Liberal Message Found Under Dove Chocolate Wrapper

Liberalism was not content to have permeated every facet of the media, from journalism to movies, music to magazines, and TV commercials that give us the politically correct message that black women are stronger than white women, and that all men, the fairer sex, are idiots who but for the wisdom of women would never survive to middle age.

No, having such widespread influence over the American population was not enough for liberalism. Now it has messed with Dove chocolates.

Dove makes sensuously smooth chocolates individually wrapped in aluminum foil. When you undress the chocolates from their aluminum, the underside of the wrapper has a message of some kind--sometimes a chocolate pun, sometimes a promotional message for Dove in case your taste buds are jacked and have no idea how lucky they are to be caressing that melting velvet, and sometimes some kind of word of advice. They're like fortune cookies for chocoholics.

My birthday just recently passed, and one of the gifts my friend gave to me was a bag of these heavenly nuggets. I was hardly expecting to be assaulted by liberalism when partaking of them, but there it was on the underside of the foil wrapper, typed in an alluring script: "Do what feels right."

This is just one small notch better than the liberal axiom, "Do what feels good," but doing what feels right is another one of the principle doctrines of the High Church of Liberalism.

I've written ad nauseum about liberals' desire for everybody to substitute feeling in place of thinking because it is only with appeals to voters' emotions that liberals can win elections. When the people are told that abused women will stop being helped because of sequestageddon, despite the sequester only affecting about a week's worth of federal spending, liberals, the non-thinkers of society, abandon their better judgment and start acting out of the fear their elected leaders have instilled in them.

Telling people to do what feels right as opposed to doing what sounds logical (and is right) is how Democrats win elections. So either liberals are running the creative department at Dove or else they have been brainwashed by liberal society into believing that doing what feels right is necessarily what is right.

But hey, if liberals aren't giving advice that eases they minds of psychotic serial killers who believe that their murder sprees are justified and "right," then liberals wouldn't be living up to their reputation as the anti-lifers.

Oh well. Liberal propaganda be damned, I'm loving these chocolates.



32 thoughts on “Liberal Message Found Under Dove Chocolate Wrapper

  1. Well, one part is certainly correct.

    " Liberal propaganda be damned "

  2. Oh well no more Dove products for me.

  3. I'm now glad I've always hated chocolate.

    • You must be from another planet, spikeygrrl. I'm into my third week of Lent-deprived chocolate and it has been worse than giving up cigarettes cold-turkey 35 years ago. I lovingly caressed the can of Hershey's chocolate frosting last night (the only chocolate left in the house).

      • Chacun à son goût, as always, I guess. You'd prolly lose your marbles on <25g/carbs per day as I have been restricted to for the past 7 years. I don't miss sweets one little bit...but I do confess to days when I've literally sat down on the floor and cried because I miss sandwiches so badly 😉

        • I've discovered that a great, healthy substitution for a mini sweet treat is Hall's BREEZERS cough drops. Tastes like candy! No mentholatum! You'd swear it's candy. Strawberry BREEZERS is the best flavor in my opinion. Curious to know if this treat substitution works for you? ;))

        • Thanks for the suggestion, but I eschew ALL sweets, even if they're ostensibly "sugar-free." I grew up with HORRID tooth sensitivity, and even though that has now been somewhat ameliorated by modern technology, the instinctive, anticipatory horror of blinding pain remains. Which is probably a very good thing for my continuing losing battle to maintain my "girlish figure" ::snortle::

      • 25 more days til Easter! Hold Fast!!!!

    • ooh, lucky you!

    • I wish I could say the same, Spikeygrrl. My very favorite thing is to hunker down with a giant Hershey bar, which I have done on very rare occasions. It's heavenly! I could never get myself to taste white chocolate, though. As far as I'm concerned, chocolate should be brown, period!

  4. Dove is now off the market in my home. I never thought they were any better that Hershey Kisses anyway.

  5. I love the individually wrapped Dove dark chocolate with almonds and actually read a few of the little 'messages' under the foil, they were so stupid I don't bother any more, just unwrap and throw the 'junk' away! The chocolate is to die for....

  6. Anne Caston says:

    My favorite is Hersheys anyway

  7. DenverKitty says:

    Mark "Dove" chocolates OFF my "dance card"...and I'm telling all of my friends.

  8. more lost sales. These libotards never quit the propaganda. Note to republicans. You never stop pushing or give an inch.

  9. I'm as conservative as you can get...nevertheless, I see nothing wrong with the phrase "Do what seems Right"...nothing at all. I believe this writer is guilty of assigning meanings not there, (just as the Prog/Lib left does to everything)'s chocolate with a positive message. Unless it says "Vote for Obama" or "Up with Communism", I'm all for doing what's RIGHT, rather than doing what the LEFT wants us to do. Give Dove a break!

    • :Doing what seems right" is very different from "Doing what feels right". The point of the article being "feelings" versus "Thinking".

    • The term "Do what seems right" is very different then "Do what is right" It reeks of relativism.

    • "Do what "seems" right is very different from "Do what is right" It reeks of relativism. If murder, to one, "seems" right then it is OK to do so?

      • You're splitting hairs and being as judgmental as the idiotic Libs. The world would be far better off if everyone looked to their own understanding and stopped trying to make others conform to their belief system anyway. The phrase is not enough to make me avoid or not avoid a business. We're talking about CHOCOLATES NOT MURDER FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dempseycoleman says:

    As long as I find none of this under my Cheese Cake I am all right

  11. Dove Pigeon Chocolate no longer has a place in my cupboard.

    I have a local chocolate shop and will gladly pay a couple more bucks to avoid the BS.

  12. Brachs is a better brand of Chocolate now in my opinion. Dove is good, Brachs better. Hersheys has gone way down in quality now as has Mars. It might be that they are cutting cost by using cheaper cocoa ,or cocoa from an area that is different . Who reads the inside of these things anyway? Who has the time? IF that is what folks have time to do I could sure find more for them to fill their time with . Read a book!

  13. I'll take the foreign chocolates with no messages if you please. No just say Brachs

  14. I agree with Jane Shellman; "do what feels right" does not strike me as a radically "liberal message", this seems to be a bit of an over-reaction to me... Lets save the righteous indignation for the thousands of CLEARLY liberal messages that we are bombarded with daily, from all sides.

  15. It would be cool if Dove could say something like: "Do what is right and let the Consequences follow."

  16. So what are you eating chocolate for Mr. Graham? We know logically that it is not good for us but it definitely "feels good".