Ohio Poll Worker Voted Twice for Obama and So Did Her Granddaughter

For over a year leading up to the November elections, Republicans at state and national levels tried to pass laws to prevent voter fraud.  They pushed for photo IDs, like those used for driver’s licenses.  They also tried to purge the voter registration rolls of people that had died and illegal aliens who do not have the right to vote.

Democrats fought to stop every law and action designed to reduce voter fraud.  Their argument was that the laws were racially discriminatory, as if blacks were less capable of abiding by the law than other ethnic groups, which we all know is untrue. Their other argument was that there is no voter fraud, it never happens.

Yet the 2012 presidential election was rife with cases of voter fraud and some still question whether or not Barack Obama legally won re-election.

Yet, we heard about the cases of voting machines automatically recording votes for Obama that were meant for Mitt Romney.  They weren’t isolated cases, but there were reports of this happening in a number of states.  This raised questions about the dozens of precincts that recorded 100% of the votes going to Obama.

Then there were the cases of numerous people voting for Obama in more than one state.  Let’s not forget the case of Pat Moran, the son of Democratic Congressman Jim Moran, who was caught on tape telling someone how to vote more than once.  We still have no idea of how many thousands of dead people, convicted felons or illegal aliens there were that voted.  In 2012 as well as 2008, incidents of voter intimidation were documents, yet America’s top cop Eric Holder refused to prosecute them.

Now we hear about a Democratic poll worked in Cincinnati, Ohio who admits to voting twice for Obama.  Not only did she vote twice, but so did her granddaughter.  Melowese Richardson, a poll worker for 25 years, told the local news that she voted using an absentee ballot and then voted again on Election Day.  Her excuse was that she wasn’t sure her absentee vote would get counted, so she voted a second time to make sure her vote for Obama counted.  She also admits to sending in an absentee ballot for her granddaughter and voting for several other people.

However, she is not alone, as the Hamilton County Board of Elections is investigating 19 reports of voter fraud in the Cincinnati area.  They say they have nine witness so far in their investigation.

Richardson claims she’s done nothing wrong although every poll worker knows that voting twice is a crime, and said:

“I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama and for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States.”

Yet, Democrats continue to claim that there are no incidences of voter fraud.  It never happened and Obama won re-election fair and square.  NOT!!!



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  • http://politicaloutcast JOE ROSADO

    Are these the “seeds” of Civil Unrest?

  • Dave

    I don’t suppose she’s been arrested!

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    So where is the ensuing prosecution mr. holder?

  • BigC

    This election was even more crooked than the last.! Don’t you think it’s funny Owebama lost EVERY state that required ID and won every one that didn’t? Demand voter verification and a re-count!


    You can hide the truth for a while, but it always seems to catch up to you. This will be some legacy for president Obama. The first Negro to gain the white house, and he has given his race the most to be ashamed of. The most secret , the most dishonest, and the biggest lyre of all the presidents.I am ashamed to call him President. He is bent on bringing this nation to its knees. Is this his secret plan? Payback for slavery? He forgets he will destroy everyone not just the whites. We now can blame the shallow minded who thought he is omnipotent. We now see skin color isn’t everything. I guess it is the nature of people who want to be taken care of to want a king. This man is a disappointment. Maybe next time you will vote only once and pay attention who you vote for. God bless America

  • VegasLarry

    Well…If nothing else, she and her grand daughter should be the poster girls for the enactment of a law requiring a government issued voter photo ID cards to be used at voting places so a count of how many times the card was used in the same election by the same person. This needs to happen before the next election.

  • Andrew Cano

    President Obama huh, the sitting liar in chief. Why should we listen or place value in anything he does. Appointments he made when he said the Senate was in recess and in court it was proved it was in session another lie yet the appointees continue to work, They should be removed. No this voter fraud the dem’s are cheaters they embrace it, they love it. Look there goes acorn, and so many others that cheat with the approval of dem congressman and senators. It is just disgusting and the justice department does nothing. Fellow Conservative and Tea Party members pray for our country that we survive this onslaught of immoral progressives.

  • http://captcha jerry

    mr obama talked about the lines being so long in certain places, maybe it was the obama voters that had already circling around to get in line for the second and third times

  • Adam Spears

    If she is guilty of voting for President Obama more than once during the same election, prosecute her to the fullest AND take her right away to ever vote again. If she is guilty make an example out of her to show all Americans that our voting system is serious & will not be made a mockery by the infiltration of fraud from voters. This is one of the most anti-American acts & it needs to be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

  • Ratatatat

    The double vote was caught by existing laws and procedures. Republican efforts ostensibly to curb voter fraud would be moot in this case as no proposed change that I am aware of from them would have effected this case in any way.

    • http://www.facebook.com/chris.lentsch Chris Lentsch

      The double (or quadruple) vote was NOT caught. All of her votes counted. Attempts to curb voter fraud are meant to prevent criminals such as Ms. Richardson from voting multiple times. The fact that she was “caught” after-the-fact means nothing – the existing laws have little deterrent effect. Presiudent Obama won Ohio by about 15-20 votes per precinct, but voter participation rate was down almost 300 voters per precinct. If anything, Democrat sponsored voter supression, perpatrated by the likes of Ms. Richardson, are responsible for the abysmal voter turnout in Ohio. People are losing confidence in the system. Her three (that we know of) fraudulent votes erode the system further, thus increasing the impact of her actions.

      The big, unanswered question is did she allow others to vote fraudulently? In her position of power, she is the final arbitraur of who gets to vote and who doesn’t. If she thinks voting four times is ok, how many others did she allow to do the same?

      • Janeen Alley

        Actually she voted 6 times for Obama in 2012! Twice for her sister that was in a coma too! She was tried & Convicted of voter fraud & given a 5 year prison sentence but after 5 months she was released b/c of “overcrowding!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ty-Mcwilliams/100000090172253 Ty Mcwilliams

    It’s become clear had this election been on the up and up, Obama loses.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.ryan.75286100 Kevin Ryan

      of course. picture ids have to be a part of the next election. some kind of national voting registration that allows only one vote and you have to be alive to cast it. i also heard thousands of military absentee votes were not counted either. we know those votes would have been for romney with the way obama is treating our military service people.

  • Steven

    So where are all the crazies that were jumping up and down in 2000 stating “Bush stole the election”? Shouldn’t they be jumping up and down about this? Voter fraud is voter fraud isn’t it? Or… does it apply only if your particular candidate doesn’t win?

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.ryan.75286100 Kevin Ryan

    there should not even be a trial. she is admitting to it very proudly. just like the obama administration. they do illegal things and proudly stand behind their actions knowing that nothing will be done. people, something has to be done before this country has to go through 4 more years of this corrupt administration. they are committing crimes against our Constitution, our governmental structure, opening our borders to criminals and now thet are letting criminals out of prison.

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