Two First-Graders Suspended For Playing Cops & Robbers

Just a couple weeks ago, a 6-year-old student was suspended for pretending to “shoot” another student with his hand and saying, “Pow!” He was playing of course, but the school officials were alarmed by the boy’s behavior and suspended him. In the assistant principal’s letter to the student’s parents, she wrote that their son “threatened to shoot another student.” After the parents secured a lawyer, they appealed the decision of the school, and the school overturned the student’s suspension.

This very thing just happened again earlier this week to two other 6-year-olds in a Talbot County, Maryland school. A local CBS affiliate reported:

 “There’s controversy at a Talbot County school after two 6-year-old boys were suspended while playing cops and robbers during recess and using their fingers to make an imaginary gun.”

 And these gun control zealots claim that gun owners are the paranoid ones. They love to poke fun of us for thinking that our government will become tyrannical to the point that we’ll need only the most powerful guns to defend ourselves. How silly, naïve and paranoid we must be to think that our government would plan to completely oppress us once they leave us defenseless. Never mind the fact that this very scenario has played out many times in history, but America is different, they say. To say that America would ever follow in the footsteps of tyrannies of the past is un-American. Actually, the naivety falls on those that deny that such oppression would ever happen here as it has in many other countries.

They continue to call gun owners paranoid conspiracy theorists, while they advocate suspending first-graders for fashioning their hands in the shape of a gun.

And on Tuesday, a school went under lock-down because a teacher spotted a “suspicious” teen student wearing a black jacket, carrying a black back pack and wielding a neon green Nerf gun. A SWAT team was dispatched, the school was locked down and all the rooms were searched for this neon green toy. Finally, they spotted the toy in one of the lockers:

 “They eventually found the toy lime green and yellow lever action Nerf gun in a student locker.  Police did not make any arrests and the lockdown was lifted. School officials confiscated the toy gun and say it will be returned to the parents. Inspector Kenneth Lack says the heightened response was due to ‘an abundance of precaution.’”

 Yeah, and we’re the paranoid ones. That “abundance of precaution” that the Inspector mentioned is why we have the 2nd Amendment and why gun owners own guns. It was Thomas Jefferson who said, “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”



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  • Had Enough

    The problem with this overreaction about things being bed that look like guns is that it trivializes the difference between guns and toys and things that look like guns. The kid knows his hand isn’t a gun, do the adults know the difference? The kid is being told his hand is as bad as a gun, He knows his hand wont kill anyone so why should a real gun kill anyone. Do we really need to confuse our children any more. Let the kids be kids. When they get old enough teach the rights and RESPONSIBILITIES of gun ownership if the choose to own a gun. Teach them what a gun is used for: hunting, target shooting, protection. Teach them they are responsible for that bullet they just fired until it has quit moving. Lets get real here folks.

  • Indiana_James

    Oh for petes’ sake!,..I used to play ‘cops&robbers’ at recess in school almost every day. It wasn’t a THREAT!, was FUN. We also played ‘Army’ (some kids called it ‘War’) and NOBODY died! It was kids at play! These fools in charge are ruining kids’ youth and rearing a bunch of cry-baby little brats by refusing to let the BOYS BE BOYS that will not ever turn into MEN.

  • Chann Charlie

    I like the game of Cowboys and Democrats, all democrats in Government, lets see, will the cowboys do in the Democrats, Hell yes, ha ha ha

  • The Bee Guy

    Oh Gollly.With the violence on TV every night how is this abnormal. Guess they better arrest every red blooded guy in Americe. For very likely every one of us has played that game at one time or another The numbers of little girls are likely a little less. At waslikely a woman who did the suspending, or maybe a F..

  • Phillip_in_TX

    I sure am glad my wife and I home school. We don’t have to put up with this type of crap!

  • Carla M

    Cowboys and Muslims, is that a game or is it a statement? There was a time when Cops and
    Robbers was a game. What ever happened to playing this game? Stop putting politics in kids
    games and let them be kids. Use common sense if you have it to these kids, not politics.

  • Abinico Warez

    How about neocon hypocrite conservative wackos versus Hillary Clinton.

  • therock

    This is the United States, what the hell is going on, can’t even play, this will all come to a head sooner than later?

  • GeoNotes

    It goes to show how incredibly stupid our government is and how hollywood only contradicts itself. Politicians blame law abiding citizens for gun shootings & hollywood blatantly makes millions on killing movies and then supports taking away guns from innocent citizens. As T.J. siad, “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

  • GeoNotes

    I think I have a solution! We’ll let Obama write another executive order in all his wisdom that will call for the hands of all children to be cut off so they can’t use that ugly weapon to kill anyone!

  • tony

    I agree with gum control. It never fails; you’re in the movies or attending a classy art function and there they are, snapping and popping. So inconsiderate, I wish they’d go outside or at least chew with their mouths closed. Anybody against gum control is a communist. But I DO NOT agree with gun control in any way whatsoever. When guns are outlawed only criminals will have guns.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Gun control is very important. It allows you to “hit your target!” : )

  • Joanne

    You can’t make this stuff up, who would believe our country would sink this far down? The progressive political correctness is so far over the line it’s sickening. Where will it end?

  • Susan Woods

    What you need is several hundred tankers planes, like those used to drop water on forest fires. Fill them all with pig blood or pig fat, then fly over places where the Muslims reside. At that point, you open the doors and drop the loads. Spray them all with the pork. Then they ALL will never see paradise. Spray their crops with the pig blood or fat, then they can’t eat them. Spray their water sources, hence no water to drink. You don’t fire a shot and you don’t send our military into harms way. Finis.

  • Frederick Buggins

    An old German friend of mine who emigrated here in the mid 1950’s used to remark that American’s were foolish if they thought that something like Nazisim could never ever arise
    within the U.S.A. He must be now spinning in his grave with laughter, at how we now have an alleged minority, communist advocating, President – using Nazi Civil Dis-Armamnet political techniques, directly in contravention oif the U.S. Constitution to establish a One Worlder Communist Dictatorship in the U.S.A. with himself under armed protection for life ? As the Judenvolk probably used to say en route to Auswitsch “Oy Vey ! here he goes again ! “

    • Patriot

      Yep, really foolish indeed!

  • 1Responce

    Take the toy away and make the student stay after school. Make him write 500 times: “I will not bring anything into the school that looks like a gun.” Move on.

  • John Whittington

    A yellow toy does not look like anything but a toy. The Police better watch there is such a thing as a U S Code Book which 51 a-j says that a Police Officer needs a court order to take anything away from a citizen!

  • jj

    We must teach our children, when playing they need, to act out honor killings so they do not get into trouble, no more cowboys & indians or cops & robbers.

  • TIM

    In the inner cities they arm them for real.

  • Buck

    IFING liberal a–holes . They haven’t educated out kids for forty years and this is just more of their communist indoctrination .

  • citizenpolitics

    “The Beauty of the 2nd Amendment is That it Will Not Be Needed Until They Try to Take it away”! Truer Word Were Never Spoken!

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