t need to kill a deer – turn them in!

  • Wunnetu_nta

    Through channels at National Instant Criminal Background Check System I’ve heard that they are so busy they can hardly handle all the work…. Hell that’s a good sign to me…. Perhaps one of the few good things to come out of this whole mess… With Obama trying to gut the 2nd Amendment… his real father was Frank Marshall Davis…. go to h t t p : // w w w . obamasrealfather . c o m / so Obama is really: Frank Marshall Jr. watch the site documentary & it will open your eyes to see yes Obama is a Communist…. it explains what he is doing… And yes as Obama admitted “My Muslim faith…” in an interview with Anderson Cooper…. He’s goal is to totally bankrupt America… The whole Obama “My father was a goat herder story” goes over far better than him telling the truth “My father was Communist agitator Frank Marshall Davis!!!!” Watch the documentary & shall it with everyone you know… The more people learn about Obama the more even the blind ignorant folks will have to see him for just who he really is a Communist Radical Muslim…..

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