One Of Bloomberg’s Own Arrested On Gun Charges

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the most anti-gun person I have ever heard of.  It seems the very mention of a private citizen owning a gun sends him into fits of rage and verbal attacks that remind one of Adolf Hitler.  In fact, some of Bloomberg’s policies and actions also remind me of Hitler.

In his crusade against guns, Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino launched a campaign in 2006 called Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  The organization of city mayors supports most gun control measures that anyone puts forth.  They started out with 15 mayors.  Today they have nearly 800 mayors that have signed up with the campaign.

Bloomberg has also been spending millions of his own dollars to campaign for control measures in other states such as Colorado.  He has also been spending millions to fight against the campaigns of candidates in other states who support the Second Amendment, like what recently happened in an Illinois special election to replace former Rep Jesse Jackson Jr.

Now it seems that one of Bloomberg’s fellow mayors has been charged with a number of crimes including reckless endangerment which involved a GUN!  Oh my, what will the anti-gun Fuhrer Bloomberg say about this?

The small borough of Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania lies along the Delaware River near the Pennsylvania and Delaware border.  The mayor of the community of 2,400 people is 38 year old James Schiliro.  Schiliro is a signed member of Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, although Bloomberg probably wishes he wasn’t.

According to the Delaware County District Attorney’s office, Schiliro had a local police officer pick a up 20 year old man and deliver him to the mayor’s house.  The mayor then tried to get the underaged man drunk (you have to be 21 to drink in Pennsylvania.  Once the young man was sufficiently intoxicated, Schiliro kept trying to force him to commit a variety of sexual acts with him, but the young man kept refusing.

Schiliro then retrieved a handgun from upstairs and used it to threaten and coerce the young man into having gay sex with him.  The young man continued to fight off the advances, so Schiliro ended up retrieving 2 more handguns, which he threatened the young man with.  At one point, Schiliro fired a shot inside the house to scare the young man into cooperating.

Schiliro has now been arrested and charged with official oppression, reckless endangerment, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, and furnishing a minor with alcohol.  He was later released on $50,000 bail and ordered to turn over all of his guns and to have no contact with the 20 year old victim.

According to one report, Schiliro isn’t the only mayor in Bloomberg’s group to face legal issues.  Other mayors have been charged with DUI, corruption, assaulting a police officer and child sex crimes.  Gainesville, Florida Mayor Craig Lowe who appeared in an anti-gun ad with Bloomberg was caught in a drunken sleep behind the wheel of his wrecked car and was charged with DUI.  Now one of Bloomberg’s anti-gun mayors is facing criminal charges involving a gun.

Remember the anti-gun ad that Bloomberg made using a bunch of Hollywood stars?  And do you recall that many of those same stars made their living in violent movies involving guns?  I sure hope the NRA and other Second Amendment groups pick up the story of Schiliro and use it along with the hypocritical Hollywood commercial and parade them all over the news and internet to undermine Bloomberg’s message and influence.



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  • Bill Tyner

    The Socialists/Dems/Progs have lured so many unfortunate people into their selfish evil agenda. The sad part of this is that the followers (like compliant sheep) don’t have a clue that their masters are taking their money, feeding them propaganda and going off to play golf with Tiger Woods.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Two Hitlers in our once great nation, the thug Bloomberg and his boss obozo-in-chief, both need to go or we will be a nation no more.

  • colleenf

    How disgusting is this mayor? And how desperate is he for homosexual sex?
    I hope the people of this community impeach his arse.

    • 7papa7

      Before or after he gets out of jail? He needs to rot in prison.

  • Robert Seddon

    Why has NO ONE heard of this little event? Because Mr BLOOMBERG’S MILLIONS ARE NOT PAYING FOR IT. Talk about Media Control ..

  • Robert Seddon

    We ALL know what Bloomberg is up to, and we know HOW he does it. We should ALL IGNORE HIM.. everything he supports and everything he give his millions to. We shopuld also IGNORE MSNBC, with all of their biased reporting and Bloomberg Supporting. Soros should be ignored as well .. no people watching means no one paying for advertising , and media outlets will crumble. Then Soros and Bloomberg will have to start paying us DIRECTLY for our votes and channed watching, and all will crumble as it should.

  • Cairan

    STOP invoking Hitler. Bloomberg and his deviates are EXACTLY what Hitler warned against and fought against. Still think England and America “won’ WWII? Patton didn’t. That’s why he was murdered. Patton was planning to return to the USA and inform Americans that we fought on the wrong side.

  • W_R_Monger

    Here’s the deal with bloomturd, he’s owned by the saudis & pretty much does there bidding. He is a islamic sympathizer & the entire world knows that for America to fall we must all be disarmed, defenseless. That is the end goal, whether you call it NWO or islam, they require all Americans to be soft targets. That is also why all of these assinine laws DO NOT apply to them, the ruling elite. They believe themselves safe but are in fact useful idiots, they’re just too dumbed down to see it.

  • DocJimmy

    Bloomberg is a Blooming idiot, as well as most, if not all, of the Mayors who signed on with him. I wonder how he will try to smooth this one over, if at all..Simple – he can’t!… Bear in mind, these are the type of people (elected officials) who want to overthrow/nullify the 2nd. Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Now, for those of you Liberals out there who think it’s trendy to follow this Administration’s quest for Gun Control, it’s time to get your head out of your butt and start using your brains for something other than supporting hair growth. For those Liberals who may be losing their hair or who are already bald – sorry; it’s too late… :>(

  • becky

    Ah yes, the hypocrisy of the libs/progressives/communists. Just who would have thought such a huge amount of crony-ism and criminality would be possible from our politicians. Not I …..

  • Adrian Vance

    Bloomberg’s fixation on guns makes me think he has a tiny penis.

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Anthony A

    gays guns & the democrap party…lol! they r a sham….

  • Anthony A

    the dems believe in perverts they push the gay rights BS, don’t have a problem with crime, low life’s, aborting/ killing babies, legalizing drugs, & supporting America’s enemines…we true Americans with legal guns should take them out!

  • WASP

    What’s the chances this pervert is a democrap? 100%. What’s the chances this democrap is a pervert? 100% What’s the chances he’ll survive Civil War II? Need I say?

  • RsGoat

    Mayor Blumberg will be proud that his friend took one for the home team to show how unsafe it is to permit fellow politicians of his standing to possess alcohol and handguns. Did they search the house for any 64 oz beverages laced with sugar? This will defiantly support the idea that more aggressive back ground checks and invasions of privacy will stop crimes. Mayor Blumberg may grow up and admit that bad things happen in life like our moms and dads taught us. We need to be grown ups and face these sad facts ourselves instead of allowing the media to lead us by our noses to their political points of view. Mayor Schiliro will soon learn in court about being a grown up, apparently something he missed at home or during his college education, do the crime face the time?
    The 2nd amendment bullies are about fear, they want to be victims, I don’t recall that being part of being an American no matter where your from, we’ve either helped to protect or protected nearly every countries on this planet at one time or another including China and both parts of Korea. Victim is not a word that suite our country.
    The 2nd amendment bullies are about fear, they want to be victims, I don’t recall that being part of being an American no matter where your from, we’ve either helped to protect or protected nearly every countries on this planet at one time or another including China and both parts of Korea. Victim is not a word that suite our country.

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