Is Government Regulation of Gardens Next?

How many of you have flower or vegetable gardens at your home?  I know many people are growing their own herbs to use for cooking as well as indoor and outdoor vegetable gardens.  Others have flowers in pots, window boxes, hanging baskets, in flower beds and outdoor gardens.

My wife and I have a number of vegetables and fruit growing outside which include apples (2 varieties), beans (purple and wax), broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupes, carrots, cherries, cucumbers (bush), grapes (5 varieties), onions (red), peas (green and snap), potatoes (3 varieties), sage, radishes, tomatoes (6 varieties), and watermelons (3 varieties).  We also have about 70 different daylilies, along with some crocuses, tulips, marigolds and zinnias.  If you can’t tell, my wife and I love to garden.

If America follows the ways of the Great Britain and the European Commission, my wife and I could be guilty of producing and cultivating illegal seeds.

I’ve learned over the years to watch what is happening in Great Britain and the European Commission because the US tends to follow them by 5-20 years depending.  A couple of decades ago, I saw hundreds of churches in Great Britain close their doors because attendance had dropped off so much.  The number of British identifying themselves as Christians also dropped significantly.

Look at America today.  Church after church is closing their doors because of dwindling numbers.  Church buildings are being sold and turned into bars, restaurants, apartments, homes and even mosques.  The number of Americans identifying themselves as Christians is dropping and they have lost control of the nation.

Following this trend, I saw where a new law is being proposed by the European Union to register and regulate all plant seeds and vegetables used by anyone from farmers to a single flower pot.  The Plant Reproductive Material Law will require all seeds to be tested, approved and accepted by the newly formed EU Plant Variety Agency.  You can read the current copy of the proposed bill here.

Anyone who grows plants from non-regulated seeds would be guilty of committing a criminal act.  I’ve collected seeds from the vegetables and flowers I’ve grown and have cultivated them.  Under the proposed EU bill, I would be guilty of a crime for doing so, if it were to eventually come here to the States.  I also know a family who has a business of raising and selling different varieties of daylilies.  They work to cross pollinate different ones to produce new varieties and colors of these beautiful flowers.  That too would be a crime unless they had a government inspector come in and test their new seeds and plants and then register them.

If you thought the idea of registering guns was absurd, can you image a government that wants to register and regulate all plants and seeds?  If you think it would never happen here, let me remind you that Obama has taken control of healthcare, student loans, and is trying to control firearms, education, banking, religion and even our speech.  Michelle Obama and Michael Bloomberg have been trying to regulate our diets and eating habits.  Doesn’t it make sense that plant and seed control is next?  We’re losing so many of our freedoms, that it wouldn’t surprise me to see us lose the freedom to plant a garden next.  Remember, what happens across the Big Pond, generally makes its way here eventually!



40 thoughts on “Is Government Regulation of Gardens Next?

  1. Note from Communist history re: garden plots and government.
    When Lenin took power in 1917 he instituted collective farms in which farmers produced food for the State, which then distributed it "as needed." The result? Mass starvation in two years. Why? Farmers did not like having all their food taken away only to be given too little to eat. (Sounds like Obama's tax policy). So they quit working so hard -- why work when your produce is stolen by the State? (Same response to Obama's increasing tax burden -- businesses are asking "Why hire?" when we are required to pay so much more in mandated costs.)

    Lenin's solution to the starvation was to allow "private garden plots" of a given size. Families could raise whatever they wanted on these plots for themselves. Any food that was left over (excess) could be sold. These private plots were so successful that they fed the Soviet Union for the next few years. When Lenin died, Stalin took charge and made private gardens a "crime against the State." All food production was mandated for collective farms. Within a year, starvation was the norm, and continued for several years. Stalin took so much food from Ukraine to feed Russians in the 1930s that *a third of the population* of the country died of starvation and disease. (Parents sold their dead children for meat).

    Why government thinks it is smarter than individuals and families is beyond me, but I see that very idea growing right here in America. Hillary's "It takes a village" has dangerous precedents.

  2. This is what comes from voting in warlocks (Biden, Boehner), witches (Hillary, Pelosi) and homo’s (obastard) to high places in government. ATTN: Government – you will not regulate my garden; that is a RED LINE you will not cross, YOU or your UN minions! Got it?

  3. organicroseski2 says:

    Europe will also have to outlaw compost heaps. What do they plan about wild strawberries, herbs, etc. Those Europeans have to start waking up and become more like their great grandmas and grandpas.

  4. Michaellaborde says:

    So the enslavement continues along with redistribution. The death bell continues to ring.

  5. You bet. EPA tried to do this in a couple of isolated cases years ago. But with our environmental cheerleader president now, you bet the orders have been given to start shutting the gardens down, and, soon, we can all be eating the wonderful crap that all poor third world countries enjoy; thanks to governments (dictatorships and so on) that siphon money away from good and productive food in the name of protecting us from gardening and farming pollutants that enter our soil and streams. And, it is to be replaced with tainted meat with no inspection and from where no one knows to biological altered foods, with again our tax dollars to better farming (sort of like our current energy program for a reference). But the governments keep eating the good stuff in private so they can keep governing us.

  6. This has been tried by Lamar Alexander. He sponsored a bill with Monsanto S-510 that would make home gardens and saving heirloom seeds illegal. Monsanto has such a worldwide stranglehold on seeds etc it's stupid. Always buy heirloom, get a neighborhood swap going and save your seeds for the following season.

    We have to all work to get RINOs like Alexander OUT of office before they completely destroy our country. Over one third of the senate is up for reelection, most of them are democrats and RINOs. We also need to elect state, county and city officials that know the law and aren't going to cave to the feds. We are definitely living in interesting times.

  7. They already are, just waiting for the day to actually enforce it. Check out SB510, food safety act 2010 or something like that. Its already against the law to grow and eat, andor sharesell your gardens harvest. Farmers can't save their own seed even. Monsanto will control the worlds food supply with their GMO seeds. The control of who eats and survives vs. who starves and dies doesn't belong in the hands of an international corporation. All in the name of profit. God wouldn't have it that way!!

  8. Get rid of the government. Our constitution gives us that right.