Don't Like Michael Bloomberg? You're an Anti-Semite

So, all of a sudden the left in America is concerned with anti-Semitism. That's a riot. Is this the same left that constantly sides with the Muslim Brotherhood and goes out of their way to support Islam? That left?

It just goes to show, when pundits on the left want to accomplish something — there is no end to the lengths they will go.

I'm speaking, in this case, of gun control and the fascist mayor Michael Bloomberg's one-man crusade for their confiscation. And don't think for a moment that it’s not his endgame. As with everything Bloomberg involves himself in, it seems he always knows better than we how we should live our lives, for we cannot be trusted. Sounds a lot like the great progressive Teddy Roosevelt.

And now those with no moral center have branded us pro-Second Amendment advocates “anti-Semites.”

For those who are unaware, Mayor Bloomberg, with his personal fortune, north of $22 billion, started an organization called "Mayors against Illegal Guns." What an apropos name. Who can be for illegal guns? Naturally no one, and that is why the word game. The left is great at innocuous names for things — abortion is reproductive freedom or women's health because who would oppose freedom and the health of women?

Anyway, Benito Bloomberg cobbled this organization together to "combat" the influence of the NRA, and he's announced a $12 million ad campaign to push for universal background checks, because we all know that this is how criminals acquire their guns. Criminals seek out legal sales and subject themselves to legal background checks. I'm sure that's how MS13 acquired their weapons.

You see, New York’s own Il Duce is Jewish. This past Monday on MSNBC, contributor Mike Barnicle said: "Let's get down to it, Mike Bloomberg, mayor of New York City; I mean, there's a level of anti-Semitism in this thing directed toward Bloomberg." Al Sharpton chimed in agreement: "There's no doubt about it."

Their proof comes from comments made on the website "Stormfront," your typical white supremacist site, calling out Bloomberg for being a "Jew" and various tweets claiming Bloomberg to be "King Heeb." Real middle-of-the-road stuff that clearly represents the conservative point of view, don't you think? MSNBC has finally outed us as the Jew haters we are. What a despicable bunch of hatemongers.

Yes, we are not lovers of liberty, but anti-semites. We don't dislike Bloomberg due to his version of American fascism. No, that can't be it. It's that he is Jewish. If he were Protestant or Catholic we would be fine with his no salt, no trans-fats, no big gulp and now, gun control decrees.

We would be okay with his governing philosophy of: "You have to have the space, if you will, to lead from the front to make decisions to then convince people why it's right, to do things," said Bloomberg. "And if it doesn't work perfectly, to fix it."

Not that he should convince the public to support an idea, but to just explain to his subjects that he is right and you must support it after he has made the decision for you. That would be grand, if he were not a "Jew."

As with anything the left attempts to foist on the American people, they know they can never win an honest debate. There must always be some devious angle to pull and tug at the hearts, but not the minds of the low information citizen.

If Bloomberg were honest about his real intent to confiscate our weapons, he would get nowhere, regardless of how much money he threw at his silly campaign, but he would still have the unwavering support of the idiots at MSNBC.



99 thoughts on “Don't Like Michael Bloomberg? You're an Anti-Semite

  1. Not true, I personally know many Jews who are normal humans, and I like them just fine. All I can figure is that the race card is wearing thin and they're moving on. It's all intended to stifle dissent.

    • The problem is not that they are nice to you, the problem is that they elect people like Bloomberg.

    • Did you miss the point Bob? It's not about Abraham and his decedents, it's about the Babylonian Talmud of which converted gentiles follow also. Not all Jews are really Jews nor adhere to the Talmud. Many Jews are Christians-- I suspect millions. I would like a DNA blood test as to who the real descendants of Jacob are. The promise [Jesus] is made through Jacob.The seed of Abraham who is Jesus. Gal 3: 29. Seed as one not many.

  2. Bloomberg, and his ilk, would have denied the brave men and women of the Warsaw Ghetto the "right" to bear arms, to possess arms if he was the Mayor there during WWII. Talk about anti-anti-Semitism! He embodies it.

  3. How often does Bloomberg put on his SS officer's uniform and practice the salute and dream of controlling the world?? Got to get those people's guns - no civilian should own guns or big soda. ( Thoughts of Bloomy)

  4. What's really needed is a long, long, long overdue - centuries overdue - conversation about Anti Gentilism, on the part of Jews.

  5. F--- Bloomberg !!

  6. People like Bloomberg and Feinstein act like the Nazi gun laws were not established to implement the extermination of the Jews. How ignorant is that?
    As for Al Sharpton, he clearly doesn't know his pack animal from the Grand Canyon.

    • Bob, you're turned around. Bloomberg and Feinstein are in charge, not Nazi. Who then are the gun laws for? Think real hard and you may figure it out.

      • CS, the gun laws are for the destruction of the Constitution.

        The Nazi plan included 3 simple steps. 1. Gun registration, 2. After they knew where the guns were, confiscation, & 3. With the population defenseless, EXTERMINATION.

        Of course the Nazi's were smart enough to not say anything about confiscation until they knew where all the guns were, whereas the democrats aren't that smart.

        The problem now is that we don't know what step #3 will be, but we can be sure it can't be anything good. After all, they have already "legalized" the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent, defenseless unborn children EVERY YEAR. This surely indicates that Satan has taken charge of the democratic party.

        There can be no doubt that Bloomberg, Feinstein, etc. are out to DESTROY the Constitution and the Christian, American way of life. Take a close look at the Second Amendment and notice that between the words "shall not be infringed" and the period at the end there is absolutely NO provision for any exceptions or restrictions. Then do an internet search on the Dick Act of 1902 and you will surely realize that most democrats are deserving of impeachment.

  7. Bloomberg's just a spoiled little rich kid that needs to get a job in the real world. He wouldn't last ten minutes in the real world!

  8. QuisPercusit says:

    Bloomberg is despised not because of his religion but because of his political philosophy and rabid hatered for the seconaamendment and who knows what other parts of the constitution he would do away with if allowed to have it his way. I have no sympathy for the New Yawkas that elect such despots to theirs government. none what so ever, Boycotting everything even remotely New Yawkish has already since 1 January saved me over $1,000.00 and at least another $4,000 boycotting stuff from California, Conecticutt, Illinois, Hawaii, New Jersey, Massachusettes, and Washington Dc.

  9. old_salty_dawg99 says:

    To hate Bloomberg is not being Anti-Semit but it is being Anti-IDIOT the same goes for not being Racist for hating or even disliking Obama.THose two are IDIOTS of the highest order and to hate or even dislike them is being a good American nothing more.Both of those men(term used very loosely)are nothing but wastes of everything.Their STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE is destroying Ameica and Americans and needs to be stopped.So anyone who hates those two are being GOOD AMERICANS and nothing more.

  10. “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer —
    so I wasn’t lying — and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very
    much alive.”

    -Harold Wallace Rosenthal, assistant to NY Senator Jacob Javits,
    in a 1976 interview conducted by Walter White, Jr.

  11. "The word anti-Semitism is another word which should be eliminated from
    the English language. 'Anti-Semitism' serves only one purpose today.
    It is used as a smear word. When so-called or self-styled Jews feel
    that anyone opposes any of their objectives they discredit their
    victims by applying the word anti-Semite or anti-Semitic through all
    the channels they have at their command and under their control. I
    can speak with great authority on that subject...When I disagreed
    with them publicly on the Zionist intentions in Palestine I became
    suddenly Anti-Semite No. 1."
    -Benjamin Freedman, a real Jew,
    in a letter to David Goldstein, October 1954

  12. Hay, if the left want to associate or label me with being Anti-Semitic and disliking Jewish people for his anti-gun Stance that is fine with me then I am Anti-Semite. Gee I hope they feel better now. As far as Michael Bloomberg's Anti-Gun policies go,

    I wonder how the survivors of Hitlers Jewish murder spree feel about Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun Policies if they all had guns during the time when the German Armies and the Infamous SS were killing Jews as fast as they could find them. Would they have defended themselves with Guns against the Germans or would they have freely given up their guns knowing full well that Hitler was going to kill every Jew he could find. I'll just bet today the Jewish population if they remembered back would prefer to keep their guns for future incidents like Germany's killing spree of the Jewish people.

    Today that reminder is called Michael Bloomberg's Anti-Gun stance, and remember Adolf Hitler was also a Jew who hated Jews. Sound familiar.

  13. I dont hate the MIDGET MEGALOMANIAC because hes a jew! I hate him because hes trying to destroy the greatest, most productive, most generous nation to ever inhabit Earth!

  14. Imagine my surprise to learn that I'm an anti-Semite when I truly didn't know (or care) that his Honor the Mayor is Jewish. I do have an admitted aversion (you might say prejudice) to liberals who want to regulate my every waking and breathing moment.

  15. Indiana Conservative says:

    He is still a rebellious stiffnecked jew anyway.And a pinko bleeding heart liberal to.God calls his people stiffnecked and rebellious which exactly what this tit turd is.I suppose opposing yizhak rabin made you anti whatever to

  16. Victor Magilke says:

    I'm definitely an anti-Semite because I abhor Bloomberg.