Lawmakers Seek Higher Gas Taxes to Fund Pet Projects

We might be paying a lot at the gas pump, but some state lawmakers think we’re not paying enough. Maryland is one state that is considering raising the state gas tax as well as imposing a sales tax on gas, adding up to 10 cents more per gallon. Governor Malloy said that they’ve had to deal with a flat tax ever since 1992, and because of inflation, that flat tax just doesn’t cover what it used to.

They’re probably raising more taxes to fund mass transit projects. And they want everyone to be paying their “fair share” to contribute to public transportation.

But why should people who drive cars have to pay for those who take the bus or train? According to Susan Krebs, a Republican state delegate in Maryland, over 80% of commuters use roads to get to work, and only 8% take mass transit. So there shouldn’t be so much emphasis on government-subsidized transportation:

 “Krebs believes there’s another way to get people out of gridlock: by making sure fees like car registrations are spent on transportation, not something else, and a redirection of money away from mass transit and into roads and bridges.”

 Other states like Washington are proposing similar taxes in order to raise money for transportation projects. It’s funny, because usually when people, families or organizations seek to “raise money” for something, there’s some kind of service that is given in exchange for the money. Like a car wash or a garage sale. When politicians want to raise money for their pet projects, they just think of another thing to tax. Like bikes. The Seattle Times reported:

 “The proposal would increase the state gas tax by 10 cents over five years, eventually reaching a total of 47.5 cents per gallon. Washington currently has the nation’s ninth-highest gas tax. In addition, it would create a car-tab tax equal to 0.7 percent of a vehicle’s value — $140 for a $20,000 car. There’s even a $25 sales fee on bicycles worth $500 or more that would raise $1 million over 10 years, a nod to motorists who complain that bicyclists don’t pay their fair share.”

 They’ve got to get those cyclists to pay their fair share because it’s not fair that they don’t have to pay for the roads that they ride on. Actually, some of the taxes that cyclists already pay are supposed to go toward roads and highways. Gas taxes aren’t the only thing that pays for roads. If politicians choose to raid the funds that are meant for roads and highways and spend it on something else, that is not drivers’ and cyclists’ fault. There’s plenty to go around, but instead of lawmakers’ living within their means, they think of other things they want to build, which means they have to raise taxes.

What if someone didn’t own a car because he couldn’t afford the gas and maintenance and chose to walk everywhere instead? Would they decide to tax his shoes so that he’s contributing a “fair amount” to road construction and upkeep? Would that tax money really be going to help upkeep the roads or would it go to build rail systems or something even completely unrelated to transportation? It doesn’t seem to matter how many taxes they impose on Americans. They’ll always find excuses to raid tax money and then have to levy more taxes to pay for whatever pet project they want to pursue.



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34 thoughts on “Lawmakers Seek Higher Gas Taxes to Fund Pet Projects

  1. I don't mind paying for transit projects, but I do feel the riders should pay their fair share. The rapid transit systems do not pay for themselves-so where do we get the money?

    • We stop building transit where there is no demand for it. We need to do a little more thinking about the RETURN on our (cough) "investments". Unfortunately, my idea will make the tax junkies want to tax vehicles and apparently bicycles enough to make their use unattractive. Think FORCE US into/onto transit. Then when we stop paying all the taxes that our vehicles are beset with, they will come up with some other scheme to get all of our money. Maybe TICKET prices. They will add more taxes to transit ticket sales. After all, if you can't afford a car any more because of the onerous taxes, then you are stuck with the high taxes for transit. What a happy game! Then they could have a transit "occupancy" tax. A mileage use for transit, by watching your useage patterns and calculating how many miles you were on it. There could be a station tax for each arrival/departure area. Your ticket to ride will reveal all. Not to mention all the monitoring devices along the way. A dining tax if you drink a cup of coffee on the transit vehicle. Maybe you have to have a "license" to ride on public transportation, in order to pay for airport style "security". That's how these politicians will extract every last dime from our pockets. Oh and don't forget, they will raise the wages in order to extract more money from you (federal income tax) and so you can afford to pay the taxes on every single activity you indulge in.

  2. More democrats want more money to blow. Anyone surprised?????????????/

  3. All part of Baracks master plan to destabilize the country's economy. Who needs fuel ... mostly those of us hard working Americans that need to get back and forth to work. If Barack makes it too costly to travel eventually he will have more people on unemployment and in turn he hopes more enslaved voters to the the new Nazi Democratic party! Impeachment the Dictator-in-Chief now before it is too late.

  4. marineh2ominer says:

    Maryland , ( my former home ) is just another microcosm of communist Washington DC , and what they want is to bankrupt America , causing enough turmoil to make Obamass plans to declare martial law happen sooner rather than later . An awful lot of Americans are going to die , and those that survive the purge will be slaves of the state .

    • Yep, your right. Lot's are going to die ................from both sides of the aisle. What these idiots seem to forget is that people shoot back when shot at. At least the people I know shoot back. Don't know about the libturds side of the aisle, maybe they will try throwing cream pies at us. After all, they don't believe in guns now do they, or is that just retoric to blend in with their agenda of disarming us? As for bing a "slave of the state", that isn't going to happen with this veteran of Korea. At my age I have lived a pretty darned good life. If I have to go, protecting our Constitution is a pretty good way to do it I'm thinking.

    • No way, the military will not side with the govt and it will be impossible for progressive mercenaries to defeat 100 million armed Americans! If this war breaks out I believe every govt employee any every foreigner helping the govt should be executed!

      • Actually according to the BATF&E estimates it is now 165 million gun owners, the increase is due to the Liberal Gun Grabbers in Government trying to capitalize on Sandy Hook and Aruroa CO.

        • obama might find out what Japanese knew well at the beginning of WW2 , trying to subjugate 'free Americans ' will be nearly impossible to do! The army HATES OBAMMI, and any private force or UN ' jokes' introduced onto American soil will be executed , no prisoners! Unfortunately 'megalomania' knows no limits , but the maniacs ALWAYS end up dead or strung up like mussolini!

      • Just take out the corrupt politicians. No need to kill fellow citizens.

        • Who put those corrupt politicians in office? I consider the radical progressives who have dominated our schools , and others who, left to thrive will be right back again pushing socialism and progressivism as a way of destroying the republic as enemies who need to be removed! Unfortunately, we both know Americans will be satisfied to remove the hierarchy , but the insanity of allowing 'anti-american"ideologies to be taught and tolerated in America will only guarantee a REPEAT PERFORMANCE!

        • Dave, I understand your worries , but I consider the "lap dogs' of govt who deal with everyday Americans knowing their actions are oppressive and unamerican to be just as guilty as the leaders who've driven us to this point! Dont worry, the scum who seek to enslave you are lucky Im not leading the patriot opposition!

  5. Those that have guns should put them to good use before the're taken away!!!!


      • Type in--"Crossing Obama could be deadly,we the people of the United States". Under the photo section, pictures of Obama- he is young looking and he is old looking, and his ears are completely different!!!!!!!!

  6. Agenda 21 nothing more needs to be said.

  7. I don`t think they will be happy until they bleed every last cent out of the middle class.

  8. When Obama first ran for President in 2008, he chided and chastised Bush for the high gasoline prices, which had reached the $4.00 level, saying those prices showed a lack in leadership on Bush's part. Bush responded to those high gasoline prices by ordering more oil drilling permits to be issued in the USA, both on land and off our coasts, which brought gasoline prices down to $1.84 when Obama took office in 2009. Even though those oil drilling permits had not produced any oil at the time, it caused the oil speculators to rein in their bids on future oil prices, foreseeing a possible glut of oil in this country in the future, which drove down gasoline prices to that low level. When Obama became President he canceled those oil drilling permits that were issued by the Bush administration, but had not yet started drilling, and has cut the issuance of oil drilling permits during his term in office to 25% of what Bush's was. This has again caused a spike in oil and gasoline prices to the $5.00 level, but Obama brags that during his administration the domestic oil production is higher than it has been in the last 20 years, but fails to explain the reason is because of all those oil drilling permits that were issued by the Bush administration under George Bush's orders, which Obama categorily refuses to do, despite these high gasoline prices that are hurting the poor, the middleclass, and our economy. Those high gasoline prices during the Bush administration helped start the recession that the Democrats falsely blame Bush for. Now Obama and the Democrats want to raise taxes on oil and gasoline that is already over-priced and hurting the poor, the middleclass, and the economy, and if successful in raising those taxes, will probably put the country back into a recession, for which it is already on the precipice at this time. Buckle up everyone, for it is about to get seriously bad economically in the USA very soon, and the blame will be on Obama, the Democrats, and everyone who voted to re-elect them, after his proven complete failure as President in his first 4 years, and the failed policies that the Democrats pushed through Congress, despite the polls showing a huge majority of Americans against them. You get what you deserve, and it's about to hit us all in the face.

  9. If we do not stop this oppressive govt, Americans will soon never be able to drive ever again , maniacs like obama are destroying Americans freedoms and their whole existence!

  10. Apparently, NO one in Washington, D.C. has EVER taken Macro-Economics! ALL taxes are regressive.......taxing fuel will only result in LESS spent for it as everyone will use LESS, thus reducing the tax INCOME! This means LESS dollars now going to MORE fund drains!

    This same result will come from higher INCOME taxes, ESPECIALLY on the 'rich', which I now assume means ANYONE with a JOB, except liberals holding government jobs, of course, and the 51% who pay NO income taxes!

    Fewer people will be willing to risk investing money, as any profit will be greatly taxed, with the government taking NO risk of losing THEIR 'share'! This EXCLUDES, of course, those 'greenie' companies who gleefully waste BILLIONS of tax bucks, as well, lining their OWN pockets doing it! Anyone remember the name, "Solyndra"?

  11. First Maryland has lost tens of thousands of jobs and billions in revenue. This idiot Gov is chasing away business like he is totally ignorant to what keeps and creates jobs but what is new he is a Democrat. Now of course he wants to raise taxes as that is the Democrat answer to everything. Well Maryland you elected him and he is all yours.

  12. Taxing us into Oblivion! Who the Hell voted DEM! OMG>>>what fools!

  13. Of course the Obamaite leftist regressives will do anything to raise the price of gas and keep the unemployed unable to afford to seek work. That way they drop out of the seeking work category and make the phony Obama job numbers look better and easier to manipulate. When Obama came to office regular gas was $1.82 per gal, today it is $3.80 per gal. That is just a little over 200% increase in barely 4 years! And still no new drilling, no Keystone pipeline, no nothing to make it easier for Americans workers and tax payers. The only new gas we get is from the Obama White House and the supporting propaganda mainstream media. Gas taxes is a way to tax the poor and the Obama dependents without them having a clue. They call them the ignorant masses for no reason at all. The low info voters will love the tyrant no matter what their limitations as long as they can get some Obama money! How about the rest of you, real America, tax payers, are you to let these leftist butt holes raise your gasoline taxes on top of everything else? Will you join the ranks of the compliant low information voters that support the fraud president and the fraud regressive movement? Does it bother you that you have to sweat blood to afford to be able to go to a grocery store to pay inflated prices for the necessities of life? Of course I am talking to those that do not use government supplements and have to pay full prices. Do you know how much the fuel cost part of your groceries is? On top of the personal transportation cost? Time to think about it when the political slave masters start talking adding taxes again to the all ready artificially inflated cost of everyday life's necessities!

  14. They sought higher gas taxes to encourage people to drive less, and they got what they wanted.

  15. They are flat out, out of their collective minds.!!!!!!

  16. Maryland has raided the transportation fund multiple times in the past because it had unspent funds. The demon-crats running that state are all liberal tax and spend fools and will eventually bankrupt the state and residents.
    I'm so glad we moved out of that state....

  17. And this is just the kind of bull sh-- that has to stop. The tax payers should have a say on where their money goes...and I don't think they want it going to someone in DC's pet anythings.

  18. If these overpaid bastards spent as much time trying to watch over the money we already send them, instead of trying to figure how to give more to the ones that don't send any, we would far be better off.

  19. What too many people don't pay attention to is the growing trend of stat and local agencies raising local taxes on everything from shopping to utilities; fees on everything from drivers licenses, registration, court fees and other city and county fees. Just because some - many people get tax refunds of their withholding taxes and added gifts with the refunds they think they are 'getting over on the system'. As most of us have already seen, our local taxes, property taxes and all other state taxes have risen along with the fees for everything else we are 'required' by our government to have. When everyone realizes how much more we are paying for everything and how much our taxes and fees have increased in each state then maybe they will pay attention to what really goes on in DC and speak up so these politicians will hear.

  20. I don't think I would object so much on higher taxes if common sense was ever applied. The government just seems to find new ways to spend money and never, never makes a cut on any damm thing. They could raise taxes and still need to borrow just as much regardless how much more revenue was generated through higher taxes.