LA Times: Illegal Immigrants are Good for the Environment

Pushing for illegal immigrants is the newest trend in convoluted way that liberals are trying to push to try and justify their outlandish opinions and discredit everyone else’s. One of their favorite ways is to claim that their policies are “good for the environment,” and conversely, conservative policies cause global warming. No matter how far removed the policies are from climatology, they’ll always make some connection.

A Washington Democrat argued that one reason we need bike taxes is that bikers contribute to global warming because of their “increased heart rate and respiration” that leads to greater CO2 emissions.

Christie Hefner (Hugh Hefner’s daughter) blamed Chicago violence not on gun control measures that prohibit law-abiding citizens from defending themselves, but on global warming. Higher temperatures, she said, contribute to higher gun violence numbers.

The latest is from an op-ed that the LA Times ran a couple days ago by Bill McKibben, a professor at Middlebury College in Vermont. He argued that we need more illegal immigrants, namely from Mexico, because that would help reduce global warming. Here’s how he made the connection to illegal immigrants:

“It’s true that the typical person from a developing nation would produce more carbon once she adopted an American lifestyle, but she also probably would have fewer children. A December report from the Pew Research Center report showed that birthrates in the U.S. were dropping faster among Mexican American women and women who immigrated from Mexico than among any other group. This is a trend reflected among all Latinas in the U.S. As an immigrant mother of two from the Dominican Republic told the New York Times: “Before, I probably would have been pressured to have more, [but] living in the United States, I don’t have family members close by to help me, and it takes a village to raise a child. So the feeling is, keep what you have right now.” Her two grandmothers had had a total of 27 children. The carbon math, in other words, may well be a wash.”

So there’s the connection. A reduction in the birth rate might occur in America the more we allow illegal immigrants into this country. Mexicans that otherwise would have had more kids in their home country. This is why this professor allegedly only had one child. He even wrote a book called Maybe One: An Argument for Smaller Families.

Once again, the problem is the human race, and the solution is the same:  abortion, sterilization, contraceptives, even homosexuality. Anything that prevents humans from reproducing means a smaller global “carbon footprint.”

The author then goes on to excoriate “white America” for continuing to vote for climate deniers. Maybe he, like another college professor, thinks these “climate deniers” should be executed for the future murder of millions of people. Maybe mass extermination of the white race would be good for the environment.



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  • Alfredo

    WOW, are you kidding? Mexican women breed like rabbits! LOOK AROUND, most Mexican females over the age of 15 have a kid & they continue getting pregnant into their 40s. By dropping pregnancy #s they must mean going from 8 kids to 7!

  • Alfredo

    And to all the brain dead leftist women who regurgitate Hillary Clinton’s favorite line, it takes a village to raise a kid, actually it takes a MOTHER & a FATHER that are not immature, self absorbed as sholes!

  • Ron Powell

    Great for the environment? I couldn’t believe even a liberal rag would come out with such a mundane statement. Here in Northern California they are setting up meth labs and marijuana grows in the state and national parks, poaching deer, putting rat poison out to keep animals from eating their marijuana, throwing garbage in streams that are being polluted from the chemicals they use in making meth and for pest control, clearing trees and vegetation for their grows, and have no regard for the environment at all. What planet does the L.A. Times writer live on? What a slime ball liberal.

  • Jim Clancy

    Over population and elevated CO2 levels makes sense so why don’t we eliminate the N Koreans and the Chinese and save the planet………..

  • Jack Combs


  • fliteking

    LA Times = “Liberal AZZHOLE Times”

  • ARMYOF69

    “” LA Times: Illegal Immigrants are Good for the Environment::….YES, because no else is buying that rag. The illegals use it at their toilets.

  • HappyG

    It’s official…we’ve fallen down a rabbit hole and the Mad Hatter is in charge…Whatever happened to the cowardly Sierra Club and their opposition to immigrants? Legal, or otherwise…hypocrites all…

  • HappyG

    EARNED INCOME CREDITS…need I say more?

  • Mr T

    Of course the LA Times is gonna say that. Illegals are their only future customers.

  • Kent2012

    they sure are, they have vacuumed up all the excess cash in californication……………

  • WASP

    Considering that this is a Mexifornia paper, regurgitating the left-coast commie philosophy that has done so many great things for the state, what do you expect. These commie swine, like Moonbeam, like the Hollyweird perverts, are THE example of perverted, ass-backwards thinking. Put a fence around the state and at least keep them from polluting the rest of the country. Make Californication a big, open air nuthouse, just be sure the inmates are kept isolated.

  • John Paul Jones

    What ever they are smoking I’m sure that it’s not legal! but then illegals are not legal to be here in the place and should be deported as there felons just being in the country!

  • junkmailbin

    they are beneficial when buried under a corn plant

  • Kathryn Kobor

    Illegal immigration is what will take this country down to the levels of a 3rd world country–most illegal aliens are not educated-cannot speak a word of English {the international language}, do not have a trade, have no health care-are mostly young uneducated males–come from a culture of machismo-
    have little respect for women’s rights

  • freedomringsforall

    Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah say there son, where’d your brain go!

  • Silas Longshot

    Ding, ding, ding! May we present the best stupid liberal idea of the week! Stunningly stupid, poorly researched and totally asinine, we have yet another sterling example of how the liberal “mind” works. Apparently, this ‘genius’ has never viewed the trails of zhit these illegals leave as the troop into the deserts of America. It’s like a Hansel and Gretta crumb trail of trash to lead them back home when they’re done sucking freebies from the US taxpayer.

  • Cuz

    LA Times: Illegal Immigrants are Good for the Environment then keep them there and secede from the union.

  • curtmavi38

    Oh yes what lovely trash they leave to make the environment better. Trash upon trash what a lovely scene for all to see. We must encourage them to come in and please bring all the trash they can. Oh
    how lovely it is. NOT meh

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