Americans Have Lost Their Self-Reliance

When you look around at American society today, what do you see?

I see a nation of people that have lost their self-reliance.

When I was growing up in the 1950s (yeah, I’m THAT old!), most people took pride in being self-reliant.  People had jobs and provided for their families.  Regardless of what the job was, most Americans took pride in their work and they were proud to be the head of the household.

Since that time, our sense of pride has diminished and along with it our self-reliance.  This really came to my attention when I saw the video below that was produced the year I was born, 1951.  Please take a few minutes to watch it and reflect on our society today.

The video listed four aspects of being self-reliant and I would like to add a little commentary to each of those.

1.  Assume Responsibility – Sometimes I refer to the current generation as the ‘Not Me’ generation.  No one wants to assume any responsibility for their actions.  Have you ever caught someone in the act of doing something and the first thing they do is claim innocence, even though they know you caught them red handed?

Perhaps one of the best examples we have at the moment is President Barack Obama.  He’s never accepted responsibility for anything negative, but he’s real fast on the draw to take responsibility for something positive even if he had nothing to do with it.  He still blames George Bush for the economic problems we are having, when in fact our entire economic fiasco was the product of Bill Clinton initially, but escalated by Obama in the past 4 years.

Obama will stand and say to the nation that he will not entertain any of the Republican proposals unless they include his demands.  Then he turns around and blames the Republicans for being unwilling to compromise.

When millions of Americans fail to accept responsibility for themselves, they turn to the government to be responsible for them.  Consequently, more people become too lazy to work, unemployment goes up, welfare goes up, crime goes up, alcohol and drug abuse goes up and the traditional Christian values we once had go down, along with our self-respect.  If Americans don’t respect themselves or their neighbors, then who’s left?

2.  Be Informed – I can’t tell you how many people I know who tell me that they don’t watch or listen to the news because it’s always depressing.  They don’t read the newspaper and they ignore the plethora of news sites on the internet.  They end up not having a clue as to what is happening to our nation or the people around them.  They end up making decisions based on emotions or misinformation rather than being informed themselves.

This was never more evident than during the 2012 election.  Interview after interview demonstrated that a large number of people didn’t really know anything about the candidates or the issues other Obama was black.  That was the main reason so many people voted for him.  When they were asked about the economy, they thought Obama was doing a great job and everything was well on the way to recovery.  They believed the lies told by Obama and his campaign people without checking them out.  They had no idea that Obama was guilty of many of the same things that he was accusing Mitt Romney of doing.

People who stay informed generally are those that become successful in life and able to make wise decisions.  People who stay uninformed generally find themselves at the mercy of those that are informed.

3.  Know Where You’re Going – How can anyone not know where they’re going if they aren’t informed or take responsibility for themselves?  Millions of college students are going thousands of dollars in debt without having a clue what they really want to do after college.  When they hit the job market, they still don’t know what they want to do or be when they grow up.  Many people with no direction in their lives end up going nowhere other than welfare or prison.

4.  Make Your Own Decisions – If you assume responsibility for yourself, keep yourself informed and know where you are going, it makes your decisions easier and wiser.  People that blame others, have no clue what’s going on and have no direction in their lives end up as losers and drain on society.  They become incapable of making a decision and those that they do make are often the wrong ones because they are clueless.

However, there is one caveat I have to add to this item and that is turn to God first to help you make that decision.  I’ve made my share of bad decisions over the years.  I took responsibility for myself, I kept well informed and I had a direction for my life, and still some of my decisions were the wrong ones. I failed to trust in God.  Yeah, I would pray about my decisions, but I prayed that God would bless MY decision, not that I would submit to His will and direction for my life.  When I finally did, He worked in ways that still send my head spinning, but I know for certain they were the right decisions because they were His decisions, not mine.

If most Americans would follow these four steps, they would find that their lives would be so much fuller and rewarding.  Chances are they would become more self-sufficient and would have to rely on the government less and less.  With self-reliance comes pride in one’s self along with confidence.  The person can hold their head up and say they are taking care of themselves and their families, perhaps for the very first time.  That’s a feeling that warms your heart and soul from the inside, especially when you are doing it with God’s help.

If most Americans would follow these four steps, we would have a whole different culture in America today.  Less people on welfare.  Less people in prison.   And we wouldn’t have a socialist Muslim in the White House who is hell bent on destroying the America we love!



21 thoughts on “Americans Have Lost Their Self-Reliance

  1. flyovercindy says:

    Excellent! Every American should read this every morning!

  2. i am a man! a proud american man! can someone give me a food stamp to eat? shelter me? i am a man i have rights! buhahhaa, no wonder you serve an illegal commie pink muslim kenyan, and a district of communists. america the balless wonder, was the greatest nation on the earth, now the greatest cricus show. was it stalin that said he would destroy america in 50years? i think he did it in 40. too poor to pay attention the sheoples go to slaughter, crying out take my wool, eat my children, only leave me grass to eat!

  3. Who was the man not too long ago stated,"We used to have ships made of wood and iron men, now we have ships of steel and paper dolls."

  4. Why can't this go viral versus the stupid harlem Shake videos? Get this out there! Save America!

  5. There's another issue, though, too. It has gotten harder and harder to be self-reliant. Licensing and permitting processes at every level of government have made it almost impossible to get into business unless you already have enough money to get through those processes. Having gotten the necessary licenses and permits, a forest of regulations makes it more and more expensive to do business. And your business had better deal in something that either appeals to the rich or is affordable to the poor--the customer base for businesses who are set up to sell to the middle class is vanishing. Ask Sears Roebuck & Co. where their customer base is gone. Most startup businesses fail.
    For the employees of others, it used to be that you faced the loss of your job if you messed up badly enough. Now, employers who a generation ago might have laid you off will look for an excuse--even create an excuse--to fire you in order to avoid payment of unemployment. Now, you can have been a good employee for ten, twenty, fifty years, only to see that the company is moving production to India or China and your job is gone. So many businesses have done this now that they have, in search of a way to remain profitable, killed each other's businesses by destroying their customer base, leading to more closings and layoffs.
    Don't make a mistake, not even one, and you'd better kiss up to your boss but good; even one bad end to a job and you'll never find another, first because of that bad end, then because of the gap in employment. (And if that bad end was the result of a conflict between you and your boss in which you were right--when you're applying for employment again, your boss was right even if he was wrong, because your prospective employer will believe your old boss, not you.) Did you start struggling to pay your bills after losing a job? Now no employer will touch you because your bad credit means you don't keep your commitments and may be more preoccupied with your difficult money situation than with getting your work done. You can't even open an account, not even a savings account, with a lot of banks if you've ever defaulted on a loan, and you can't open a business if you don't have a bank account.
    And if you ever actually did something wrong, forget it. The days when you could move somewhere else and start over are gone. Now a criminal record follows you anywhere in the United States for the rest of your life, and in a tough labor market, that's the first filter companies use to reduce what is everywhere the unmanageably large pool of applicants for any position. The government gets its two cents in by prohibiting many employers from employing anyone with a record--in an economy where the only growing sectors for the last thirty years have been financial services and health services, it is against the law for an employer in those fields to hire anyone with a record. A father can't ask his son to do work for him, nor a husband his wife.
    But there's always the government. Until society completely melts down into anarchy, there is that. There's SSDI and SSI available. It's not self-reliance. But now, if you fall, you can't get up. The law and a selective employment market see to it. So you do what you have to do to have food in your stomach, clothes on your back and a roof over your head.
    That's what happened to self-reliance. The liberals gave us over-regulation to keep you from going into business, and the conservatives gave us outsourcing, credit reports and public records to keep you from getting a job. There are tens of millions now who have fallen and they can't get up.

  6. My family lived off the land in the most part in 1934-40.. I had to learn to kill chickens by wringing their neck and then pick the feathers by dipping the chicken in boiling water,,gutting and then choppin it to the breasts ,legs etc..We grew and canned nearly every thing and bought salt and sugar from the country store.. All 5 of us kids worked our way thru college. No grants etc. My Dad was a Methodist preacher and money was scarce as hens teeth..My brother and I both were Naval Officers He in WWII and me in Korea.My 3 sisters all married and raised good families.
    When Dad and Mom were set out from 35 years as a Minister with no money or retirement,we fed tham,built them a home and paid ALL Bills till they died. Not one dollar of Fed help Came our way..
    I'm now the last ot the Family at 83 ,retired business owner and didn't even use my GI Bill for education ,Home loans or anything..
    God ,does it hurt to see the mess of parasites we have to tolerate now. A sorry bunch of Self Pitying spoiled ,uneducated ,lazy "bums". The left has won .. Destroyed the work ethic and any sense of pride.Give them money and homes---- it's trash again in months..

    • Thank you Jim Mac. No one can take away your heritage, patriotism or self respect, your parents did you well Sir, as did mine. LBJ did no favors to this nation...and sorry you have to witness the sorry state of these United States...There's a reason this regime wants our seniors to die off's because people like you remind those who have been long distracted, what being an "American" truly is...and should be again. Thank you again Sir...and God Bless.

    • Linda Miskolci says:

      I was born later...........but I raised my kids to know....."if you want for it"..............unfortunately many of my age group raised their kids in the "kinder, gentler" way of the NEW political crap. It didn't just happen with Obysmal. It started long ago.............and obysmal....the fraud king..........has taken it to the limit.
      I admire people like you, sir. God bless you.

  7. OK, but America most of you were also very ignorant and so stupid in those days. Me I grew up up in communist Czechoslovakia and the doctors there would not tie up a new born person and mutilate his reproductive as it was done in those days in USA and still today to half of new born boys in USA. Why in the Hell America are you really this stupid? What about human right to his very own body? Or even her body in those days it was done to many girls also until it was prohibited in 1970 but not on boys. Many of you in America still believe your ignorant and profit driven doctor more than in the Creator. He or she lie to you, the Creator would not put some 20.000 nerve sensors and covers of an internal organ just for the joke of it so people can correct Gods " mistake" and cut it all off.This why you need Viagra man, do you get it? And if not look it up on your computers sites Like " Intact America" or " Dr. Moma" and tons of other sites.Ask yourself when you had a new born did your doctor protest and told to you why those covers are there and for what purpose? My bet is 100% no, he or she do not know and do not care In Europe the doctors push to prohibit this Bronze Age senseless act who did not ask for it , do it to an adult by force and the doctor might end up being shot. Not so American cowards that do this to those unable to consent This indicate most of America people do not have much intellect, all the talk about God and than go and ruin something what this God created.That is called a " lack of common sense" and America is full of it. Not all are this stupid.I like the America on the right there is more common sense even if many would not agree with the above statements because of lack of knowledge, people like Ron or Ran Paul,Rush,or Alex Jones all get very upset that doctors would do this in America,this is not what the constitution say, this act is killing it. Ron Paul is very sorry today he let the doctors do this to his sons he just did not know and there was no computers in those days. To be a conservative is to conserve the Creation and common sense values like say the Second Amendment. Government must never be trusted. If people do not have guns people like Obama will bring a dictatorship sooner or later. It is very disturbing to me what is happening to America, how the left is ruining this country self reliance, the killing of pre- born or even born babies,homosexuality, millions of illegal Mexicans coming here and even voting, sexual perversion,...........the only hope I still have for America is that she is armed. Once it will be only the government with weapons America will be gone.

  8. Donald York says:

    A lot of Americans have jumped on the Obama socialist bandwagon. Then there are those who have been on the teat all their lives, they know nothing else. Working Americans will always have to support them. I do think though that there are some who would rather be working.

  9. Great points...but it can be summed up in the simple fact that the progressive left has hijacked the once proud democratic party and turned JFK's message from "Ask not what your country can do for you", to "Your country owes you a living"...I blame the teachers and the fact that enemies of our nation were allowed to permeate our educational structure and poison it from within...Ayers, Dohrn, Rudd and others never stopped their "Death to America" campaign...they just took it to the children.

  10. marineh2ominer says:

    Most of it wasn't lost , it was taken from us by a runaway federal government using our own forcibly taken tax dollars and handing it out to all those too lazy to work for it . And of course our indoctrination centers helped by not teaching real world skills and knowledge .

  11. and so many have all respect for them selves giveme, giveme, giveme. world and I want an obama phone to go with the rest of my giveme stuff. how about that?

  12. True american's haven't lost their self-reliance. Many have been destroyed by a government that is out of control.

  13. Well Dave, I know you've heard this before, but I'm gonna say it anyway; YOU JOLLY WELL HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! THANKS!!!! (I grew up in the 50's and 60's too)

  14. Most Americans haven't been self-reliant for a very long time. The industrial revolution saw a mass migration from the countryside to cities, the manpower supplied factory workers to the likes of Henry Ford, Massey Ferguson, J.I. Case tractors, countless smelters, machine and repair shops, et al. Americans were self-reliant as farmers, they lost their independence when they became workers, dependent upon a pay-check. Now since those factories and their CEO's have largely passed on their operations to their children, who have moved them overseas, Americans are abandoned and dependent upon government. Banks own their homes and most of the industrial properties. This notion that Americans are lazy or lost their self-respect is just B.S. Many are still going to school to better their lives, and many well-educated and previously employed Americans are on the dole because jobs are scarce. And not all Americans are bursting with health. It seems that Mr. Jolly tends to filter reality through his own experiences, forgetting he has yet to experience the full gamut of the human condition.

  15. Gee, I wonder why I just blanched and froze five gallons of broccoli and 20 quarts of greens? I'll keep them frozen with my solar power. 😉

  16. Does anyone honestly think that President Barack Obama, who has never had a real job in his life, has been living off handouts from the likes of George Soros, and other liberal psychos, takes hard earned money from hard working Americans, and give it away to the ones, with his same trajectory!
    Como on, be serious!!!
    The Armies of Food Stamp Collectors, and Unemployment, grows with every passing day beconing Democrat/Liberals/Progressives Voters. Exactly what he wants to enroll the ranks of the Corrupt Liberal Democrats Socialist Party.

  17. this reminds me of a presentation by one of our ex-professors of health administration in Loma Linda University's School of Public Health. Dr. Petersen came from Copenhagen as a young person because he wanted to be a part of the eagle (stand alone) mentality that America at that time was known for.

    As he saw the change in america on the last few years, he now presents the sad fact that our nation stopped being the eagle, & now people are contempt to being chickens; as long as they keep being fed, they'll keep looking down for food, & not look up to stand for themselves..

  18. Dollar General DOES NOT accept food stamps. I like that.

  19. You don't understand. I'm above flipping burgers unless it pays $40/hour.