Power-Mad Bloomberg's Next Agenda: Eco-Fascism

It becomes a difficult task for those in power to resist the lure of acquiring even more power. The more they have, the more they want.

No such example exists greater than that of New York City mayor-king Michael Bloomberg.

This is the man who brought into existence the absurd and absurdly named National Salt Reduction Initiative, an incentive-based program designed to reduce the amount of salt in restaurant and prepackaged food. This is the man who, last year, banned the sale of sugary drinks, like sodas, in more than 16-oz containers. Why? Because what's good for Bloomberg is what's good for us. (Don't worry, though, he told us; if you want more than 16 ounces, you can buy two 16-oz drinks no problem.)

Bloomberg's next victim? Styrofoam. Why? Because it's "hard to recycle."

And how! Sometimes when I try to throw a Styrofoam container into the recycling bin, its light weight allows it to be softly guided off course by the air around it, and it will hit the edge of the container and bounce off of it and onto the ground. Then I have to bend over to pick it up and gently place the container in the bin. It becomes a real hassle.

It's all part of Bloomberg's effort to create a "greener" New York, an environmental utopia to be envied by eco-freaks the world over.

Other parts of that effort, according to The Associated Press, include proposals to have NYC "install curbside electric vehicle chargers that would let drivers recharge in 30 minutes" and to "change the city's building code so that up to 20 percent of new public parking spaces are wired for electric cars, with the goal of creating 10,000 spaces for electric cars over the next seven years."

This is where the law of unintended consequences comes into play. When liberals are put in charge of solving problems, they create more problems. The plan is that 20 percent of new parking spaces must have outlets for electric-car to pull into and charge up for half an hour, right? This means there will be people charging their cars because they're almost out of juice, using up parking spaces that would otherwise go to someone who had a legitimate reason to stop. It creates another excuse to use up a parking space, thus reducing the number of parking spaces available to average New Yorkers, thus increasing the traffic, thus increasing the pollution, thus negating whatever environmental benefits his program seeks to create.

Power does not equal wisdom. Case in point: Mayor Michael Bloomberg.



24 thoughts on “Power-Mad Bloomberg's Next Agenda: Eco-Fascism

  1. Although bloomberg is a loon, he isn't half as crazy as the people who elected him.

    • You have heard of voter fraud, right?

      • Your point? Voter fraud requires people doesn't it?

        • O.k., I'll make this as simple as possible: let's not portray the general population of voters as crazy. You're always going to have people vote for scoundrels, and less than honest politicians. We can't avoid that. What we can and should avoid is allowing these dishonest people to get away with voter fraud. Those that commit voter fraud need to be held accountable and prosecuted. There's voted fraud because these scoundrel politicians know that an informed populace of freedom loving Americans will never vote for those that despise our American way of life. There's voter fraud because we have dishonest politicians that value their jobs more than they value their oaths of office. They're afraid of the American people as they know that many Americans know who and what they are and what they stand for, ergo, they must commit voter fraud to gain and/or stay in office and to continue their assault on our freedoms.

        • When one of them shoots the progressive b@$!@&^, I'll concede that there is at least one person in NYC who isn't nuts. That person should get the Carnegie Award.

  2. IMO Bloomberg is beginning to sound really mentally unstable!

  3. "Mommy" Mike is insane. As for his electric cars that's really dumb since they are a failure.

  4. I heard he was resigning, what happened to that?

  5. .....this is what happens when you put people who are mentally ill in publicoffice.

  6. Electric cars + Hurricane Sandy = No vehicles, because there is no electricity.

    95 degree (or above day) + Electric cares = No vehicles, the grid cannot handle the demand. Side benefit is a "blackout" so NOBODY has power.

    They are talking about "adding" all these spaces and allowing the cars to "charge" while they are parked. No talk about "building new power plants" to handle the "additional demand." Hmm, this kind of scenario sounds familiar. Oh, that's right! It sounds like "Obamacare." Add all the people, and NO DOCTORS!

  7. I have a good friend back east and his father has a very nice and expensive parking place for several cars in the City. The big difference is that he pays every month for those spaces something that liberals expect everyone else to pick up.

  8. I live in New York City and believe me I voted against the pri(k all three times!

  9. You'll notice that the fascist-progressive dictator Bloomenburger establishes his nazi agenda in NYC, then attempts to expand it to the rest of NY, then to the entire US. Since he, too, is a lackey of the NWO, can you imagine the other fascist ideas this traitor will try to institute. Sort of makes you wonder how the Libtards can be so stupid that they confuse fascism with "liberality".

  10. Enjoy NYC, y'all voted him in! Haha if it wasn't so damn serious.

  11. Gloomberg= Obummer-lite!

  12. It's hard to respect people that would elect an idiotic mayor like Mr. Bloomberg THREE TIMES.

  13. As a born in Manhattan New Yorker I am so glad I don't live in the socialsit state of New York. People voted for him now they have to pay the piper. Maybe it's time for NYers to vote him out so that everyday New Yorkers can enjoy and afford living in NY once again. Another Rudy Guliani is what New York really needs.

  14. I dare to say that each Liberal prig got into office by deception! They can fool some of the people all of the time but they can't fool all the people all of the time. Eventually, their true colors show. Ear Marks, you pat my bum and I'll pat your bum, taking bribes, inside trading, you name it, they do it. Line their own pockets but by gawsh, don't touch their money or their benefits. "Most" politicians and attorneys are from the same ilk. They know how to milk The People. Evidently, Bloomberg graduated with a 4. average from the school of "SOA." (Sycophants of America)

  15. The people of NY must be idiots to vote for him 3 times. Next time around, vote him out and put a republican in charge. You see what he's done to your state and he's a socialist. What more do you need to see?

  16. What an idiot! Id like to catch him on the street and slap the dog sh-t out of him, but of course his dozen bodyguards would have to stab me to death because thers no way he would compromize his beliefs and have guns carried around him!

  17. Victor Magilke says:

    Bloomberg is a Bolshevik Dwarf. He thinks he's Vladimir Lenin. I'm so happy not to be living in New York City. I'm sure I would detest this power hungry madman more. Many little men like Bloomberg that have powerful positions are contemptible and treacherous scoundrels.

  18. HandsomeBlackCowboyBrad1953 says:

    Perhaps Anthony Weiner should be New York Mayor.At least he could distract Gothmites-the babes,anyway-with texts of his boy bits.