A Birth Certificate Matters Only if You’re a Conservative

It’s a good sign for conservatives that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is being attacked by RINOs, Democrats, and liberal papers that only liberals read. The New York Times and the Washington Post are outraged that a Freshman Senator, a Republican no less, has the temerity to take the lead in Senate debates.

Not only that, Jonathan Weissman and the Times refer to “Cruz as ‘Canadian-born.’” What does that mean? I thought we were all through with the birther stuff. I forgot. Birth certificates only matter if you’re a conservative Republican. Remember how John McCain was questioned about where he was born and whether being born in the Panama Canal Zone (also see here) counted as a constitutional “natural born” birth? What the times failed to mention is that “Cruz was born to a mother who was a U.S. citizen, which most likely makes Cruz ‘natural born’ and eligible to run for the nation’s highest office.” Anyway, you don’t have to be a “natural-born citizen” to be a Senator or Governor (e.g., former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria).

Who does this Cruz guy think he is? You and I know that if a conservative paper or news show said that a Democrat Senate freshman who was a minority was told to take a back seat in the Senate, we wouldn’t hear the end of it. We would be told that race is the reason for the snub. I don’t recall any conservative bellyaching over a freshman senator taking the floor and mixing it up with the good old boys. Hillary Clinton didn’t sit back and wait her turn.

Here’s what the Washington Post said about Cruz’s political posture:

“The traditional stance for a freshman senator is to hold back a bit. Being reticent and deferential are not qualities that come naturally to those who manage to win Senate seats, but most new senators choose, as much as it clashes with their instincts, to tamp down.

“Not Cruz.”

Note the word “traditional.” There is no constitutional provision. When a Senator is relegated to second-class senatorial stature, it means that the state he or she represents is relegated to the same position.

When voters send someone to Congress to represent them in terms of the constitution, that representation takes place as soon as the oath of office is taken. Anything less is a denial of representation.

There might be something else going on here, as John Nolte points out:

“What we have here are two predominantly white news outlets made uncomfortable by someone who doesn’t look like them acting all uppity. I had hoped we were past such things, but apparently not.”

None of this will matter to liberal news sources or Democrats or RINO’s. They can’t have a guy like Cruz rocking the boat. That’s the real reason for the attack. The same is true in the way the media are attacking Marco Rubio for his drink of water. Think if a Hispanic Democrat had been vilified in the same way.



Gary is a graduate of Western Michigan University (1973) and earned his M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1979. He is the author of countless essays, news articles, and more than 27 book titles.

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  • Yoikes

    Go Ted go!! Keep on taking ’em on!

  • tncdel

    Unlike Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz is loyal to America. Rubio is a TRAITOR who all Conservatives should revile as scum of the earth. See:

    I like Ted Cruz for president in 2016. Or Dr. Ben Carson or Allen West. Rand Paul recently flip-flopped on amnesty for illegals, so I have scratched him off my list.

    • Victor Magilke

      I’ll take Rand Paul for President He is a stand up guy with Integrity and an impeccable character. He has been true to his convictions and has never sacrificed his principles for political gain. He has taken on the liberals and the RINO’s.

  • littlepat

    You’re wrong, Gary! Both parents must be U.S. citizens for the child to be considered “natural born” citizen. That’s the same problem Obama has. His father was not a citizen of the US (in addition, his mother was under age).

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.bowman.773 Kenneth Bowman

    There are no Democrats anymore as they are all puppets of Communism. Might as well call all Democrats Communists to be accurate. Communists and Fascists never keep their promises. Winston Churchill proved that in WWII with Adolph Hitler when Chamberlain held up a News Paper story about Peace in our Time as Hitler was going to War.
    Conservatives must STAND UP and defend our RIGHTS and be willing to fight to the DEATH to keep them. I am peaceful but when attacked I will vigorously defend myself.

  • The Brigadier

    The left can’t play the race card with Cruz so they play their usual demonizing games. Cruz is Cruz and he put with Texas Republican Rino David Dewhurst who smeared him in television ads that were not true. If he can put up with stab in the back party attacks he can put up with the Insane Party mouthpieces in the NY Times and the Washington Post. I don’t think the man hating Maureen Dowd and her dwarf eunuch Paul Krugman are much of a match for Ted. If he can survive attacks by Dewhurst, the Lt. Governor of Texas who staked his personal fortune on becoming Senator then he can handle any of the Liberal crazies at both papers.

  • Paul Brown

    Birth certificate don’t matter if your an illegal alien and a muslim islamic pig running for the white house and you have the demoncraps in congress to cover up everything and then the TV news media and actors get out and speak for you to, if you ask for a BC you must be a racist then and you are questioned about even being an american. What Has Become of This Country we used to call the United States of AMERICA?

    • Victor Magilke

      We need to get rid of the RINO’s and elect some congressmen with some gonads. Then we need to Have some McCarthy Hearings to clean up Hollywood and America.

  • robert smith

    Senator Cruz wasn’t elected to be traditional or hold back. He was elected by the people of Texas to represent the legal citizens of Texas.The first thing Senator Cruz should do is tell the Washington Post, is to go F–f itself. I don’t remember them being elected to the Senate or House.

  • Kiwi from Tx

    We’re dang proud of Ted Cruz!!! Hope he does not lose his enthusiasm for ferriting out the bad in Congress. I worry that they will eventually wear him down or muzzle him or something as he is shaking up the status quo & the good ol’ boys of Washington can’t have an upstart Freshman Senator from Texas show them up for the slime balls that they are…………
    Go Cruz !!!!!!!!! We’re proud of ya !!!!!!!!

  • redneck63625

    The Corrupt Leftist Media — Jews, nigs and other communists — have finally discovered a birth-certificate in which they are actually interested…

    • Victor Magilke

      I echo your comment Redneck. You get Three Cheers from Victor

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    This birth certificate thing should have been investigated to the bitter end, and WOULD HAVE BEEN for ANY conservative candidate (didn’t claim McCain as a ‘real’ conservative) but not our pal, king zero. The media not only didn’t investigate his background or birth certificate, they BURIED whatever info they did find. http://theobamafile.com/ shows you everything that has been dug up on this fraud. Take your blood pressure meds before you go there.

    • Victor Magilke

      Its tough to investigate the Muslim. All his records are sealed. The American people are entitled to see his entire dossier. Every President has been vetted except for Obama.

  • WASP

    The fascist-democraps have The Great Libtard Double Standard. Goes along with talking out of both sides of the mouths, and having two faces.

  • Smeethow

    We need to replace those complaining about Cruz in the next election. Their just mad because he makes them look like they’re not doing they’re own jobs, cause they aren’t.

  • violater1

    It is always a one way door with the liberal nazi’s! Just as their political correctness and discrimination factors only apply to their adversaries! Facts mean little to them in any argument issue or disagreement their way is the only way! Criminals that they are law does not apply to them equally only to those of us that are not of their moronic beliefs!
    Well all of the obnoxious swine eaters can kiss our grits after it hits the ground! Soon and very soon theirs will also flow back into the earth to the tune of billions of billions of them!
    See ya but I sure would not want to be ya!

  • madmemere

    Cruz is simply calling Hagel what he is – -an anti-American, islamic sympathizer; by the way, this Senate committee should be made aware that Hagel staffers, recently met with figures “within the Iranian government”! For what “surreptitious” purposes, we can only guess. And they want to approve him for one of the “more important” cabinet positions, within our current “regime”?? So much for American national security!

  • blacksunshine84

    As long as Cruz doesn’t run for president, I’m fine with him.

  • blacksunshine84

    I do have a problem with Rubio. It’s obvious he wants to position himself to be POTUS and he is ineligible. Neither of his parents were USA citizens when he was born, so he’s not a natural born USA citizen.

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