BOMBSHELL: Mayor Sarah Palin Denied Police Protection To Family, Resulting In Their Murder

[NOTE: make sure you read the full post to the bottom]

If Sarah Palin had any 2016 presidential aspirations, this story might deal a significant deathblow to them.

It begins in Wasilla, Alaska, in late 1998, when a family of four–a single mother and her three daughters–began, according to police reports, receiving untraceable, sexually perverse telephone calls from an unknown man.

Over a period of six weeks, the calls became more frequent, and so the mother requested and received from the telephone company a change of number. The calls stopped for a while, and the family was now able to live in peace.

Until two months later.

That’s when the same man, having finally, somehow, discovered the new phone number, began his phone calls again. But now he dropped from his calls the sexuality and replaced it with threats of violence against the woman and her three children.

This is when Sarah Palin entered the picture.

The mother allegedly (there is no proof) went to Palin’s office to put in a formal request for 24-hour police monitoring of her house.

The request was allegedly denied for some yet unknown reason.

The next month, the family’s home was broken into and all four of them were murdered.

Naturally, this caused heavy unease in Wasilla, and the citizens wanted to hear from Mayor Palin on the matter.

Palin, busy with her re-election campaign, directed all questions to her spokesman, who continually told local reporters that the murder had nothing to do with the harassing phone calls of previous months. “It was just a spontaneous burglary,” said the spokesman, “that culminated, unfortunately, with a murder.”

Murder is a federal issue, of course, so, several months later, Sarah Palin herself was questioned before Congress on what exactly transpired with regard to the stalker, the family of four, and their murder. (If you were up until this point unaware of these congressional hearings, that can be attributed to Palin’s not being a major figure in politics at that time.)

Under oath, Palin claimed that no security of any kind was ever requested. At one point, the strain of being questioned having evidently taken its toll on her, she attempted to deflect the questioning and suggested it doesn’t matter who is to blame. “What difference, at this point, does it make?” she erupted indignantly.

The questions ultimately ceased, both by Congress and by the news media, who were content with not knowing the answers.

But now a white paper of the mother’s formal request of that 24-hour police monitoring has been released, along with the formal denial of that request. The damning revelation: Sarah Palin’s signature is on that denial.

This is proof–not evidence, but proof–that Sarah Palin, Mayor of Wasilla, was requested security; that Sarah Palin, Mayor of Wasilla, did deny that security, which resulted in the deaths of four women and children; that Sarah Palin, Mayor of Wasilla, committed the crime of perjury before Congress; and that Sarah Palin, private citizen and potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate, can kiss any political future goodbye and start preparing to live the rest of her days in an 8-by-10 prison cell.

That is, if the media cares enough to report on this atrocity.

I assume you have now figured out what this post is really about. For the record, all the claims made about Sarah Palin in this post are fictional and written for satirical purposes. The post is really about Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi scandal. If Sarah Palin or any Conservative had done anything remotely similar to this they would have been crucified by the media.



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  • Richard Prokopchuk

    You gotta quit stuff like this. There are people that either won’t see the “fictitious” comment at the bottom, or will ignore and pass it on verbally. more thing. If the victim is a federal official, an ambassador, consul
    or other foreign official under the protection of the United States, or
    if the crime took place on federal property or involved crossing state
    lines, or in a manner that substantially affects interstate commerce or national security, then the federal government also has jurisdiction.Otherwise, murder is NOT a Federal crime. I appreciate you wanting to create some feeling about the Beghazi massacre, but please do not resort to the tactics of liberals to do so.

  • docd777

    Brilliant Satire! Not only should Hillary`s Political future be Kaput, but she should be indicted on charges of dereliction of duty for her incompetence in handling the entire State Dept. from 2009-2012

  • Betty Roberts


  • leannimal88

    Kathleen=product of liberal education. You missed the point entirely. There IS a white paper with Hillary’s signature. Go back and READ the piece again, don’t just skim it.

  • parthenon1

    Since when is police enforcement a direct personal responsibility of a mayor? Sounds fishy like this report was prepared by a far left organization.

  • Mme Scherzo

    This story wouldn’t ring true for the following reason. The family was unarmed. In Alaska. They wouldn’t have asked the mayor for help, or even the police. The mother would have been a grizzly and done her own security.
    Which is the biggest difference between them and us.
    Try a better allegory.

  • David Taylor

    Hillary was guilty of many things before she and Bill got elected. There is a long, long list of people who have died because they were associated with the Clintons. Hillary hit it big on the stock market one time but there is still doubt about that story as well as the Rose law firm and many other things. Hillary said that she had landed under sniper fire that time but the sniper fire was a young girl reading her a poem etc. When questioned about that Bill told them that she was over 50 and you tend to forget things when you get older. She had never landed under sniper fire but she somehow came up with the story that she had. She was running at that time for the nomination of the democrats for president of the United States. You know the phone call at 2:00 am and who could you count on to answer it. She and the secret service couldn’t catch that woman that continuously sneaked into the white house at night and she was carrying a pizza al least some of the time.


    Your point is well-taken and well-made, but you may regret doing it. Editing it is no problem, and some swine may take it, leave out the caveat at the end, and next thing you know, have a multitude of gullible people believing it is true.

  • 1Clara2

    Can you believe it? The BHO minions are at it again. I remember when they used this story to throw mud on Sarah the first time around. Looks to me like the Left is truly terrified of her because they think by unearthing this stinking story they can once again hoodwink all of us. Anyone who falls for this a second time is dumber than I ever thought possible. Oh, excuse me…these are the same people who put BHO in office a second time…”-(

  • Matthew Jacobs

    Two points;

    First the report said Mrs Palin was involved with her bid to be VP, which in my mind means she was out of the State.

    Second: the report is the poor women went to the office of Mrs Palin seeking 24/7 on site police protection. I don’t know of any police dept. that could honor or afford such an open ended assignment.

  • whodLuum

    And we are going to do WHAT about this? Just sit and watch as questions go unanswered and everyone twiddles their thumbs… Many many years ago a president was taken down for less than this – without the charades of endless inquiries.

  • llellc

    Well, I would think she would be a hero to Chris Graham who wrote this article. As some good people noted below, was this (if true) anywhere near the Benghazi debacle? Wow, if it’s true, then Chris and other dems would want her on their side!! “Hey, girl, come on over here, we never have enough devious women on our side.”

    Yeah, actually Hillary Clinton, Victoria Neuland, Lois Lerner, Mr.(?) Napolitano, and what’s-her-name Rice, etc. are the measurement by which the left attaches value to the White House? Good luck with that, Mr. Obama – more sleaze. These women couldn’t even carry Sarah’s shoes!

  • dmttbt

    The trouble is most people will not read to the end of this story. The fact that Hillary has done something wrong seems not to bother anyone. A woman once told me that she was voting for Hillary because at least she is honest. I said yes I could tell Hillary is honest hen she told about landing under sniper fire. When she never ever landed under sniper fire. She can be counted on to answer the red phone at 2am in the white house. She can’t detect a woman constantly sneaking into the white house and sometimes carrying a pizza. The secret service that guard the white house needed Hillary to re-train them. Honest? have they changed that words meaning and didn’t notify the rest of the world?

  • LetzBReal

    You’ve done a great disservice to Sarah Palin.


    All that needs be said has been, those who can’t read what’s in front of them are not worth a bladder of good urine to put out the fire!.
    nuff said qapla’

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