8th Grader Suspended and Arrested For Wearing Second Amendment T-shirt

Jared Marcum is an 8th grade student at Logan Middle School in West Virginia.  Protecting his Second Amendment rights is important to the young man.  When he got dressed for school the other day, he put on a brown NRA t-shirt that read: ‘NRA – Protect Your Rights’ along with an image of an assault-style rifle.

When Jared got to school, one of his teachers told him that he had to take his shirt off because of the gun on shirt.  Jared refused, explaining that it is his First Amendment right to wear the t-shirt.  After a heated dispute with the teacher, Jared was suspended from school and arrest by the local police and charged with obstructing and disturbing the education process.

Jared is a model student and has a spotless record.  He has never been in trouble at school and has always been a well-liked student.  Now he is facing two criminal charges all because he exercised his right to free speech in supporting the Second Amendment.

When asked about what happened, Jared responded:

"I never thought it would go this far because honestly I don't see a problem with this, there shouldn't be a problem with this."

Allen Lardieri, Jared’s father was livid when he received an emergency call telling him that he had to leave work immediately to come and pick up his son from school.  He believes the teacher and school greatly blew the whole incident out of proportion in how they dealt with his son.  He told the local news:

"I don't see how anybody would have an issue with a hunting rifle and NRA put on a t-shirt, especially when policy doesn't forbid it."

In fact, when the local news tried to contact the school district, they received no response.  They were, however, able to obtain a copy of the school’s dress code which forbids clothing that contains profanity, violence and discriminatory messages.  There is nothing in the dress code that says anything about portraying guns on clothing.

When this was pointed out to Jared’s father, he replied:

"He did not violate any school policy.  He did not become aggressive."

"I will go to the ends of the earth, I will call people, I will write letters, I will do everything in the legal realm to make sure this does not happen again."

From all of the reports I’ve read and listened to, it was the teacher that caused the disruption and obstruction of the educational process, not Jared.  The teacher turned it into a big deal when Jared refused to be bullied by the teacher or the school.

If I were Jared’s father, I would be contacting every conservative legal firm I could, asking them to help defend my son and file a lawsuit against the teacher and the school for violating his constitutional rights.  Too many teachers and school administrators have been bullying students around and violating their constitutional rights.  They need to be stopped and taught that students have rights and one of those rights is not to be bullied by liberal educators.



14 thoughts on “8th Grader Suspended and Arrested For Wearing Second Amendment T-shirt

  1. While I understand this issues at hand here, you are talking to a guy who had to wear a shirt (with collar), tie and sport coat to schools every day from 1st grade till I graduated high school. I don't have a lot of empathy for kids who can get away going to school in worn out blue jeans and t-shirts.

  2. This is outrages, the dress code didn't mention that a picture on a t-shirt is not allowed. This is what the libs have done to schools, I personally am much more offended by clothing with their asses hanging out. This has to stop now, they are doing this to the kid because they can, no other reason. I hope his dad finds a lawyer or organization that can help him.

  3. I'll say it again. HOME SCHOOL. HOME SCHOOL. HOME SCHOOL.

  4. titan fosos says:

    "offensive"... The teacher was outraged because it was "offensive"... We might as well rewrite the constitution and our laws: you have right for free speech, free opinion AS LONG as you are not "offensive". WHO DEFINES THAT?! Our great and mighty communist leader does.

    The very public that today supports this foolish mindset of 'tolerance' will realise this one day, the problem will be is that they won't stop at simply accepting what is right and disapproving what is wrong. The old times when there WAS actual intolerance on the streets is coming back... And the very sheeple people today, yelling at anyone who has a different opinion, will be the ones hunting minorities. Sometimes I get the feeling that was the purpose all along. The secret government, behind our government will just watch and wait until we kill each other during the times of the next economic depression and World War Three.

  5. We have let the liberals take over the education system, we need to get more conservatives to teach in the schools, if we don't we will have more of this kind of lunacy. The liberals and democrats have gone stark raving mad. They are like rabid dogs, I group them all together because if there are any who are lucid they have successfully disguised them selves. Defeat all of these idiots in 2014. meh

  6. jenniewalsh says:

    People who support the constitution and bill of rights are classified as "terrorists" by the Illuminati's Department of Homeland "Security".

  7. jenniewalsh says:

    The National Education Association was founded to indoctrinate children into communism and to dumb them down. The is no joke. The Illuminati is controlling our public schools.

  8. jenniewalsh says:

    What are the charges?

  9. Is there a defense fund for him? I'm willing to place my courage where mu convictions lay.

  10. LostPatriots says:

    Okay, let me get this straight......a T-shirt with a picture of a gun is a violent act? If guns are so bad, then why does our government have bodyguards with guns? Why do these same politicians send our military into other countries to shoot people? Oh, wait.... I think I get it now! Only they get to have guns. That is why the DHS has billions of hollow point bullets.....enough to kill every person 5 times over in the USA. (Not for target practice)

    All this amounts to is brainwashing these kids into thinking that guns are bad. You will get in trouble if you even have a representation of a gun on your clothing! Forget freedom of expression, the constitution, or any of your rights. No, really.....forget it all, the school, police and government are saying to us all. Amazing.....when did America become the U.S.S.A? (United Socialist States of America)

    • They have to have that many rounds because they are such poor shots!!!!! Example the Boston shoot out where 200 rounds were fired and one of the guys STILL got away!! LOL! Well actually it isn't funny, it is sad! SHEEEZ, and they wonder why citizens are arming themselves.

  11. When a story is written about an organization doing something this stupid thier contact information should also be included in it. Maybe if they got a few hundred phone calls letting them know how down right stupid thier decision is they will think a little more clearly next time.

  12. That kid needs an apology and teacher needs a stay in Egypt or Syria or some place that does not allow free speech!