Black Professor Melissa Harris-Perry Calls Pre-Born Baby 'This Thing'

Melissa Harris-Perry described a pre-born baby as “this thing” that costs money when born, implying that it’s better to kill him or her rather than give birth. Here’s what she said on her MSNBC morning show:

“But the reality is that if this [as she holds up a marble-sized object representing the fertilized egg] turns into a person, right, there are economic consequences, right? The cost to raise a child, $10,000 a year up to $20,000 a year. When you're talking about what it actually costs to have this thing turn into a human, why not allow women to make the best choices that we can with as many resources and options instead of trying to come in and regulate this process?”

So because a child costs from $10,000 to $20,000 per year, women should have the right to kill their pre-born children. Why not extend that right to children already born. Some children might be “worth” keeping around. Maybe we should wait to a baby is born, give him a few years, and if she doesn’t measure up, take her to a State-sponsored and licensed extermination center.

Melissa Harris-Perry says that she understands how religious people argue that personhood begins at conception, that it’s “a particular kind of faith claim,” but such a claim “is not associated with science.” So what is it about science that says a 5 or 7 year-old child is a person?

Science is not in the value judgment business. Scientists can measure brain waves, but they can’t say there’s a mind or if there is a mind whether it has any significance in a matter-only universe. Science can determine if a human meat bag is dead or alive, but it can’t say whether that meat bag’s life was worthwhile.

Evolutionist Stephen J. Gould (1941–2002) described religion and science as “Nonoverlapping Magisteria”:

“The net of science covers the empirical universe: what is it made of (fact) and why does it work this way (theory). The net of religion extends over questions of moral meaning and value. These two magisteria do not overlap, nor do they encompass all inquiry (consider, for starters, the magisterium of art and the meaning of beauty). To cite the arch cliches, we get the age of rocks, and religion retains the rock of ages; we study how the heavens go, and they determine how to go to heaven.”

But evolutionists don’t believe in the reality of religion or the moral universe that is derived from God. Gould and other atheists borrow their morality from a worldview that they work day and night to prove false and irrelevant.

Science can’t say whether what Adolf Hitler did was moral or immoral; it can only count the bodies and determine how they expired.

Melissa Harris-Perry finds it easy to argue for the pro-abortion position when she starts with a fertilized egg and moves toward birth since what can be seen is so small. Yet everything a human being is can be found in the union of sperm and egg.

By the way, Melissa Harris-Perry couldn’t argue the same way if she were holding some bird eggs. “The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) prohibits the taking, killing, possession, transportation, and importation of migratory birds, their eggs, parts, and nests except as authorized under a valid permit (50 CFR 21.11).”

But what if the abortion argument started with a newly born baby and moved backward second-by-second to the point of conception?

Here’s a line of reasoning that I use with people who have not thought through the abortion issue but who would say that it’s up to the mother to make the decision.

I draw a horizontal line on a piece of paper capped on both ends with short vertical lines that represent the beginning and end of a nine-month pregnancy. I then ask: “At what point on this nine-month horizontal timeline would you say that it would be wrong to kill this pre-born baby?”

They are initially reluctant, so I facilitate the process. “Would it be OK to kill the baby as soon as he or she is born?” (I draw an oval, representing the just-born baby, at the right-end of the vertical line.) No one says yes.

“How about when the baby is half in and half out of the birth canal?” (I draw an oval so half the oval is bisected by the end portion of the vertical line.) Again, I get a “no.” “Would it be OK to kill a pre-born baby when the crown of the baby’s head begins to show? “No” is still the most universal answer.

It’s at this point that I offer the pencil to anyone to mark on the line where it would be morally justifiable to kill the pre-born baby. Most are non-committal because they begin to see the logic of what I’m doing.

So I pick a point around three months, the end of the first trimester. I make a vertical mark on the line. To the left of the line, abortion is morally justifiable. To the right of the line, abortion is not morally justifiable. Some will agree with this.

I then ask what has changed from one second before the three month period when abortion is legal and one second after when abortion would be illegal and morally unjustifiable.

Melissa Harris-Perry, who is black, has her own personhood problem. There was a time when it was thought that “the average intellect of the negro race . . . was exactly intermediate between the superior order of beasts such as elephant, dog, and orangutan, and Europeans or white men.”1

There’s nothing in science that says that it’s immoral to view blacks or whites as morally insignificant. They just are. Without God to impute value, there is no value. What’s true for Melissa Harris-Perry’s fertilized egg is also true of Melissa Harris-Perry herself.

  1. Richard H. Colfax, Evidence Against the Views of the Abolitionists, Consisting of Physical and Moral Proofs, of the Natural Inferiority of the Negroes (New York: James T. M. Bleakley, 1833), 23. []



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  1. Again Mr. DeMar, freedom of religion is for all religions, not just yours. In America you and I have every right to believe that a fetus is a living human. We do not have the right to force that belief on others. This is just not an area where the government should be involved.

    • It ain't a belief , when you stomp on a snail it is a dead snail. When you tear a child limb from limb it is a dead child . That is murder. What is so hard about that concept? Do you know it is the job of an abortion nurse to count all the parts of that baby, so the doctor can't be sued later when a part comes out during her next period and she actually understands for the first time what exactly happened during the abortion.

  2. Shears_of_Atropos says:

    Was she (Melissa Harris-hyphenated-Perry) educated at Florida Atlantic University? She'd fit right in with Dr. De-Andre Hakeem (Stomp-on-Jesus) Poole.

  3. Shears_of_Atropos says:

    I find it fascinating that this woman is on the Tulane faculty of Political Science, and she's willing to tackle issues of human biology..... likely on the basis that she knows nothing of that science, and believes that politics trumps everything else. Shades (!) of Saul Alinsky.... I despise activist academicians.... they are a disgrace to the ethical principles of education. But then, where are the activists with ethics? Is "ethical activist" now an oxymoron?

  4. It is only the concept of "Life" which makes the concept of "Value" possible. It is only to a living entity that things can be "good" or "bad". It is only the possibility of choice in the face of alternatives that makes the concept of morality possible.

  5. I've completely changed my mind on this. I used to be pro-life, but I'm switching sides. If you think about it, 95% of the pro-choice crowd are rabid, progressive liberals. My attitude? Society would benefit immensely from having fewer of them. Let 'em abort themselves out of existence and over time, the problem solves itself.

  6. Maybe it was so in her case,maybe if her parents would have aborted her it would have saved them a lot of money and aggravation. I wonder if she knows that babies are a gift from God,and those who choose to kill that baby is in danger of God's wrath. All babies deserve a chance at life,rich,poor,white or black,no one has the right to take that away,except God.meh.

  7. So she is one Piled High and Deep in doo doo.

  8. Obviously Ms. Harris-Perry doesn't think much about herself, or her race either. It's too bad she doesn't realize that abortions came about through a woman named Margaret Sanger who literally wanted to exterminate those of color, those with deformities, those who were born to not as intelligent as Ms. Sanger was or so she thought... Just think if Ms. Margaret Sanger had had her way Ms. Harris-Perry would not be here today teaching in a University, another "useful idiot" as they say. God considers "Children" a blessing not a curse. Some of the sweetest children I have ever met were those who were born with Down Syndrome, some who were born with other defects as Ms. Harris-Perry would call them. I know a little girl who was born with a disease that is cost her great pain and agony and it has cost her parents financially as well but they would never exchange one minute of life with this precious child whose is facing both of her kidneys being removed and put on dialysis at the age of 11 and then having a kidney transplant. The outpouring of love and support for this family has been incredible coming from the hearts of many to sweeten the aroma of love around this child and family.
    Shame on you Ms. Harris-Perry, .... Mary711

  9. This atheist "whack job" should have been born decades ago and married adolph himself; wouldn't they have made a "pair"? Wonder if she every thought about "why" her mother didn't "abort her"!

  10. Black Professor Melissa Harris-Perry Calls Pre-Born Baby ‘This Thing’

    Wouldn't it be pronounced "Thang?" What a cold-hearted b...h!! So, if she was pregnant, it would be okay for all of us to refer to her unborn as Thing? How is the Thing doing? Is Thing kicking yet? Have you felt Thing move? Are you going to keep the name Thing after birth. Maybe a fitting middle name would be, A Ma Jig. Is Thing a boy or a girl? Did you get the idea from the old 1960's TV series "The Addams Family." Or maybe you could refer to your unborn baby at "It" When It or Thing is born, will it will Lurch out from her loins. Young kids today should go to a technical school and learn a good trade they can apply to a career and make a decent living instead of attending these communist universities and listen to fruit cakes blabber out useless nonsense. Students. Todays lesson will be to write Melissa Harris Perry on piece of paper and then place it on your chairs before taking your seats.

  11. It's too bad that her "logic" wasn't applied to her after conception and I can think of a few more (one of which currently resides in the White House*) that had that logic been applied would make this a much better nation!
    *Note I didn't say works in the Oval Office because he'd have to give up golf outings, vacations, and campaigning to actually work for the American people. Come to think about it, I'm not sure who he's working for because America sure isn't the beneficiary!

  12. That's OK folks. Don't get riled up over this "THING" that's a supposed Professor. Were she to look into this situation, she would find that it is her people, people of color that are eradicating their own in much higher rates than anyone else. I call it a win-win, so instead of whining about it, REJOICE!

  13. This is what you get from a racist who's people are responsible for 70% (of their race) of these disgusting abortions. May God have mercy on all the dead babies she & her kind have championed.

  14. What does she profess about?

  15. I'm sure that's EXACTLY what Margaret Sanger ( founder of Planned Parenthood ) would ALSO
    called a woman's fertilized egg...ESPECIALLY if that egg was in a black woman like Melissa
    Harris-Perry. Margaret Sanger wouldn't just call it a "thing", she'd want to have it "exterminated"
    because it's a "negro" thing.

  16. Author of column is a racist. How does her race have anything to do with her comments?. Is she being held to a higher standard because she is a well educated black woman? There are so many holes in her argument I would need several pages to reply

  17. Melissa Harris-Perry: You are an IDIOT, and a blind and hate-filled one at that. The child in his or her mother's womb doesn't "turn" into a human. It is ALREADY a human, from the moment of conception. And as for you, O Ignorant One, I'm starting to question your humanity.

    To the author of this article: What does this woman's skin color have to do with anything?!