Should Non-Citizens Be Allowed To Sit On Juries?

Since the formation of our country there have been certain rights and privileges that have been reserved for citizens.  Among those are the right to vote and the privilege to sit on a jury and judge your peers.

Up until the 2008 presidential election, the issue of non-citizens voting was rarely mentioned.  With the advent of Obama, it seems that suddenly there were thousands, perhaps millions of non-citizens voting.  The Obama administration did little if anything to stop the illegal practice.  In 2012, Florida made an effort to clean up their voter rolls by removing dead people and non-citizens.  Eric Holder and Justice Department blocked those efforts to purge the rolls of illegal voters.  Fortunately, a judge allowed the cleanup to continue.

In an effort to win 11 million votes, Obama then made an illegal executive order and bypassed Congress to allow illegals to remain in the country and to give them certain rights and privileges. Many states are allowing these illegals to obtain driver’s licenses, which in many states is the only requirement to register to vote.

Now an effort is underway in California to allow non-citizens to sit on juries.  To no surprise, a Democrat – Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski – sponsored the bill.  He claims that it would help broaden the pool of potential jurors in the state and that allowing them to serve jury duty would also help them to integrate into society.  Federal law dictates that only citizens can sit on a federal jury, but the California bill deals with state and local cases.

Of course liberals and immigration advocates hail the measure as another step towards citizenship, but opponents don’t buy it.  Dan Stein, President of the Federation for American Immigration Reform comments on the bill saying:

“The California Democrats should focus their attention on encouraging qualified aliens to become U.S. citizens.  In our democracy, a citizen is an office holder binding the community; a citizen helps in governing the community as a republic. Citizens have sacred duties that define this office, including voting, jury service and loyalty to the state, often in preparation for handling elected office.”

Since Democrats control the California Assembly (House of Representatives), the bill easily passed with a 45-25 vote.  It now moves on to the State Senate which is also controlled by the Democrats, I expect the bill to easily pass there also and then move on to the desk of the Democratic Governor Jerry Brown who will surely sign it.

I suspect the move is part of the Democrats’ agenda to legitimize the large immigrant population.  Some figures indicate that by this August, Hispanics will be the majority ethnic group in the state.  California also has a large number of Chinese, Philippines and people from India.  The bottom line is that this will help secure more votes for the Democratic Party.



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  • conservative


  • Ron

    It is none of their damned business—period=—go home and try to vote,see what that will get you

  • kbcab


  • stonemike

    The sole purpose of bestowing sacred rights upon non American citizens is to completely destroy the United States! Unfortunately, destruction of the Constitutional Republic is now a priority for many people in America and world wide! The most outrageous part of this attack is that it could not harm our nation like it has without the full collusion and participation of the “commie” news media, who would have us believe their assault against a “FREE SOCIETY” is backed by a huge majority of Americans, actually nothing could be more wrong! Sooner or later, we will see the real feelings of the American masses manifest itself in a HUGE BACKLASH , and when faced with the full destruction of the US , there will be civil war! It is coming and in the face of this struggle which I consider LIFE and DEATH to individual freedom on Earth , I welcome it! And for myself, there should be no mercy for either the ‘likes of obama”, or the millions upon millions of illegal foreigners he is flooding my nation with!

  • CelticRune

    The law says a jury should be made up of your peers………….well, I’m not a criminal I’m not an illegal alien, and I’m an American….not Mexican, El Salvadoran, Honduran or whatever ………… they’re definitely not my peers. Thomas is right… can anyone be so stupid as to not understand this?

  • Wapiti Webster

    Charge-punish-deport! If I had a wetback on a jury case of mine I would sure go for a mistrial. Send them home and landmine the border.

  • H. Gillingham

    In a word – NO!

  • Robert Hayes Halfpenny

    In about 500,000 words or less the answer is NO!!!!! Haven’t our legislators read our constitution and/or been instructed as to the duties of their respective offices. Where in Hell do they think they have been given a mandate to allow this sort of BULLSHIT to occur in our courts?

  • eddyjames

    Can I say Hell no? with out being moderated?

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