Home Intruder Fears Owner Has Gun -- Calls 9-1-1

I wish every would-be criminal had the same fear that 25 year old Timothy Chapek had.

He broke into a home in Portland, Oregon.  When the female home owner arrived home, she discovered someone was in her bathroom taking a shower.  She called through the door for the person to identify themselves and the intruder told her is name was Timothy Chapek.

Before the homeowner could call 9-1-1, Chapek called and told the dispatcher that he had broken into a home and now feared that the home owner might have a gun.  The home owner told him that she was going to call police and Chapek told her he already had and that he was still talking to them at the moment.

Listen to the 9-1-1 calls and what happened and tell me if you could keep a straight face.  I couldn’t help but bust out laughing.

Yes, it seems that Chapek has some mental issues, but then again, I believe that everyone who chooses to commit crimes against others have mental and spiritual issues.  I pray that Chapek gets the proper mental help he needs and that the homeowner gets herself a gun in case the next home intruder isn’t as fearful or mentally disturbed as Chapek was.

The only other thing I can say about Timothey Chapek is that he isn’t a dirty crook, after being caught taking a shower.



56 thoughts on “Home Intruder Fears Owner Has Gun -- Calls 9-1-1

  1. Why would she so stupid as to call through the door?????she should have called 911 and then left, since she did not have a gun.

    • Allen Morgan says:

      Absolutely. This is not a bright woman. Thank God she was light years ahead of the dumb criminal in her shower.

  2. Sad to say jsalazar202 in probably right but, then they would have clean the blood from the shower if it was my place, was he getting clean to rape? Never ask, not suppose to be there, you pay with your life, dead men can't be a witness against you, shoot first, ask questions later. Rather be judged by one then carried by six, so if you have evil intent, you pay that price.

  3. Countrygirl1411 says:

    Only charged with trespass. He admitted he broke into the house. What happened to the breaking and entering charge? Slack on the part of the police.

  4. Allen Morgan says:

    The stupid Democrats and wimpy Republicans who spend time and money trying to diminish and violate Second Amendment rights for all law abiding U.S. citizens need to take those funds that would be required to enforce their blatant illegal laws and use them to expand mental health care. That would be a direct and appropriate response to New Town, Colorado, and most incidents, including this one, not penalizing law abiding citizens.

    I hear Mayor Giuliani make the most stupid statement I think he has ever made. Besides being an adulterer and not keeping his marriage vows and covenant, he is not even keeping a sound mind. He compared gun ownership to ownership of an automobile. He said since you needed to have to pass a written test and a physical test, as well as have registration and insurance on automobile, then it was fair and appropriate to need those things to own a gun.

    Idiot Giuliani, gun ownership is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Auto ownership and driving a car is not. A direct comparison would be with the First Amendment. If you need to take a written test and a physical test to have freedom of speech, if you need to register to have freedom of speech, if you need to take insurance if you wanted to use the freedom of speech, then you should have the same for the Second Amendment.

    We have too many wimps and idiots in and out of government. A reminder to everyone, do not elect that man to be a trash collector.

  5. Tyler Barney says:

    Only in America can someone break into your house and then call the police, expressing fear that you might shoot him for his crimes, and hoping for the police to come over and arrest you so the burglar can be free to pilfer through your things.

  6. RedMeatState says:

    Portland has an overflow of deranged lunatics. Anyone visiting Portland should make sure to go by Pioneer Park, downtown, and check out the incredible freak show.
    Also, the liberalism that has permeated Portland culture has legitimized homelessness, vagrancy, and crime for decades. it is a bizarre thing to witness.

  7. lol... I cannot believe how calm the woman was!

  8. If the B&E bore no armament between burglary tools, he should get minimal sentencing and rehab as a nonviolent burglar. The woman should get a piece and learn to shoot both riot and lead rounds at the range with it. Also, the laws should be fixed so a victim shooting or detaining a perpetrator gets a reward! BAN GUN CONTROL!

  9. If she had a shotgun, she could take Biden's advice. (1) Rush outside and shoot in the air. In which case, she would probably be arrested. or (2) Shoot through the bathroom door. I would recommend shooting through the door until there is no noise coming from the bathroom. In this case, she might hit the intruder and kill him, thus increasing the average IQ of Seattle.

  10. The Brigadier says:

    Sometimes you just gotta get clean. At least he won't have to be hosed down in jail.

  11. The ONLY reason I traded five irreplaceable minutes of my life to listen to this is because of the bait-like headline. And yet, the audio failed to mention a gun at all! What is up with that?

    • I think the jest of the story is that the guy 'feared' she had a gun. Fear makes people do all sorts of stupid things. Just take the way our Government uses the 'fear of terrorism' to maintain troops around the world. The concept evidently works. Had the intruder not feared the homeowner had a gun, perhaps he'd have streaked past her, and left without incidence, still providing a humorous story for the rest of us to comment on. Had the homeowner had a gun, for real, it may have been a sad (and justified) ending for Mr. Chapek. I guess all is well that ends well. Maybe Mr. Chapek will get the help he needs, and the homeowner will buy herself a weapon, so the next time, she has a way to defend herself, should the need arise.

      • Sophistry. There is no doubt that the intruder's confused mind "feared" the home owner. However, there is no evidence offered in the article or the video that he specifically feared an ARMED homeowner. And yet, knowing that, the article poster made a conscious choice to leverage the current anti-gun hysteria for increased readers, by using a headline that claims otherwise. Ethical discrepancies aside, at the very least, this tactic is shamefully similar to tactics used by the anti-gun gun gang to promote their own version of insanity. Such behavior can only help THEIR cause because it implies that the pro-gun-rights crowd is contaminated with perfidy.

  12. This guy should of been washing off his blood and internal organs , and in my home he would .

  13. Well, no problem getting him to 'come clean' on this one.

  14. Nothing like breakin in and making yourself feel right at home! What a world

  15. Many criminals are actually that stupid. The penetentiary is full of them. Low I.Q. is a common theme amongst prisoners. It is a sad commentary.

  16. He may be harmless no one knows but he should be helped because he has mental issues , no one in their right mind breaks into a home and takes a shower . committed would be a start