Obama’s Plot to destroy America and He’s Using the Media to do It

Bob Woodward, who along with Carl Bernstein did much of the original news reporting on the Watergate scandal and wrote All the President Men, is claiming that he was threatened by a high official in the White House if he continued to publish negative news stories about the president.

“Woodward published an opinion piece in the Washington Post — where he is an associate editor — saying the administration was ‘wrong’ to blame the cuts on Republicans.”

In addition to the White House denying any type of threat, Woodward’s fellow-journalists are attacking him. No one should be surprised since liberalism has set a special place at the political table for ‘journalists’ who look the other way when Democrats go astray. How many times has a story been reported about some corrupt Democrat with not a word identifying the lawbreaker as a Democrat?

Chris Stirewalt writes:

“Washington is a Democratic place. Big time. And its official religion is a sort of old-fashioned, practical, patrician liberalism. John and Jackie Kennedy made Washington feel special for the first time, and the city’s elite have been trying to get back to Camelot ever since.

“This means Democratic presidents get a lot more slack than Republicans, especially if, as they all do, Democrats claim to be seeking a restoration of Camelot.”

What Woodward and the liberal media have not realized is that the President disdains them. He’s using them to further a more sinister cause. Why is the President still campaigning? Because he’s after a bigger prize. The media made a deal with the devil, and they haven’t realized yet that he does not care one iota about them.

“The president finds the political system — as constituted — unworthy and is going to smash it into smithereens. The Republican Party. The press. Even Washington. Smash. Smash. Smash."

Criminals get away with their crimes when they don’t get caught. Politicians can get away with their crimes (and they are crimes) as long as the media fail to expose them. In most cases, the media in America have been on the Left side of the moral (e.g., abortion, homosexuality) and political spectrum (e.g., increased government spending and expansion of government programs that are usually tilted toward Leftist causes).

Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were savaged by the press. Both Bush Presidents were as well. The Clintons got a pass on their extreme political views because the media generally agreed with their policies.

We’ve watched with unbelieving eyes how today’s media have treated President Obama like a god. This is no exaggeration. We’ve seen magazine cover images of Obama with a halo around his head. A recent cover shows him as a new savior, the embodiment of the Second Coming. Actually, as the savior. Jamie Foxx said that President Obama should be known as “Our Lord and Savior.” This is a title that was almost as blasphemous as the one Roman Emperor Domitian, who ruled from AD from 81 to 96, wanted to be called: Dominus et Deus — Lord and God.”

Obama came as a savior, but he’s in disguise. What the original TV mini-series V (1983) if you want to see how the masquerade works.

Today’s media can’t admit that they were duped. Too much pride; the same sin that led to Satan’s fall (1 Tim 3:6). They’ve been involved in a grand plot to destroy America.



67 thoughts on “Obama’s Plot to destroy America and He’s Using the Media to do It

  1. Jamie Foxx, is your typical left leaning black liberal celebrity shill. Give them anything black, and they drool. How is it these civic minded, liberal assholes, do not see,BLACK AND HISPANIC, are the most unemployed workers in the country.? Thank you Mr.Obama, for that number. Yet, these fine and patriotic Americans, do not cast blame on their anointed one. If you are looking for racism in America, look no further, then the Black and Hispanic community, they WALLOW, in it.

  2. Jamie Foxx showed himself as a idoit with the statement that Odummy should be known as our lord and savior. Hell no!
    Hitler too used the media to further his plan to destroy a people and country. The similarities between odummy and hitler are amazing. People had better start getting their heads out of their back sides before it is too late, before they finding themselves reliving what the nazis didi.

  3. Didn't the average American figure that out years ago?

    • Not when Oboozo has 47% of the lazy bums not paying taxes and living off of Free $60,000 per years on our tax payers money...SOB's...!!! When the next Civil War is over and "We the People" have wiped out these good for nothings this won't happen again and the U.N will be gone FOR GOOD and the Christian Faith will be written into the U.S. Constitution as the only faith of the USA...Thank GOD...!!!

      • Keep up the insanity...gullible theocrats like yourself are the reason why your side keeps losing elections.

  4. We need a rich conservative to buy or start a new tv station. Fox news cannot compete with the numerous liberal tv stations. Not everyone has cable. Put out the good word over the air.

  5. Get the terrorists and thugs out of OUR White House.

  6. Obama is a traitor and needs to be run out of the country

  7. It is amazing that the media continues to kiss his butt but he only recognizes them when he wants coverage for his failures. Will they ever learn they are pawns to eliminate as soon as as Obama can't use them? What a disgustingly pathetic life the news media lives.

  8. Obama should be de-throned and stripped of all his possessions as would any who were found to be dis-loyale and unpatriotic to King and Country. Subbsitute Citizenry in place of King. Obama is not Satan incarnate but he definitely is demonic controlled.

  9. parkLitchfield212 says:

    Woodward may be a 70's liberal icon, but that don't mean squat to the Obama Chicago goon squad. Their approach is like the difference between joining in a protest march and bombing a Federal building. The MSNBC and MoveOn.org toadies will bury Woodward without a second thought if he doesn't preach the perfessor's sermon. They don't need him or any print media liberals anymore. They are too 20th Century to be any use to Him.

  10. mccormackterrie says:

    Many media types are socialists, Marxists and communists. Others follow along and don't know they are acting like a commie with the tactics they are taught. Read about history and find out how many communists worked for TIME magazine. Probably still do and they are plenty more. They know that to control the media is to control and manipulate people. It is time that the media stand up and ask for answers from the president. He needs to be held accountable.

  11. Washington DC was NEVER Camelot. The "Camelot" saga was invented by JFK's "official" biographer a couple years AFTER Jack's death. This "biography" was absolute nonsense. Jack kind of bungled his way through the Presidency.(Bay of Pigs fiasco). There was also a very tense September when USSR was sending missiles to Cuba and Kennedy had to figure out what to do about it. He and Krutchef came to an agreement. Russia took their missiles back home and Kennedy agreed to remove some from near Russia's border.(most American writers were crowing about the USSR's turn back, but failed to mention the removal of OUR missiles) Nothing was said about Jack's philandering or Jackie's haughtiness and spending sprees. DC was almost a battleground between the highbrow Mrs Kennedy and their friends against the rough, tough, uncouth, Texan LBJ family and fans.

  12. It never ceases to amaze me how these talking heads in the lamestream media can speak so clearly with their lips permanently fused to the Kenyan's butt.

  13. Raymond McIntyre says:

    What a crock of fertiliser