Michelle Obama for Vice President? And They Said Sarah Palin was Inexperienced!

There is an idolatrous movement within the Democratic Party to get Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama to team up in 2016 and run for President and Vice President respectively.

"[T]hat would truly be a dream team," said former Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton spokeswoman. "Both women are proven effective leaders...."

Both of them? Seriously? It doesn't take much of a leader to tell me what to eat. Heck, if that were the case, my mother should run for president.

Democratic strategist Chris Lehane said, "[I]t is time for the glass ceiling of the last old boys club to be firmly shattered."

Democratic South Carolina representative James Clyburn thinks “It would be a breath of fresh air in D.C. [Michelle]’s honest and straightforward, which is not what you see in Washington much. She is exactly what we need around here.”

Michelle Obama is a housewife. Which, don't get me wrong, is no doubt hard work, but it is hardly qualifying to be the the president or vice president.

Never underestimate the level of hypocrisy that Democrats are capable of reaching. Recall that in 2008, the number-one charge against Sarah Palin was that she was too inexperienced to be vice president, let alone president. Sure, she's not as experienced as Vice President Joe Biden is at making asinine statements, but she could have done a fine job as VP nonetheless.

Democrats act as if they have high standards for persons running for high office. Senator John McCain was too old, they said, yet the Democrats who charged that are the same Democrats who currently wish Biden to run in 2016, even though he will be older in 2016 than McCain was in 2008. Sarah Palin, who was both the mayor of a town and the governor of an entire state, was "not as experienced" as Barack Obama, who worked at a Baskin Robbins once and spent less than three years total in legislatures showing up late, not attending at all, or voting simply "present" on bills.

The only qualifications Michelle Obama has to be president, particularly a Democratic one, is that she, like her husband, is a disbarred lawyer. Unfortunately, so inept or else so liberal is our news media that we still don't know why hers and Barack's law licenses were taken away. We can only wonder.

And we can only marvel at the liberal amounts of hypocrisy on the left.



321 thoughts on “Michelle Obama for Vice President? And They Said Sarah Palin was Inexperienced!

  1. I have always said that the Demonrat Party is nothing but Looney Tunes, and they are getting worse by the day! Let them run, but I kind of doubt Moooshelly will want to, I have a feeling her pathetic excuse of a husband and human will not make it thru the next four years. His popularity is going down daily and more and more people are seeing the Light, even the dim witted Demonrats, that Obama is nothing but pure Failure. Naw, both these Queens, Mooshelly and Hitlery, are going down with the Demonrats, both have proved unworthy of attention or the honor of being born American. Too bad Mooshelly married a Foreigner who is illegally in the Oval Office, but that still would not help her brainless head.

  2. Death2Unions says:

    Mmm. The movie "Dumb and Dumber" keeps coming to mind. Queen Oboofer needs to go to Sears amd buy a big old oak tree and some rope. Of course we would have fumigate the tree.

  3. I think Moochelle will win the Presidency - there are still a lot of No-Info and lo-Info Voters with free Obama phones. As long as the candidate is Black and Moochelle qualifies for that.

  4. bobwhite1935 says:

    Hillary better watch her back if she becomes President Michelle lovers may just eliminate her.

  5. Wait a moment; Where I am living? Is USA a Country of Dictators? Just the Clinton, the Bush and the Obama can be Presidents and Vice Presidents of our Country? HELLOOOOOOOOOO WAKE UP AMERICA, NO MORE DICTATORS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh, come on now, How stupid do ya think the american people are. Both mischelle obama or
    Hillary Clinton or both together do not have the qualities necessary for presidental material or
    do they individually or both together have the experience other than being the wife of a former
    president and the other the wife of a acting president, Which in my view hasn't been proven to
    be qualified for the position of president, perhaps if they were to run for office and suddenly
    Sarah Palin run which would blow both "mischelle and hillary rifght out of the d-m water", Wow
    that would almost be worth it and is probably the biggest reason that this won't happen, Face
    the facts mischelle and hillary the people are aware of the treacheries, lies and violence of the
    disloyal and travesties of fake politicians and learned it well, through your own husbands.

  7. This absurdity is completely believable because we are dealing with the Democrappy Party. Barack Obama, or whatever his name is, would never be able to deal with the Obama woman taking the spotlight away from him. Moochelle is dumber than a coal bucket, and the Clinton woman is a known liar. What am I saying??? Heck, we don't even have an elected official who has the guts to begin impeachment proceedings against Barack $hit-for-brains Obama!

  8. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Does anyone out there still question that liberalism is a MENTAL DISORDER???

  9. She would never have time! she is making her talk show tour of duty.. I want Eva Longoria!

  10. for shure oil the guns it's getting real stupid in congress

  11. LAUGHABLE !!

  12. All I can see is Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha- what a freaking JOKE!!

  13. Observant_One says:

    What for? She is a bigger idiot than Biden!

  14. Never... We are due for a woman president. O has paved the way by being so bad just as the Bushes did for the dems....But the woman won't be either of these two...thank God....

  15. We have seen in history the damning influence of politiocal dynasties. We should avoid that like the plague. When government becomes ingrown and incestuous, it also become tyrannical. We've seen that with the Kenney dynasty, the Bush dynasty, the Clinton dynasty, the Gore Dynasty, et. al. When will Americans distance themselve from the infatuation with certain imperial family lines? There are many people without political histories that we should be aware of. Political dynasties are damning because they concentrate and consolidate power and that is bad. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely..

  16. Would to see a debate between Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama on any Political issue and I wonder who would prevail.I will not say in my opinion who would lose but take a guess.

  17. Actually we still say Sarah is inexperienced and is a quitter on top of that. Seriously, her husband couldn't even finish one term as governor. I think Oprah would make a great Secretary of State and who knows in eight tears...

  18. LMAO . . OH REALLY? You think she would even waste her time after going through what she has been through as a Black Powerful Woman, trying just to exist in this country and now, as the 'First Lady' of a nation ridden with an abominable history? Believe me, she is more self loving, bigger and intelligent than that. I admire her for the stamina and back bone she has been so far to one of the most powerful men . . .in the world. That carries tons and tons of weight. She doesn't have to do that. It would be a digression to her She would be much better off, offering her services to all of those who respect and adore her all over this planet than confining herself to this land suffering from karma. I wouldn't hold my breath for that announcement. LMAO.

  19. louis salazar says:

    Great fun watching the dumbpublican baboons going even crazier at the idea of a 2016 Clinton Obama ticket.