Wizard Obama Can Save Us With His Magic Coin

The Democrats in the Senate wrote a letter begging him to “take an lawful [wink, wink] steps” to avoid allowing the Republican Majority in Congress to be allowed to function in their constitutional rule to make policy and vote on the budget. Of course, they didn’t put it exactly that way, but the fact remains that the Democrats have decided that, even though they are the minority in Congress, they should get to make all the rules anyway.  They proposed as a rationale for this illegal and treasonous coup either a fictional interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment or a trillion dollar coin.

I’m tempted to vent on the legal ramifications of the letter’s request. I noticed in McConnell’s reply he didn’t seem to want to harp all that much on the treasonous nature of the proposal that Congress be stripped of the power granted to it in the Constitution. I did appreciate that he dealt with the coin idea with only one word of description: “Democrats are looking at everything from the ridiculous (printing a trillion-dollar coin) to outright abdication of Congressional responsibility.”

I’m glad the senator didn’t waste more words on the coin, because stooping to argue about it shows too much respect to an idiotic idea. Consider how one non-conservative columnist describes it:

“Finally, in the stupid-government-tricks department, there’s the $1 trillion platinum coin. According to proponents of the idea… an odd provision in federal law would allow the U.S. Treasury Department to create a coin, made out of platinum, in a $1 trillion denomination. Federal assets would suddenly increase by $1 trillion, meaning the U.S. government would no longer be running up against its congressionally imposed debt ceiling. Voila! Problem solved! …this is clown-car politics beneath the dignity of the United States of America. It also would dynamite what little credibility the governing process in this country might still retain, and it’s a mark of our decline that such a concept would even be broached.”

Not just a mark of our decline, but of our desperation. Fiat currency has always been superstitious, but this lays it bare for all to see. Hearing this idea on the news is like waking up and learning that Obama will slaughter a dove on live TV at Noon, Eastern, and will sprinkle its blood on the feed of the statue in the Lincoln Memorial in order to save the economy.

Indeed, the coin might not only be a mark of our decline, but an accelerator of it. The reason fiat currency works for a time is that people are accustomed to the money. Since I know that other people will exchange goods for the money I must also continue to exchange goods for the money. Everything seems to work. But as fiat currency starts to create greater crises in bubbles and busts, attitudes begin to change. The government counters this lack of credibility by using a variety of forms of propaganda. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve, for example, is always treated with great respect and is listened to even when he literally makes no sense (Alan Greenspan admitted to doing this intentionally).

But publicly suggesting this magic coin is a form of anti-propaganda. It publicly shows the world what kind of stupidity and arrogance are fueling the “economic” theory—that it is nothing more than a superstition. We can become a trillion dollars wealthier as a nation by minting one coin?

You can fool most of the people most of the time but this might be the moment when the American ruling class learns you can’t fool all the people all the time.



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  • RobinPC

    Abracadabra a trillion dollar “coin”. What is it good for, won’t work in a cigarette machine, probably stop up a condom machine. LOOK the king is wearing NO clothes.

    • cyber_hackster

      Keep the table in a bar from rocking

    • Lucius Snow

      Would be great for …..shoving up Obama’s ASS!

  • dad666

    Get this Moron out of my white house and destroy everything he has touched. He is a worthless POS and should be removed from this country

  • motheroften

    To use a teenage text term- OMG! I have wondered numerous times in the past 4 years if I was in a missing episode of The Twilight Zone

    • Mudpuppy

      The Twilight Zone was the best show ever. Rod Serling could take a closet, put a camera on it and mesmerize you for 30 min. He was that good. He never did one as frightening as what you are describing, though. I tend to agree, I do feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tommy-S-Buster/1151751321 Tommy S. Buster

    He’ll just wave in magic wand and presto it’s all better… Now if you believe that, let me sell you some ocean front property on the beautiful beaches in Somalia.

  • Ford

    I think a lead coin would be more appropriate.

    • Doctor_Bill

      Too expensive. Scrap lead is running between $1.03 and $1.04 a pound. Ya’ think they could make a coin out a dried meadow muffin?

  • fubar

    if they can just print a coin and viola! our debt is gone, then why are we busting ass to pay taxes to support the parasites?

    cognizant dissonance

    • fubar

      and when i say, ‘parasites’ i mean government

      • Mudpuppy

        Oh, I think we had that one figured out. Politics: from the Latin root poli, meaning many and tics, meaning blood-sucking parasites.

  • Oldtymepatriot

    I don’t see how theTreasury could mint a coin of platinum in the denomination of $1 trillion without causing the price of platinum to skyrocket in response. Congress would have to set the price of platinum before such a coin could be minted or it would follow suit as gold and silver has since we were removed from any set value standard of those metal. – Article One Section 8 “To coin money,regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and set the standard of weights and measures:

  • tigdupre

    Folks, a little quick math. As of yesterday, platinum was selling for approximately $1,629 per ounce. I rounded to $1,500 per ounce to make the result a little cleaner. Divide $1 trillion by 1500. Keep in mind that precious metals are weighed using Troy scale of 12 ounces to the pound. One trillion divided by 1500 = 666,666,666.667 ounces, divided by 12 = 55,555,555.556 Troy pounds, which equals a coin weighing nearly 28,000 TONS! Sorta hard to keep that change in your pocket! Let’s try again, Congress.

    By the way, “Congress” is also the collective noun for oysters. Hardly seems coincidental, does it? Nome sane? (say it out loud…)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/JoAnn-Warner/100000558756529 JoAnn Warner

    OMG! How arrogant!

  • davienne

    “CLOWN CAR POLITICS”>>>> BWAAAAAHAAHAAHAA…. thats putting it mildly.. but it fits

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1361737268 Hallie Lewis Roberts


  • Roger

    This is no different than printing more of the usual denominations, albeit with less effort. It would have the same effect in devaluing the existing currency, so it’s just a way of effectively taking the money from our savings. It’s why printing money of our own is illegal; seems to me that the same standard should apply to the gov’t.

  • Buck

    My magic pile of feces is much more valuable than his magic coin . Someone light it and put it on his chair in the oval office you know , the one Clinton desecrated .

  • Jonathon von Tischner

    hey we dont pay interest on coins right? but we pay on dollars from the reserve right? could we use it to get rid of the fed at least

  • Native

    Americans are really that stupid that we will blindly believe his bullshit……..really? If this magic coin is going to work wonders on the debt that HE doubled in 4 years, then why not mint enough to cover his massisve debt!!!!!!!!!!! He is a complete idiot.

  • cyber_hackster

    I think the pointy wizard hat means “dunce” in his case

  • Dave4654

    Many who admire Obozo thinks he is another Lincoln and we all know what happened to Lincoln in his second term. I for one do not for one nano second compare Obozo with Lincoln! He is more like the backend of the animal that represents his scum bag party. God save us from tyrants!

  • Dean

    Everyday Obama comes up with something more idiotic than the day before. IS HE FOR REAL??????????????????????????

  • Elaine Bruemer

    No fuckinf way. He’s an idiot and needs to be impeached, NOW

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