Dr. Ben Carson 2016?

The short answer is no, or at least “not necessarily, and calm down, people.”

What do we know about Dr. Ben Carson?

We know that he has guts. He gave the keynote address a month ago at the National Prayer Breakfast, a 27-minute speech in which he strongly but very tactfully leveled criticism after criticism upon the Obama administration–with President Obama sitting ten feet away. The speech took aim at, among other things, Obamacare, which was notable because Carson is in fact a brain surgeon, and therefore almost as knowledgeable in the medical field as Obama.

We know that Carson acknowledges that America is in a state of moral decay and that, unlike the Democrats, this displeases him.

And we can surmise, based on his speech at CPAC 2013, that he is in favor of equal treatment under the law by advocating for a flat tax.

What is less talked about is his stance on gun control. While on the Glenn Beck program, Carson said that assault-rifle bans can make sense depending on where they are put in place. In a big city, surrounded by lots of people, he seems to support strict gun control.

MSNBC’s single-named token black man, Touré, thinks that conservatives only like Carson because he’s black. This is a new one. Up until, it seems, the minute that Touré said this, the charge had been that conservatives disliked a person for being black. Now we’re being accused of treating people like Democrats do: if someone is black, ignore all his flaws and put him in the White House pronto. (Democrats, of course, have a reason for their forced enthusiasm for dark skin: they’re trying to make up for their having founded the KKK and opposing  the Voting and Civil Rights Acts.)

I think conservatives like Carson because he is a straight-shooter, like Governor Chris Christie, but in a non-abrasive way, unlike Governor Chris Christie.

But there is so little that we know of the man. He has three known good policies–three–and one known bad one. Those three good ones may be the only ones he’s correct on, and that one bad one may be the tip of the iceberg. Jumping on a “Ben Carson for President” bandwagon is not going to do the country any favors.

We should not be getting excited for his potential candidacy in 2016 and signing up to volunteer on his campaign a mere thirty days after his public emergence. It’s completely silly.



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  • Scarlett_156

    A lot more than that is known about Dr. Carson; please check out the movie “Gifted Hands” — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFvRWiFV4N0

  • ARMYOF69

    Please folk, I do understand that our party the GOP is almost dead, and that we are getting desperate for leadership, but let’s not jump into the unknown.
    A tested fellow who is bucking the whole political system for years is Rand Paul. Now HE is really worth watching for a future POTUS.

    • Bossy

      At the wailing wall worshipping shekinah. I’ll pass.

  • Frank_O

    I’d support Dr. Carson over any Democrat, but just like I was surprised at his support for increased gun control, he may be advocating other positions that I would consider Unconstitutional rather than simply drastically cutting back on the size & scope of government. My #1 choice in 2016 is still Judge Napolitano.

    • Ole SC

      The Judge would be an excellent choice!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-R-Carreiro-Sr/100000561837094 Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    Dr Ben Carson has many surprises up his sleeve for 2016 but the best one is the truth and the person he follows demands it.Get the drift.Think about it.

  • Ole SC

    For heavens sake less don’t put anyone in office again until we know who they are and make dang sure we know who they are before we even consider supporting them for POTUS. Look at what we have in the White House now and we still don’t know who this tyrant is. We know what he is but we don’t know who he is. Dr. Carson sounds like a very conservative man and is certainly intelligent but lets cool down and find out a lot more about him before we blindly support or encourage his run for POTUS.

    • Nadine

      Dr. Carson is the real deal…not like what is screwing us now!

      • Ole SC

        Nadine, I’m not saying that he is not the real deal, and what I’ve heard from him til now I am impressed. I’m just saying let’s be sure. I’m a little gun shy and real suspect of any one after seeing what this dipstick in the White House has and is trying to do to this country!! We have plenty of time to make sure! I hope we are correct!

        • Nadine

          I hope so too as we sure as hell need help and soon! Every day is a disaster with BO & his sickening staff throwing their weight around! This just sickens me & my family & friends!!

        • Ole SC

          It sickens me also and I’m afraid we haven’t even come close to seeing the worst. We are in for a real bad situation, especially if the Democrats take the House in 2014. There will be chaos everywhere!!!!

        • Nadine

          Pray that doesn’t happen…BO’s colors (mixed) are showing for sure & I think people are waking up! God I hope so!

  • texan texan

    I just Read what Reibus said in his great analysis of Reps (I think y guys call RINOS) and he says to quit attacking popular culture and learn to love…amnesty, gays, gay marriage, birth control, maybe even abortion. And he’s spending 10m to court moochers. This is somewhat old news but I’m wondering if you guys are strong enough to stop this and if not is it possible to work. As the good old boy knows, you have a snowball’s chance in hades getting young, black, brown and women votes. it will be most interesting to watch this circular firing squad evolve. Gonna be a great watching year (almost as good as debates in 2012). I hope you guys prevail. Think y need to do more organizing and less ranting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.wade.7927 Jeff Wade

    Wow… thanks for the gun control heads up! Did not know that. And… I will definitely verify.

    Why can’t someone just stand up for truth and freedom? Everyone keep out of everyone else’s pockets? Stay out of the bedroom… but also the bathroom, the kitchen, the garage, the gas station, the gun range….

  • annonymous

    30 days after his public emergence? Where have you been? He has been in the public eye for over 25 years.

  • jenniewalsh

    Thanks for the warning on Ben Carson. I did not know about his stand on gun control. He is obviously very naive’ and ignorant of the Illuminati’s New World Order crime cartel’s plans for America’s destruction and enslavement. WOW, you have done a powerful service here in your article!

    • Allen Morgan

      He has a few other stands that are either naïve or quite ill-advised.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Yes, indeed, jumping into bed with the first, new, exciting black guy that seems to be the end all answer got us 0bama. BUT unlike king zero who had NOT ONE BIT of his background investigated, Carson will live under a microscope all the way through to 2016 IF or not he gets the nod from the republican elite who have given us McCain and 0bamacare’s grandfather, Romney. So far for now, I’d back West over any other candidate of any color, up against king zero.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.thomas.568294 Jeff Thomas

    i’ll be dam if i’ll ever trust another black…period!

  • http://www.facebook.com/adrian.vance1 Adrian Vance

    Dr. Carson has an important voice, but he is a surgeon first.

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: http://tinyurl.com/7jgh7wv and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-R-Carreiro-Sr/100000561837094 Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    From now until the 2016 election no matter what Dr Carson or doesn’t do will be a thorn in the side of all Democrats.There will be lots of surprises in the 2016 election and the left and the right will be shocked.My gut is telling me this whatever good the gut plays in future predictions? Think on it.Many in Washington will be going one way home for good.Replacements are going to be many in both parties.Think again.

  • Dave Bowman

    People jumping on a band wagon to hell, is how we got to where we are now. Rand Paul(even though he is White) is the guy we should be supporting, so far, he is the only person with enough guts to stand up for our rights.

  • larrygrant876

    Dr. Carson had better hope he never ran over a cat or yelled at a puppy because he will be destroyed for it. He has allready committed the unpardonable sin by refusing to stay on the plantation in the chains that the democrats have put on 98 percent of the other blacks. Ask Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas or even Dr.Ben Carson and many many more. The lie has been way more effective in producing results for democrats than the truth of history has for Republicans.

  • phunyfarm

    We knew not of our current despot in chief until he was paraded before us like the second coming of Jesus. We still know nothing about him. We have come to know him from his actions.
    How he became president is beyond me completely. Folks just wanted a black nobody president I guess. Hope you are thrilled with what you have voted in office. Just doing a SWELL job by doing nothing except campaigning his presidential years away – talking jibberish and lies to all that will listen and admire him. Leave the good Dr. to his own decisions, he has made quite a few good ones in his life.

  • Allen Morgan

    I want someone to run this country who has a history of running a business successfully. I want someone with Christian core conservative values that do not change with the winds of political correctness. I want someone who will restore this nation back to a Constitutional basis, rather than rule by fiat.
    I want someone who will reverse the horrid trend of printing money (QE III) and reducing the value of the money we have. I want someone who will cut back on the increase of government, or maybe (God forbid?) actually cut back on government. Tap the resources America has, freeking fracking, pipelines from Canada, oil rigs of Florida’s coastline and any and everywhere else where they would be profitable.
    I want a president who would not avoid National Prayer Day, would have tours for the school children to go through the White House, would greatly trim the $20 Million dollar yearly budget for vacations and actually pay for them him/herself. I want a POTUS who will get us out of countries we are not wanted in, brand terrorists, terrorists. Not say the biggest lie of all–that Islam is a religion of peace.
    I want another………. George Washington….oh well.

    • kris littlefield

      We had our chance but no one wanted him because he was rich, successful and he was a Mormon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kristy.littlefield.1 Kristy Littlefield

    That statement about not knowing anything about Carson makes me laugh. We have a man that is destroying this country from our White House that we really know nothing about and what we do know we are finding out is mostly lies. People put that lying b*****d in the White House twice knowing that he was a socialist and was out to hurt America. Ben Carson is a self made man, a brilliant doctor, and cares. What a bunch of hypocrites you are. Every decent person that steps forward we mock and tear apart. I’m beginning to think that all of you in politics and in the press are out to destroy this country. You make me sick……

    • Virginia Watkins

      I think that the majority of people that voted for Obama have no clue as to politics or how the gvt really (is supposed to) works. Many thought “Yay a Blackman, finally we will be heard” and the others voted on one or two issues, most likely abortion/paid birth control or gay issues mostly marriage rights. Even a fair majority of conservatives (of varying degrees) voted against Obama for such trivial and/or unknown reasons. I think the biggest problem with America today is not Obama, he is just a symptom. Our biggest problem is that We the People do not know what is in the Declaration of Independence OR What is in the Constitution and it’s amendments. Until we know these things and teach them correctly to our children and talk about these things with each other and can focus on the entirety of it and not just a few rights we will never get our country back.

      • kris littlefield

        Our colleges have been cranking out socialists for the past 2 or 3 decades or longer and we are seeing the results. If you knew what they taught you would be appalled. It’s always been known that America would never be destroyed by any outside force but would be taken down from within and that’s exactly what has happened.

  • Dorothy654

    Carson does NOT support the 2nd Amendment. Therefore, his conservative political career is DOA!