Obama’s FEMA Success Story: STILL No Power

Here we are, in the dead chill of one of the coldest and windiest winters in recent memory, more than three full months after Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey and New York, and there are still people living in those states without power.

I learned of this from a report by New York’s local Fox News affiliate:

“For months Donna Graziano has been traveling from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, to Staten Island every day to provide a tent with heaters and food to folks in New Dorp Beach who are still struggling with the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. The food is donated from people who live and work in the area. Early Thursday, the fierce winds damaged the tent. Now she says there isn’t anywhere for people to go locally for food and warmth.”

Of course, that report is from Fox News, so the charitable woman and the tent of food seen in the video are just holograms projected by right-wing conspirators.

Now, I don’t want to play the If Bush Were President game, but if Bush were president, there would be in the news a daily tracking of how many days it has been that people have been living without electricity to keep their food cold and their homes warm. There would probably be thrown into the mix now and then a story to emphasize just how freezing it is out there, a story, say, about a family’s dog getting loose one night and their finding him dead the next day, frozen upright in mid-run. The camera would zoom in on the teary eyes of the little child the dog belonged to, frost forming from the tears on his cheeks.

Then the camera would turn back to the objective news reporter. “That’s how cold it is out here, and there are people still without heat in their homes. There’s only one man to blame for this: George W. Bush.”

And if liberals had any standards other than double ones, white liberals would be accusing Obama of not caring about white people.

Of course I don’t think Obama is to blame for this; I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy. This is a state matter, just as Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was (or at least should have been) a state matter. The fault falls not on Obama, but on New York’s Democratic governor, Mario Cuomo, who, by the way, has seen a sudden 15-point drop in his approval rating since recently signing into law the strictest gun restrictions in American history.

Notice that the only help these Sandy victims are currently receiving are from the private sector, citizens donating their own time and money.

And Democrats kept saying how wonderful the response from FEMA was. What a joke. FEMA sucks.



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  • Charlie

    That’s right, but they have all the bullets.

  • wmagg

    Like everyone else I WOULD feel sorry for these people if it weren’t for the fact that they got just what they voted for. Their votes elected this Fascist turd and his failed policies and now they are suffering for their lack of ethics and their love of racist bigotry.

  • tjeptalley

    I remember a now prominent Fox news reporter that virtually lived in NO after katrina, properly reporting on the pain and suffering of those citizens, but alas have not seen him in NY or jersey?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1315515107 Alan Smith

    What happened to the 50 BILLION DOLLORS that they got from the feds???????????

  • Victor Magilke

    Governor Christie embracing Obama and calling him a great president was shameful. Everyone thought Christie was a pleasantly plump loyalist to the republican party. Christie turned out to be a pompous,arrogant traitor to the republican party. His support of the unions was contrary to what he campaigned on.
    G.W. Bush was castigated by blacks and the media for his slow response to Katrina. The media has had very little to say about Obama, Christie and the unions incompetence regarding Hurricane Sandy Relief..
    I would have more respect for Christie if he denounced his republican party affiliation and swore his allegiance to the democratic party.

  • Carl Stevenson

    FEMA doesn’t exist to help people. It exists to condition them to be dependent on, and compliant to, the federal government (even though it doesn’t deliver), but even more so to secure “continuity of government” meaning continuity of the REGIME, through disasters which are used as training exercises for civil disturbance and martial law.

    Here’s an idea … If they don’t want a ‘civil disturbance,’ why in the hell don’t they quit disturbing us?

  • http://www.facebook.com/rfgamble Robert Gamble

    HARP ( Alaska antennae array ) had some nasty events going on that seemed to steer the storm. Research that point as your looking for causes. Many black operations running anymore causing many different problems.

  • wfwilson6

    George Bush again. I wish the he!! he would just get out of people’s lives.

  • gavinwca

    The unions threw out no Union Electorial workers unless they joined the fascist union. Now the Union can not recall how to fix the electricity, they are probabley to busy campaigning for Baracko Clause and the democrats to work on the power, bring Alabamas non union power company back ( the ones the unions threw out forbeing non union )in two pickup trucks and they will fix the power in a week, or keep the union and get power next Christmas.they made fun of Katrina delays the power was up in half this time in New Orleans. You get the Faschist leaders you vote for.

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