What’s the Difference between Planned Parenthood and Mass Killers?

I just wrote my quarterly tax check to the IRS. Then I read that Planned Parenthood’s total assets are more than $1.244 billion, part of which is some of my and your confiscated tax money. Planned Parenthood is subsidized to the tune of $524 million. That subsidy comes from us!

Who do you think paid for the Hydrogen Cyanide (Zyclon B) gas that was used in Nazi ‘work camps’ during World War II to kill Jews and other ‘undesirables’? (The Nazis were into euphemisms just like Planned Parenthood. Abortion death centers are called ‘clinics’ not ‘killing centers.’) The people of Germany paid for Hitler’s murdering ways through the taxes that were collected.

To add unmitigated fury to it all, Planned Parenthood was complicit in the murder of 333,964 preborn babies in 2011. Let that number sink in while you read and hear about all the rightful anger, rage, and sadness over the killing of 6 and 7 year-old children at the hands of a madman in Newtown, Connecticut.

What’s different about the two killing fields? The size and age of the children and the law. It’s illegal to kill children who have been born, but it’s an indication that we are a civilized society to kill children in the womb. Ann Coulter describes the cover-up in the way language is used:

“The Orwellian dishonesty about abortion begins with the Left’s utter refusal to use the word abortion. It would be as if members of the National Rifle Association refused to use the word gun. These ‘pro-choicers’ treat abortion the way Muslims treat Mohammed. It’s so sacred, it must not be mentioned. Instead we get a slew of liberal euphemisms for baby-killing: ‘reproductive freedom,’ ‘a woman’s right to control her own body,’ ‘terminating a pregnancy,’ ‘freedom of choice,’ ‘a woman’s own private medical decision,’ ‘a procedure,’ ‘access to health care,’ ‘family planning,’ ‘our bodies, our selves,’ ‘choice.’

“Choice is important when it comes to killing babies, but not so much when it comes to whom you hire, whom you associate with, what you think about evolution, how much gas your car consumes, how much water comes out of your bathroom showerhead…. The only other practice that was both defended and unspeakable in America like this was slavery….”

In this gun debate, every pro-gun/anti-abortion advocate in Congress should make the connection: There won’t be any talk about guns and the people who use them unlawfully until there is a public discussion about the bloody business of abortion.

If New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to talk about more gun restrictions, then force him to talk about the killing of pre-born children (and why he’s living with a woman he’s not married to, is divorced, supports homosexual marriage, and is still a member in good standing in the Catholic Church being a member of Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Albany).1.

At least tax payers aren’t funding people’s gun purchases.

  1. Since 2011, Cuomo has been living with Food Network host Sandra Lee in the governor’s mansion []



Gary is a graduate of Western Michigan University (1973) and earned his M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1979. He is the author of countless essays, news articles, and more than 27 book titles.

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  • ER12696490

    Whats the difference! they can kill legality. More unborn die every year than all the gun fatalities. The shame of it all is they are doing it with my tax dollar. This sounds like taxation without representation. Democrats ( most not all are the axis of evil, the devils.)

    • stephanie jones

      I don’t think that you understand the phrase, “Taxation without representation.” I encourage you to google this phrase, and read up on it.

  • stephanie jones

    Dear Christians, The bible has a story about a man named Noah, who was saved by god. Noah and his family were judged to be worthy, and god killed literally every single other person, man, woman, child, animal… every living thing on the earth except for what Noah was able to stuff into his boat. (Which, conveniently, was able to carry two of every single living animal in the world. He got bot-flies from the amazon in there! Lions, tigers, bears… literally, every single animal!!!)

    If you believe this story, obviously I do not, but, if you do believe this story, then you believe that the god you love so much committed the biggest act of genocide imaginable. And, you believe that it was justified because every single person, except Noah’s family, was bad. Even children… even babies. Even pregnant mothers… Every other person on the entire planet was sacrificed because they were created in god’s image, but didn’t quite live up to his standards.

    You believe in a god that would command a man to murder his son in sacrifice, and condone a father doing this.

    You believe in a god that would murder every member of Job’s family, to test his faith.

    It seems to me that christians only believe in right to life in certain circumstances. You only believe in right to life when it suits your political views.

    Do you have any idea what Planned Parenthood actually does? Have you ever been to one of their clinics? Have you even visited their website, or talked to someone associated with them, in an open discussion? Are you curious at all? Or are you just happy spitting out the same rhetoric?

    Can we talk about the millions of women’s lives that are saved by pre-screening for cervical cancer? About the women who are helped by quality medical care?

    Christian politics kills women, plain and simple. I, for one, value all human life much much more.

  • AZWarrior

    Mass killers don’t pretend to be something they’re not. Planned Parenthood pretends to be a Women’s Health Care Provider.

  • ER12696490

    I understand the phrase very well. When I went to high school my teacher gave us plenty of examples. I don’t need to google it.

  • ER12696490

    Lets look at California the voters passed a bill to stop gay marriage, yet they tried to overturn this bill the voters passed. The majority of Americans are againsts planned parent hood but yet your Democrats are still supporting this issue. If this is not taxation without representation I don’t know what is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Marshall/100001163952013 Bob Marshall

    The founder Margaret Sanger believed that the black race was inferior to the white race and needed to be exterminated through birth control. She even enlisted black leaders to accomplish this end. Margaret Sanger, “The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infants is to kill it. Adolf Hitler- Mein Kampf…The demand that defective people be prevented from propagating equally defective offspring …represents the most humane act of mankind. Google the US Abortion Clock.org The majority are killed for sake of convenience. “Indeed,i tremble for my country when i reflect that god is just. His justice cannot sleep forever.” Thomas Jefferson.I often wonder what kind of justice God has planned for America?

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