New York Sheriffs Join Federal Lawsuit Against SAFE Act

New York State’s Rifle and Pistol Association is an affiliate of the National Rifle Association. They’ve filed a federal lawsuit against New York for their overreaching gun-grabbing bill that expands the definition of assault weapon and puts an arbitrary cap on the number of rounds that are allowed to be inside a gun magazine. In fact, one New York man was recently arrested for having 9 rounds in his properly registered firearm instead of 7.

The New York State Sheriffs’ Association as well as 5 individual sheriffs have now joined the NRA affiliate’s lawsuit. They made a statement regarding the SAFE Act:

“The Supreme Court has confirmed that the Second Amendment protects arms typically possessed by law-abiding citizens, and identified that the right of self-defense is 'core' protected conduct that is at its zenith in the home. At a minimum, laws that criminalize the most common rifle in America today - a rifle that is often selected precisely for its self-defense capabilities - impinge upon that core right. The same is true of laws banning standard-capacity magazines."

 Earlier this month, the Sheriffs’ Association met with Governor Andrew Cuomo to go over the gun control bill that Cuomo had signed into law in January. Sheriffs from around the state thought they were meeting to go over possible changes to the bill. Instead, Governor Cuomo used it as a venue to tell sheriffs to keep quiet about their critical opinions of the bill:

 “Cuomo pushed the sheriffs to stop publicly speaking out against the act, [Chemung County Sheriff] Moss said. ‘The governor was of the opinion that the sheriffs around the state should not be interjecting their personal opinions in reference to the law,’ Moss said, adding that Cuomo said sheriffs can't do that and enforce the law. One person briefed on the meeting said Cuomo threatened to remove sheriffs from office, a little-used power afforded the state's chief executive under the state constitution.”

 Colorado also made headlines last week when 54 of their sheriffs joined together in a lawsuit against Colorado’s newly enacted gun control laws. Hopefully, judges will rule against the respective states’ laws and give citizens back their natural duties and responsibilities to defend themselves and their families.



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80 thoughts on “New York Sheriffs Join Federal Lawsuit Against SAFE Act

  1. Michael Marrero says:

    cuomo needs to be replaced knew his crooked dad the apple does"nt fall far from the tree

  2. Yeah, you naughty sheriffs better siddown and shaddup if you know what's good for your political careers. The supreme bunghole of NY state has decreed it so, so you won't get away with standing up for the Constitutional rights of the NY state citizens.

  3. You Andy need to be removed. Not the sheriffs

  4. I truly applaud you all and wish you all the luck in the world. At the risk of sounding trite..."stick to your guns".

  5. Sheriffs can not obey their oaths and uphold the law and the Constitution and pay dues to the likes of leftist politicos at the same time . Their duty is to their electorate and the Constitution. Where are the rest of the sheriffs? Cowards? If they had any loyalty and any honesty and integrity, any balls, they would all have signed on to the law suit!

  6. What the heck I would not put too much faith in New York people they will be voting for Weiner's Weiner yah know !!!!

  7. Thank you Sheriff for your Honoring the Oath of your Office and Military! It will be you guys that have taken the job of protecting Americans from street thugs, that must also defend your Oath in Protecting the Constitution of the United States....that can't be re-written but enhanced by Congress to achieve its intent...Freedom, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness as Americans! Congress should not be allowed to consider this Document out dated or a living document that can be changed if and when they want!! If this would be the case...then we have lost our nation without doubt!

    Our Constitution is like the foundation of your alter every thing but the Foundation! You can add to the foundation if it will improve the structure...but you wouldn't remove it and expect your home to remain sound!

    If you allow people like Obama who we know nothing about (other than he had been given more money to advertise for his Elections than others running), to completely re-write our Foundation of America's Documents....then what is America?

  8. Message to the Gun Grabbing Communists:

  9. We need those guys in California where they are making law after law against guns and gun owners. The revolution will begin here.

    Come see The Two Minute Conservative via Google or at and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  10. Without Guns Tyranny will rule!!!

  11. outofsteam says:

    As I am from NYS, I too applaud these sheriffs. Cuomo really came out against them and told them it was their job to obey the law. They've taken a lot of heat from him. He's so pissed off at them.

  12. Kudos to the NYS Sheriffs!

  13. The tables could be turned on the legislaters and the governor. The sheriff's should arrest them for violating the constitution by their unconstitutional bill and the governor for signing it. They have violated their oath of office and should be prosecuted. I don't know if is possible but I assume that it is.

  14. Mr. Schumer- it's like this:
    The County Sheriff is THE ULTIMATE LAW ENFORCER in the land. Period. This is not arbitrary, nut rather, fact -specifically outlined in the documents written by our Founding Fathers. Look it up.
    The only way an elected Sheriff 's authority can be usurped is if he relinquishes it ar acquiesces to another- at which point the local citizens should immediately replace him with another man of more "Constitutional backbone".
    This is the simple reason that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is still in office despite the many attacks upon his character and position as the Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. The Leftists whine, stomp their feet, hurl insults, make ridiculous false claims against him, and file various lawsuits and charges of impropriety in the Courts, all of which fail because they have no basis in fact or the Law. The local residents love him and support him because they know he does what's right and good.

    We all need to get to know our local Sheriff, and stand behind the good ones. They are far more valuable to our Freedom and the rule of law than most people realize. And if you learn that your Sheriff isn't doing right, replace them in the next election with someone who will do right.