TSA: Wounded Soldiers Are Potential Terrorists

The TSA may have graciously changed their rules allowing knives 2.36 inches or less in length (if it’s 2.37 inches, you’re a terrorist), but they still think people in wheelchairs are secretly planning to blow up the plane they’re about to board. A little ironic considering that the terrorists on 9/11 used box cutters probably shorter in length than the knives they now allow. And what’s the excuse for all the security theater? Oh, yeah. We live in a post-9/11 world, and we wouldn’t want that to ever happen again. So, we’re going to ban liquids of more than 3.5 ounces, turkey gravy, peanut butter and the 4th Amendment, none of which were actually used on 9/11. But the blades that were used? Yeah, you can bring those on now.

Thanks to these completely irrational rules, we’ve seen the TSA harass and embarrass elderly people, toddlers and those who have to get around in wheelchairs, which they routinely test for explosives.

Last week, a group of Marines flew in to Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport on their way to San Diego, and a wheelchair-bound soldier was harrassed and  humiliated by agents. This Marine had lost both his legs in an IED explosion somewhere in the war-torn Middle East, and he had prosthetic legs.

Representative Duncan Hunter issued a formal complaint against the TSA. Here’s how he described the incident:

 “A TSA officer asked the Marine to stand and walk to an alternate area, despite the fact that he physically could not stand or walk on his own. With numerous TSA officers sitting and unwilling to assist, an officer then made him remove his legs, then put them back on, only to advance to a secondary screening location where he was asked again to stand, with extraordinary difficulty, while his wheelchair was examined for explosives.”

 In his letter, Representative Hunter asked the TSA for their written procedures for inspecting wounded soldiers and suggested that they show “situational awareness” when confronting wounded veterans.

Obviously, there’s really no comparison between a federal rent-a-cop at an airport and a soldier who lost both his legs in an explosion, trying to fight an unwinnable war for his country. The sad part is if these soldiers really were fighting for our freedom here at home, we wouldn’t have the TSA in the first place.  And now, those very soldiers are finding out the hard way that all their blood that’s being spilled in the name of freedom isn’t making this country any freer.

Politicians will spend trillions of dollars bombing the hell out of the Middle East until it’s “free,” but they won’t lift a finger to make our own country free. The government uses these soldiers to fight terrorists overseas, but when they come home, they’re treated like terrorists. End the unwinnable wars, and end the TSA.



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80 thoughts on “TSA: Wounded Soldiers Are Potential Terrorists

  1. Well with any luck ........ ROTFLMAO ....... the DHS/TSA will "go postal" on each other .... and any left over will commit suicide .... just consider the facts:

    Workers at the Department of Homeland Security are the least satisfied at work of employees at all the large federal agencies, according to a new government survey. DHS, which was created in 2002 in response to the Sept. 11 attacks a decade ago, employs 240,000 people with responsibilities that run the gamut from responding to terrorist attacks to screening airline passengers.
    The survey of "The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government," put out annually by the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service, ranks agencies based on a number of measures of employee satisfaction. In a comparison with 18 other big agencies, DHS ranked last for "effective leadership," "teamwork," "training and development," and "support for diversity." Its overall score also declined several points from its score in 2011.

    DHS scores 19th out of 19 agencies --

    19 Department of Homeland Security 52.9 56.6 -3.70Change

  2. The Sodomy Association is a Terrorist outfit.
    Obliterate it.

  3. Well they were prepared to murder people in other countries.

  4. This group is not for our safety or security they're working to destroy this homeland.Obama and his minions do not like America.

  5. Yea, you bet your azz. Along with un-wounded soldiers and veterans. Only we call ourselves PATRIOTS!!

  6. They keep committing the outrages, we keep complaining. Question is, what are we doing about it? Once you assume the role of a sheep, it's difficult to trade the wool for wolf's clothing.

  7. The obama administration is out to de-moralize our troops, just listen to the words they use and read between the lines. I know enough about Communism to know the "suttle" things that come from their lying words. Ever wonder why obama does NOT speak to people over 40 ?? That is because these people have been told by their parents how Communism wiil distroy you and Remove your Freedom.

  8. The real terrorists are TSA agents.

  9. (Could be--the TSA are the Terrorists-!) Yep-! I haven't seen or heard of anyone in America, who
    wants to be "Sterilized" without their consent-! The TSA operators aren't "medically qualified" as
    X-Ray Technicians--& I haven't heard any of them "warning the public about the dangers of X-rays-!
    During Air Force Service, I met radar-techs who worked on "Early Warning Radar Equipment" in
    "Dew--Lines" in Canada--they told about watching birds fly in front of the Big Radar beams-! "They
    were bursting into flames & then--fall to the ground as a Cinder-!" (Exactly, like your micro-wave
    ovens work-!) X-ray Machines are the same, they're also a system that works from micro-waves-!
    Your 'Eyes' are most-sensitive, & having a Baby is a "no-no" in such a Scan-! Watch "Real" Medic-
    Trained X-ray techs, they wear full-body "Lead-covered" Aprons in Hospitals-! (Get a Clue-!) Ask
    any Doctor,("Why the Lead-Apron"-!?) They prepare the patient, & then--"Step Out of the Room"--
    when the "X-ray" is shot-! Ask--if you don't know-! "Because--they don't want to be 'Sterilized" with
    out their permission. & they don't want 'Cancers'-! Shoe-Store X-ray machines to fit kids' shoes, were
    "Out-Lawed" & removed, when AMA Doctors certified "They were 'Dangerous Machines to the
    American Public in 1939-! (If they were a "Public Danger" in 1939--who changed the Laws-!) X-rays
    can "Destroy Red Blood Cells, your Eye-Sight", Give you "CANCER" & "Sterilize You"-! How many
    Dangers do you need in 2010-? The Nazi's used X-Rays to destroy Ovaries on Jewish Women in
    World War II--with great success-! And TSA is now--forcing Kids under 12 years old, to go thru
    not Foot-Scans--but "Full-Body Scans", or to be Fined-! (Where are our American Lawyers--when
    we need them worst-!?) Truly, these are "Open & Shut" Cases for millions of dollars for any lawyers
    to prove "Intentional Cases Of Criminal Negligense"--for Idiots-! "Sterilize My Child--No WAY"-!!