Can't Cut Lesbian-Obesity Study? Fine, Let's Cut Entitlements

When responsible adults begin running short on money, they stop buying things they don’t need. This is common sense to a lot of us, but there are still some who do not understand. It is these helplessly irresponsible who migrate to the D.C. area and hold elected office as Democrats. So, point one: responsible leaders conserve their country’s money in financially burdensome times.

Point two: If you are going to credibly tell the country that cutting a paltry $44 billion from a 2013 budget of a whopping $3.8 trillion will be devastating, your actions had better be to start treating all federal money as sacred.

The actions of the Obama administration do not match the President’s warnings that the sequester cuts of less than half of one-tenth of one-sixth (less than a week’s worth of spending) of the federal budget absolutely must remain in place.

Forty-four billion. If such a small amount (relative to the budget) is sacred, surely the government won’t be using one penny of its budget to find out why lesbians are fat. Except it is: $1.5 million from the budget of this financially tight country is going to the study of why gay women are obese.

Forty-four billion. If such a small amount (relative to the budget) is sacred, surely the government won’t be using one penny of its budget to hire new government employees, especially when there are more than enough of them. Except it is: the government is looking to hire 2,600 new employees. A responsible government would be cutting non-essential government jobs (a great many of them) and cutting the paychecks of the employees who aren’t let go. But some White House staffers are making six-figure salaries.

Forty-four billion. If such a small amount (relative to the budget) is sacred, surely the government won’t be using one penny of its budget to look at animal magazines. Except it is: $227 thousand will be used to “study” animal photographs from National Geographic. A quarter of a million truly is a drop in the bucket, but if we can’t cut all of the drops of water accumulated by literally thousands of government programs and research projects, how are we going to cut anything? Democrats won’t let us cut from the programs that do the country the most financial damage, such as the various entitlement programs, so we must cut something else. Why not the lesser-important programs?

Because Democrats are not serious about repairing our fiscal mess. Democrats would sooner have the government default than cut their own salaries and pensions and stop giving grants to researchers to study things that, compared to the financial stability of this country’s future, truly are worthless. Discovering the great “mystery” of lesbian obesity is not going to put money in the wallets and food on the table for future generations.



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  • Maxwell Friedlander

    This is a waste of money. They need a dose of Vitamin P to cure their problem.

  • William Benton

    Who gives a s–t why lesbions are fat. We would all be fat if we just lay on our a-s and eat jelly donuts for breakfast

    • Victor Magilke

      The donuts and possibly too much carpet munching could cause obesity.

  • blacksunshine84

    It makes no sense that we provide these children’s families with food stamps AND free meals at school. It should be either or. And we should not allow their parents to spend their food stamps at fast food restaurants.

  • Molokai Advertiser-News

    Whose fault is it that Obama-nation “government” is wasting money? Wake up America! Our rightful GOVERNMENT is the Constitution for the United States of America the Supreme Law of the Land. WE are the governors that rule through this instrument. What you call the “government” is the thirty million, underworked overpaid public servants who have formed an illicit oligarchy to usurp the GOVERNMENT of the PEOPLE. This corporate monstrosity is more properly called the REICH. “Police” are US. We PEOPLE are police because we retain the police power to govern ourselves and our country. We also, arguably, hold sovereignty and the powers that used to be the powers of the crown.
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