Kill That Baby Abortion Game

If you want to see just how bad the depravity of the American people has become, turn your attention to some students at Hunter College in New York City.

Founded in 1870, Hunter College is now the largest college in the City University of New York (CUNY) system.  Located in the heart of Manhattan, its current enrollment runs around 22,000 from all different backgrounds.

Recently, some of those diverse students gathered in a cafeteria and began playing a game that they called ‘Abortion Battles.’  Students, mostly male, placed a balloon under their shirt and then would square off against another balloon toting student and try to pop each other’s balloon with a plastic fork.

The game itself seems innocuous at first, but when you think about the implications, it’s rather chilling.  Kids have been trying to pop each other’s balloons since back when I was a kid and if anything, it was just being kids or being malicious.  However, in this case, the students are mocking and trivializing abortion and the killing of unborn innocent babies.

In one part of the video below, you can hear a bystander shout, ‘kill the baby, kill it.’  Sadly, more and more Americans believe there is no real difference between popping a balloon and murdering an unborn child and the actions of these college students clearly demonstrate it.

America is becoming desensitized to the horror of abortion.  With all of the violence on TV, movies and video games, they are numb to pain inflicted on a child in the womb when they have their limbs ripped from their tiny bodies.  Popping the amniotic sac and emptying out its contents to them is no difference than popping a balloon and emptying out its contents.

Surely our time of judgment as a nation is coming, and perhaps it’s already here.  God gives nations rulers that they deserve and since America has murdered nearly 60 million unborn children, Obama could be just what He wants us to have as part of His judgment.  And I’m sure that judgment includes the fall and collapse of America as we knew it, all because we turned away from God and embraced a hedonistic religion that thrives on the blood sacrifices of unborn children.



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  • disqus_1bqPfTdQi3

    Jesus Christ! How is that any different than kids shooting each other in mock war. An ego in search of evidence will find it. If you want to bad mother others that don’t believe as you then go back to the middle ages and fight another crusade. Let others live their lives there way without you trying to control it.

  • disqus_1bqPfTdQi3

    So many of the left have been brainwashed in one way and the right in
    another way. I get emails from both super pacs and it is amazing how
    they twist things. Kind of like Rush Limburger, make outrageous
    statements about what someone is doing and adding lies as if they were
    facts, knowing that people won’t verify them, to brain wash the viewers.
    All dems and repubs are good people. The dems are typically panzy asses
    that take what they can get and would starve to death if they had to
    kill a live chicken to eat. They tend to be the ones that end up being
    mass murdered by their governments because they “trust” the good people
    in government. Repubs are brainwashed into thinking that the military
    complex needs to absorb 50% of our GNP. They think the left are idiots
    just because the left are typically mild tempered and behave like the
    hippies of the sixties.

    Remember the “Divide and Conquer”
    statement. This is what the elite have done to the public with having
    only 2 parties with opposing beliefs. While the dems and repubs are
    fighting with each other the elite are robbing us blind – cheating us
    every chance they get. Our gov is so corrupt it is amazing that the
    people don’t recognize what is going on. The gun battle is not about
    guns, it is a power struggle between unions and NRA lobbying just like
    “right to work” is the same struggle for power.When will the
    public wake up to the sucker game we have been duped into. Forget all
    the petty stuff and focus on why the congress would pass a bill just to
    find out what is in it. That is an outrage! Stop accepting corruption
    and focus on that. I guess I should also state that good people don’t
    want to be part of the corrupt government system, so typically, extreme
    narcissists and sociopaths run for office – to them the power is worth
    selling your soul. So, who governs us?

  • David Carte

    First of all I will not get in to whether it is right or wrong, it is a moral decision which each person has to make. Even though I feel it morally wrong, I will not push my beliefs on another. Since I am a Christian, and believe in GOD, he will make that final judgment.

    I guess what really bothers me is that we are treating sex after a date or whatever just like a cup of coffee or an after dinner mint. This is choice you are making when you engage in sex, if you think you are adult enough to have sex, then the decision is made at that time you may become pregnant, yes it a choice but you made that when you decided to have sex.

    What is sad is that they are now making a decision on a life which does not have say in the matter if you kill them. Yes, you are killing a person; it is not a lump of tissue, did you not come out of a womb? We care more about the rights of animals then we do ourselves.

    More than likely we have killed the individual who could have cured AIDS, Cancer, the next Einstein, a great Pianist, the next Michangleo and the person who could take us to the Stars. Maybe not that last one. We cannot take care of earth, why destroy the rest of the universe.

  • Bill

    All of you people have it all wrong; those are not children growing in the woman’s womb; it is just an angry tape worm moving around in there. Now I only went to public schools, instead of elite private schools; but isn’t it written somewhere that taking a human life one can be imprisoned for the crime? I think Scott Peterson might have an opinion on that. Of course to ask him you would have to write him on death row, Calif prison.

  • Hal Howell

    Sadly, I have to agree. Our only hope is that there are enough of His people that He would postpone it.

  • Hal Howell

    I have a problem with the usual mantra, ‘God bless America’. Why should He? Both Parties are petitioning the Supreme Court to overthrow DOMA and pave the way nationally for same-sex marriage. That plus abortion gives me little hope God would ever in any way favor this land! It is time for Christians to stand tall. Actually, it may be past time.

    • Jared

      Oh, boo hoo, you have to live in a nation that approves of things you don’t like, oh let’s cry tears of unfathomable sadness at this oh-so-horrific development, Hal.

      Please, no one has to care.

  • cyber_hackster

    Thank a liberal for the moral decay of this country…

    • Jared

      Thank a right-winger for your idiocy

  • giant33

    This is pure evil.

  • Jared

    No one cares. You people should get over yourselves. It’s a GAME, for f**k’s sake. Besides, abortion is none of your concern unless YOU have to get one. Stop trying to force your religious nonsense on us, because we are not interested.

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