Federal Employees Being Paid Millions To Do Nothing

If I did nothing, I would lose my job. I’m sure the same goes for most people in the private sector. That’s the whole idea behind employment. Someone needs a job done, you do the job requested and you get compensated for your work. I suppose if I did find myself without a job, I could always find a position in the federal government. They don’t usually fire people for not working, as Senator Tom Coburn is finding out.

He’s been doing a lot of research recently into government waste, a phrase which I’m sure he’s finding to be more and more a redundancy. This kind of research is important in showing the blatant hypocrisy of the Obama administration in their quest to convince Americans that we need to tax the rich more in order to put those traffic control towers back in business. We need to allow the federal government to extract more wealth from people in order to afford to re-arrest those criminal illegal aliens they let go a few weeks ago. They’re trying to impress Americans with how “cash-strapped” they are by furloughing or eliminating key posts within the administration, but they’re letting the waste fester.

Headline after headline shows that this sequestration has been a farce. Despite the budget cut scare, millions are still being spent on studying duck genitalia and snail reproduction; new TSA uniforms; billions on contracts with ammo manufacturers; who knows how much on the Obamas’ vacations. And now as Senator Coburn is finding, millions are being spent on federal employees who do nothing.

The feds pay workers sometimes to be on “standby.” For example, a lot of the emergency management agencies are told to be on standby just in case they might be needed. Whether they’re needed or not, and whether they work or not, they get paid. In 2010 and 2011, nearly 2,000 federal employees were paid a total of $13.1 million in standby pay.

Another issue that Coburn found was the prevalence of AWOL federal employees. That is, those who are absent without official leave. It includes people who are late and those who just don’t show up for work, sometimes for days or even weeks. A 2008 report released by Coburn’s office showed that between 2001 and 2007, about 20 million AWOL hours were logged. And yet, instead of firing those employees, they keep them and furlough the Defense Department.

Then there are those who are being paid to do non-government-related work. The Washington Guardian pointed out that in 2011, 3.4 million hours was spent on federal employees doing union-related activities, the equivalent of about $155.6 million worth of working hours.

In addition, Coburn pointed out that government contractors are paid to stand idle, waiting for their security clearances. In his letter to the Office of Personnel Management, the Senator suggested making more common sense budget cut decisions:

 "As a starting point, agencies can avoid furloughing or laying off those performing the key functions of the agency by first eliminating to the greatest extent possible those who are not showing up for work, who are not performing official work, or are simply not working at all.”

 But then Americans may not be so afraid of the budget cuts after all, and that would defeat the whole purpose of the sequestration crisis.



52 thoughts on “Federal Employees Being Paid Millions To Do Nothing

  1. Of course Federal Employees get paid millions for doing nothing, they are a tight family of opportunists who make the laws/schemes to funnel money into their wallets at the expense of the poor. They get richer and the poor poorer. I believe it is called GREED!! You have heard it before, Opportunity makes a thief. We the People really need to clean house in Washington DC or it will continue to deteriorate.

  2. I know a person who went to work at a Navy ammo depot 3 years ago and has done nothing yet. In fact still after 3 years has not found out what his job is. So he just goes to work and does nothing. Also there are others who are just like him and many been there for years and they are doing nothing. Just think about it, there are tens of thousands people being paid to do nothing all over the USA. Is this bad management?

  3. The largest majority of federal workers have been doing this for decades. Senator Coburn is just now discovering what many Americans have known for years.

  4. Lets be fair , doing nothing , think about it , the Obamas do take about 20 to 30 vacations and congress does sit in a dry nice building and go to lunch a lot ...

  5. Air Marshals. EACH overseas flight usually has 2 Air Marshals onboard, and yes, they are gun-toting. They usually ride 1st class. When they get to their destination, they are individually put up in hotels for around $500 per night. They stay one day and do a turn-around trip, staying in US hotels on the flip side. They are paid an exorbitant salary, something like $70K, eat 1st class food, travel extensively and live like kings. Can you imagine the cost to the US taxpayers for just ONE flight overseas? How 'bout multiplying that by the thousands of flights weekly, monthly, yearly. We're talking ONE flight costing the US citizens @$5000! Er, Uuuhh, wonder how I could get me a job like that?

  6. Go get a drivers lic. and you'll wait a couple of hours while those who are suppose to be working are on one big break.

  7. We need a new budgeting system. Call in the head of every agency and tell them their new budget is $0.00. They have 60 days to justify any increase. If they fail, their last duty is informing their subordinates that the agency has been eliminated.

  8. Jack Parker says:

    This has been going on for well over 5 decades. Half of all federal employees could be fired immediately with absolutely NO decrease in productivity. In fact, it would improve the U.S, economy. I know, I worked for the feds for over 30 years.

  9. This is what happens when you are on obonzo's payroll, hold out for more or tell them you are going to tell what you know and this jerk will give you the moon.

  10. I have worked in the Navy and now at the Postal Service and let me say, we have nothing to WASTE in the postal service. Every day is much work. We don't go in to a break room or have coffee. Straight to work and we are timed as carriers for every step we make. I work harder one day at the post office more than the WHOLE 15 years in the Navy and trust me, I was not stationed in palaces.

  11. Whatever happened to Obama going through each agency line by line and getting rid of duplication, waste, etc.?