Global Warming Causes Less Snow, Except When It Causes More Snow

What ever happened to the looming ice age that was to spell doom for humanity? Remember the warnings from the 1970s? (Well, I don't remember them--I wasn't alive--but I have read about them.) If politicians, by which I mean liberal ones, were consistent in their conclusion-jumping--and not only consistent, but smart--they'd quickly latch back on to that story to fleece the public out of even more money, because, given the Snowpocalypse of 2010 in which we here in Virginia had to shovel two feet of global warming out of our driveways, and given the Snowmageddon that's expected in New England as of this writing, it looks like an ice age is on the horizon.

I do miss the fears my elementary school teachers tried to fill me with regarding that nefarious acid rain. We kids knew what acid was. It was what burned and melted everything it came into contact with. It was what gave Two Face two faces. We felt pretty invincible drinking orange juice and reading the ingredient "citric acid."

But warnings in the '90s that the rain would eventually do to Earth what the pail of water did to the Wicked Witch at the end of The Wizard of Oz was not scaring us kiddies or the low-information voters near enough to be a lucrative addendum to our education. Politicians needed something more immediately apparent to take the place of acid rain.

What is something that people actually witness and feel, and not only that, but what is something that people actually complain about?

The temperature!

(This is where liberals say that "climate change" is not about the temperature, but about the climate. But that's a bunch of crap; the initial warning of "global warming" was that the globe was warming. The word "warming" refers to temperature. The only reason the politicians have changed the label to "climate change" is because there was no warming occurring out of the ordinary. Temperatures are cyclical and travel over the globe in such a way that there are years of warmer temperatures followed by years of cooler temperatures. Get over it. It was originally called "global warming," not "climate change," so I'm calling it "global warming." It's not my fault if that label no longer perfectly fits the liberal narrative.)

Changing the temperature of an entire planet was a great cause to get low-information voters behind. Who doesn't complain when it's a hundred degrees outside and the humidity makes you want to cry? Thus global warming became the cause du jour, something of which the politicians could remind everybody every single summer, when people are really feeling the heat. Autumn comes, then winter and spring, and global warming is forgotten about. But the advent of summer always brings with it sirens being sounded by politicians. "Man, d'ya feel that heat? Can you feel it suckin' the water right outa ya? Sheesh, that global warming is really somethin'! Say, if you slide me over a bit a' your money, I can make that go away for ya."

Remember when congressional Democrats told us that global warming would cause less snow? Remember when alarmist David Viner of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia (of Climategate notoriety) said that global warming would soon render snowfalls a "very rare and exciting event" and that "Children just aren't going to know what snow is"? Remember Greenpeace and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change telling us the same thing in 1993 and in 2001, respectively? (Both those links are dead now, but those were the original sources.)

Well, now that the facts of more snow are contradicting original prophecy, the consensus among scientists is that global warming--a heating up of the planet--causes more snow.

So heads up, New England. Feet and feet of cold, icy global warming is snow-falling your way.



9 thoughts on “Global Warming Causes Less Snow, Except When It Causes More Snow

  1. How's that working out for you ugly idiot libturds up in the NE states!!
    Will you NEVER learn, you know nothing about anything, so Shut the F''k UP!!!!

  2. I love the observation about acid rain- teachers don't don't about it any more because one of the primary causes in nickel mining...and do you know what the number use of nickel is?? batteries like the ones used in electric cars

  3. If the G.Warmers shit on your shoes, they would tell you it was LEATHER CONDITIONER & rub it in. If you didn't believe them, they'd say, "What? You don't like the smell?"
    Just like the Kenyan, Muslim, Marxist thinks that he's fooling GOD, ALMIGHTY.
    I pray for GOD to bless the good guys & CRUSH the bad/EVIL guys. HE knows who they truly are.

  4. Remember the last ice age? How did it end? Hint: THE PLANET GOT WARMER!


  5. Wonder how the electric cars are doing in the snow?

  6. What is causing all the weather extremes and causing people to die of cancer are these damned chemtrails. I want to see this stopped ASAP.
    Aluminum, strontium, and barium heavy metals are killing the environment and people and is adding more to the greenhouse affect. Why isn't the airforce shooting these damned aerosol planes out of the sky.

  7. Has any heard of HAARP?

  8. Al Gore, the poster boy for global warming, was the main pusher of this BS because he'd lined up his little company, exclusively, to deal with the buying and selling of "carbon credits", a fictitious commodity. Doing so would have made him the richest man in the world by scamming and controlling every business and industry on the planet.

  9. That is the stupidest thing I have ever read. You have no idea how global warming works. I will try to dumb it down as much as I can. The earth has been warming, due to the greenhouse effect (more carbon dioxide in the air), slowly melting the polar ice caps. When this happens the ocean levels rise making them actually larger in size. With that water warming it puts more moisture into the air. What goes up, must come down. You should remove your 'story' because the only fact in it, is that you are an idiot and you probably don not want everyone to know that...