Polygamy Will be Next (And Much More)

There is nothing in our current legal system or  national moral climate that will stop polygamy from becoming the next liberal cause:

“Redefining marriage to include same-sex couples would jettison the rationale and logic behind prohibitions on polygamous marriages, according to several friend-of-the court briefs urging the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the traditional definition of marriage.

“‘Ultimately, there is no principled basis for recognizing a legality of same-sex marriage without simultaneously providing a basis for the legality of consensual polygamy or certain adult incestuous relationships,’ reads one of the briefs, filed by the Christian legal group Liberty Counsel. ‘In fact, every argument for same-sex marriage is an argument for them as well.’”

The Netherlands is a microcosm of how the homosexual community hoodwinked this once-Christian nation into accepting a perversion. A former Dutch Member of Parliament “has admitted that polygamous marriage is the ‘next logical step’ following the introduction of same-sex marriages in the Netherlands.”

Serial polygamy is already accepted in America. People get married and divorced numerous times with little regard for marriage as a covenant bond. Hollywood types change wives like some people change shoes. Others don’t get married but live together, have children out of wedlock, and few people bat an eye.

Watch the Home and Garden Channel (HGTV) and note how many times non-married couples are living together and the number of homosexual couples that are featured.

In some respects, America is becoming a third-world nation. The cultural mores that made America great are quickly disappearing. Providentially there is a Christian and conservative counter culture that is quietly replacing the disintegrating secular worldview.

Abortion kills off future generations. Homosexuality is a sterile worldview. The only way homosexuality can flourish is by recruitment. I believe a good case can be made that homosexuality is the result of failed families, and that mostly means failed fathers.

The State has become the father figure to many young people. This is especially true in the Black community. The Welfare State made it financially easy for fathers to abandon their children and for the State to become a substitute parent.

Rulers have ever been tempted to play the role of father to their people. . . . When the provision of paternal security replaces the provision of justice as the function of the state, the state stops providing justice. . . . Those who are concerned about the chaos into which the criminal justice system has fallen should consider what the state’s function has become. Because the state can only be a bad imitation of a father, as a dancing bear act is of a ballerina, the protection of this Leviathan of a father turns out to be a bear hug.1

There’s something going on in the black community known as the Down Low.

“Ten years ago, the New York Times reported on a growing underground subculture in the black community known as Down Low, comprised largely of men who secretly engage in homosexual activity while living ‘straight’ lives in public.”

Why is this happening? Because a number of black men are looking for father figures, and they believe they can find it in other men.

The people who have gotten on the “gay train” don’t realize what it’s dragging behind it.

  1. Herbert Schlossberg, Idols for Destruction, 184. []



260 thoughts on “Polygamy Will be Next (And Much More)

  1. Organized "polyamorists" are already waiting for gay marriage to become law so they can use the Equal Treatment Under the Law Clause of the Constitution to advance even more. This means, bigamy, polygamy, polyandry (one woman with several husbands,) group, incestuous, and child marriage. Kiss civilization goodbye.

  2. Mark Mynhier says:

    If you look back through the Bible you will see that polygamy was very much a part of Biblical times. It seems to me that it didn't destroy Israel during their times of crisis and wouldn't destroy America if we allowed it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in favor of it, but I'm saying that polygamy is not morally wrong by Biblical standards.

    • The problem is marriage was distanced from the bible when the government intervened and made it a social issue. It is true that the bible addressed the term marriage, but there has to be a more modern and logical way to challenge the marriage equality argument without bringing in religion. I don't think that gays have a legitimate argument either because the marriage equality challenge was determined by the Supreme Court in 1967 declaring that a man and woman can marry under the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution regardless of skin color.

    • VisitorOnly says:

      You haven't read the Bible much, then, because polygamy often did cause problems and there were warnings to avoid infidelity. it was certainly not endorsed by the God of the Bible, either Old or New Testament - it may have been a custom of the times, but that does not mean it was approved.

  3. The word judgemental includes the word judgement. When measured, common-sense judgement is employed, being judgemental is a good thing. The word judgemental has been treated as if it's a four letter word beginning back in the 60's. Isn't time to bring some good judgement back?

  4. We don't need to redefine marriage, this marriage decree keeps in check the perverted to do anything they want and call it marriage. Homosexuals are perverted in what sex was meant to be. The animal kingdom knows the difference, and they don't do it. Marriage is ordained by God, one man and one woman. Even if you say you don't believe in God you know in your heart that what you do is wrong.
    Homosexual behavior is an act of futility. meh

  5. I feel that not just polygamy, but certain incestual relationships are likely to be brought up. Like they say "marriage equality," and as long as it is consensual the perversion is endless.

  6. Polygamy has always been legal in the U.S. Everytime a man divorces and remarries, if his previous wife is not dead, in Gods eyes he is still married . Just because it lawfully legal doesn't mean it is legal with God. In Gods eyes unless his first wife divorced him because of adultry he is still married to her.

  7. What is homosexuality? Either the behavior is sexual immorality or there is no such thing as sexual immorality! Homosexual behavior, like adultery, fornication,incest and bestiality is classified as sexual immorality!
    Dispite fairly sucessful attempts by self-described "gay" activists to equate behaviorally driven "gayness" to immutable and neutrally defined qualities such as race and gender, the reality is that being "gay" has nothing to do with what someopne IS, and has everything to do with what someone DOES!
    It is about feelings and behaviors. Behaviors that every world religion,thousands of years of history, and uncompromising human biology have universally rejected as both immoral and destructive!
    If the homosexual lifestyle is just another "sexual orientation" then what possible justification can there be for opposing other orientations such as fornication,adultery,polygamy,incest, pedophelia or bestiality?
    If one is immoral-then all are immoral!

  8. Stephen Perlmutter says:

    Even the LORD will not want to be in this soon to be in this land of de