Shooting Victim: “Gun Control Would Not Have Saved Me Or Any Of My Classmates That Day”

On January 17, 1989, students arrived at Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton, California like any other day.  They sat in their desks listening to the teachers and they ran and played outside on the playground during recess and lunch.  During the lunch period, a fire erupted in a van parked behind the school.  The fire soon caused the van to explode.

The owner of the van, Patrick Purdy, then made his way behind a portable school building.  He took aim with his Type 56 assault rifle and opened fire on the kids at the school.  In approximately three minutes, Purdy fired 106 rounds, killing five kids and wounding one teacher and thirty more kids.  Before police could respond, Purdy took out his handgun and put a bullet into his own head.  At the time, it was the worst elementary school shooting in US history.

Most of the victims were Cambodian and Vietnamese immigrants.  In the investigation afterward, it was learned that Purdy was targeting the Southeast Asian kids. However, one of those students was not Cambodian or Vietnamese, but a 7 year old boy named Rob Young.

Young was shot in the foot and in the left side of his chest.  He recovered from his wounds, but he says that at a young age he learned the reality that life can be taken away in an instant.

Currently, Young has been a California police officer for nine years and has seen his share of gun violence and criminals.  Through it all, he has come to one conclusion that more anti-gun laws won’t help.  When talking about the time he and his fellow students were shot at school, Young says:

“You might be hearing my story, and thinking to yourself ‘more gun control’ is what needs to happen, but let me be the one to tell you, gun control is not the answer. Gun control would not have saved me or any of my classmates that day.”

“In the nine years of active law enforcement I have made several arrests of people who stray from the law and choose to unlawfully carry a firearm.”

“What makes you think that a single gun ban would change this?”

“You can’t have a machine gun in California, but we pick them up all the time.”

Young also says that he fully endorses HR 35, introduced into the US House of Representatives by Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) that would repeal school gun-free zones.  He describes gun-free schools as ‘a magnet for dirtbags to come harm people.’

In conclusion, Young urged politicians from knee-jerk reactions that will result in placing unfair limits on a person’s ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.  Then he added:

“Do not take away my Second Amendment right that our forefathers set forth in the Constitution.”

The one advantage Young has over most of us is that he can legally carry a gun most places because he is a police officer.  Even off duty cops can carry a weapon.  But when it comes to you and me, Obama and company want to leave us unarmed and unprotected which makes us easy target for assaults, robberies, rapes and murders.  They are taking away our constitutional rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  They are replacing it with loss of life, no liberty and the pursuit of sorrow.



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  • Archie Bunker

    LibTards won’t want to hear his story

  • PreacherCruz

    My only issue with this story is that Mr. Jolly uses the keyword of the left “assault weapon” there is NO such thing as a type of rifle called an assault rifle. The Left coined this phrase to make them sound scarier, As if the ONLY purpose and reason for making these items is to “assault” someone. These are Semi-Automatic weapons like most any other revolver, shotgun or pistol. They count on people not knowing this to help them sell their fear mongering.

    • Felipe Burgos

      It shows that even police officers have the wrong terminology for weapons. It is instill in their brain from early on. I do not know if he has come out public before but it was 1989 and 24 yrs later he is talking. Maybe is relevant now, but this mantra is been growing since brady was shot along President Reagan. It is an amazing thing that a lot of these murders take place in gun control free zone loving places. Just a personal observation.

  • davienne

    they are trying to regulate our 2nd amendment into oblivian….

  • vet

    Why is it when some nut case shoots a bunch of people the ones that have to be threaten and punished only seems to be the ones that are honest law abiding citizens.Is it me or is this backwards thinking?The liberal logic seems to be coming from the other side of the mirror.Maybe if we made all liberals wear a t shirt that says I’m a liberal and proud of it,maybe we could change their minds by embarrassment of having to wear the shirt.

  • Phillep Harding

    Was Purdy using a true type 56, or the semi auto variant?

    • Desert Storm Vet

      Semi-auto, according to “murderpedia”:

      • Phillep Harding


    • WASP

      Incorrect terminology concerning firearms by people who don’t know the difference just feeds the anti-gun agenda of the fascist-democraps and their mulatto Hitler in the white house. Stop shooting yourself in the foot, conservatives.

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