USPS: We’re Immune From Traffic Laws

As the bankrupt U.S. Postal Service struggles to pay its bills, it gets slapped with $700 in traffic tickets including two school zone speeding tickets and 5 red light violations. Jennifer Bresling, the attorney representing the Postal Service, wrote a letter to American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the Arizona-based company that enforces East Cleveland, Ohio’s camera citations and stated that the USPS is not subject to local and state regulations. They shouldn’t have to pay all these fines because they’re above the laws. And they’re above the laws because they’re a part of the government.

In her letter to ATS, Breslin reminded them that the USPS is responsible for mailing over 200 billion pieces of mail a year, as if that exempts them from local ordinances.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I hate red light and speeding cameras as much as the next guy. I’ve spoken out against them multiple times as just more ways to suck revenue from citizens under the guise of public safety. And ATS is just another one of those camera companies that profits off drivers and splits its revenue with the municipalities in which they operate.

This is about hypocrisy. The same government that helps create these laws for “safety” doesn’t think they have to abide by these “safety” laws. They’re saying loud and clear, “We don’t really care about your safety.”

I have to admit, I don’t have very much disdain for USPS drivers. Their claim that they’re immune from traffic laws is humorous and not nearly as enraging as cops’ disregard for the laws they enforce on everybody else. I’ve never gotten a ticket for speeding from a USPS driver. Nor have I gotten a ticket for running a red light or stop sign from a USPS driver. However, I have gotten tickets for those “safety violations” from cops.

And I’m sure you know of policemen who live in your neighborhood who leave for work everyday in their patrol car, speeding through every stop sign, going 45 in a 25 and never using his blinkers. And we all know that that cop spends the rest of his day lying in wait and enforcing the very laws that he habitually breaks on his way to work. And I’m sure we’ve all seen the cops on the freeway that zoom by probably going 100 mph. What’s their excuse?

Like the attorney representing the USPS saying that they deliver 200 billion pieces of mail (as if that’s supposed to excuse them), cops would say, “Hey, we make millions of arrests per year and issue tens of millions of traffic tickets. We protect and serve the citizenry. We shouldn’t be subjected to these laws.” And why not? I thought it was about safety and protection. And what about setting a good example? Driving 30 miles per hour faster than everybody else on the freeway is dangerous. I don’t care if Dunkin’ Donuts was about to close (was that offensive?).

If they’re going to continue to ticket otherwise law-abiding and non-violent citizens for violating traffic codes, then no one should be exempt. Not even USPS drivers or the cops themselves. Otherwise, they should just stop issuing traffic tickets altogether.



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  • Jonathon von Tischner

    Speeding tickets are unconstitutional as are drivers licenses, etc. The police themselves too I might add. Your government is messed up and you need to take charge off all that over there. God bless.

  • Paul Christensen

    When confronting a police officer about their speeding away, if one tries to make a citizen arrest, his reply was, I will just say I was watching you in the mirror and to see if you were speeding and you would be the one to get the ticket.

  • Bay0Wulf

    An interesting question …

    Four way stop … a police car with its lights on, a civilian, an ambulance with its lights on and a USPS Truck arrive at the intersection all at the same time. Who has legal Right of Way?

    Answer; the USPS Truck.

    Reason: The USPS Truck may be carrying thousands of items that are critical to thousands of people … including possibly checks and samples and etc.

    The Police and Ambulance seem to be the correct choice because they are on an “Emergency Basis” but they are of a “Limited” nature (relatively few people will be affected by their delay) but the USPS is of a broader an “Unlimited” nature. Hence the “Motto” Neither Rain or Snow or …”

    This is why they do actually have “Special Authorities” when it comes to traffic laws and parking. That doesn’t mean they’re not abused … I’m sure they are just as many Officers of the Law routinely ignore the Laws that they are supposed to be enforcing.(Abusing THEIR positions of Authority)

    As to Whether the USPS is a “Government Agency OR Financed by TAXES …

    They NEVER were “part of the Federal Gov.” The Federal Gov. has “taken them in” on occasion so they could skim all the monies the Postal Service managed to accumulate and then threw them out again. This has happened repeatedly.

    Furthermore … the Federal Government has NEVER “subsidized” the Postal Service. Rather, its the other way around … the Federal Gov has repeatedly screwed them over
    for the money that they managed to accumulate … so it could be said that the USPS has been subsidizing the Federal Gov.

    The USPS has been routinely screwed by the Gov via Congress among others because,
    in order to raise the price of Postage by ANY amount, the USPS has to get Congress to approve it. Senators & Representatives often use this as a chance to “seem” fiscally responsible to their constituents by refusing to allow the increase and pointing out how they “SAVED” their constituents’ money. (It costs them absolutely nothing to do it and its “popular”) When you consider that USP and FedEx routinely charge in excess of $5 for the “same” service …

    Furthermore, the Gov throws onerous burdens on the USPS (like currently RAKING over 8 BILLION DOLLARS per year away from them and by … for instance … forcing them to “pre-pay” retirement funds for 10 YEARS … even BEFORE the USPS HIRES someone … which is pretty interesting since the Gov allows Unions and Themselves and the States to run almost completely UNFUNDED)

    The ONLY real Government interaction between the USPS and the Government is that the Gov protects the USPS “monopoly” on moving the mail and the Gov determines what the USPS can charge to do so. (Which is how they “control” that monopoly)

    USPS IS NOT a “Governmental Agency” never has been.
    USPS IS NOT funded in ANY PART by the Taxpayers or their Taxes.

    Try to get a piece of mail from anywhere in the USA to anywhere else in the USA and you will find that FORTY SEVEN CENTS is a criminally cheap way to get it done. UPS or FedEx will happily charge you $5 or more and … MAYBE … get it there one day earlier.

  • Bill Brantner

    I guess they figure they are part of this corrupt administration and if holder and obama can break the laws, they can too!!!!!!

  • Eric G Westrope

    I am afraid that I have to disagree with some of your statements here. I go to work at the same time as a local police officer whom lives in my neighborhood does, and he always drives through the residential area at the posted speed, plus he stops at all the stop signs and stop lights, and I have never seen a patrol cruiser run through a red light or stop sign that was not responding to a call and had their emergency lights flashing.
    Just because a few officers might break the speeding and stop light/sign laws does not mean that of them do.

    • Bay0Wulf

      I would never say that “all” officers of the law break them at will without regard to common sense. I would say however that almost everyone out there has seen one or the other do it time and again.

      My favorite in particular is … while driving in my 80,000 pound Tractor-Trailer (Semi-Rig), looking down into all the cars below, to see an Officer of the Law jawing on his/her cell phone and twiddling with the electronics in the console (radio, computer … misc) … and they do it for miles.

  • marget

    Surprised to find out that speeding is a problem. The mail delivery seems SLOW!

  • WASP

    Don’t cite the post office, then. Cite the driver. He has to have a state DL, so he’s resident in that state.

  • Ken Bowman

    So very typical of the FASCIST

  • HerrCapitanFick

    Haven’t you morons figured it out yet? The government can do as they choose! Look what they’re doing to you…You ‘re not smart enough to know it,DUH!!!

  • martin topple

    I am surprised to see the USPS acting in this way as my best friend was a mail-carrier in San Francisco and had to pay any parking tickets he recieved whilst carrying out his duties. He informed me that this was because the management in SF would not back the carriers against the cities need for revenue. Under law, the city by issueing the ticket is in breach of federal law as it is impeding the delivery of the mail , which is a federal offence punishable with fines and or imprisonment.

  • J. Davis

    If any of you will look the law up you will find that they indeed do not have to ANY traffic law. It is a Federal law. As for the person that stated that driving licenses, traffic ticket are unconstitutional. Tell that to a judge. He or she will tell you that driving is a Privilege, not a RIGHT.

  • David Veselenak

    I’m talking from personal experience on this one. I am a retired USPS driver who’s route before retiring was indeed right through E. Cleveland. E. Cleveland is comprised mostly boarded up homes and businesses due to drug trafficking. Most of the residents are unemlpoyed and unemployable, they are on government assistance and the city services are almost non-existent and subsidized by yet another Dem-O-Com controlled ghetto, Cleveland; in other words, they need income! What better way and easier than the red light camera. They did not cost them a dime and there is no labor cost to boot! – EASY MONEY. I was a neverous wreck because I had to navigate about a three mile stretch of Eulid Avenue running east and west that contained three red light cameras. Now the chances of being caught in between light changes because I had to navigate them twice a day were in their favor of me eventually being caught by one of them. They also had two cameras in the same square mile running north and south! It was as if trying to navigate a mine field! So the bottom line was FINANCIAL REWARD for both parties under the guise of safety, that is exactly what it is!

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