California Town Still Trying to Recover Costs of Obama Campaign Fundraising Visit

Who should pay the costs incurred by a town for a political candidate’s campaign?

Whenever the President of the United States is on the campaign trail, cities across the nation are forced to provide extra security for the visit.  Many towns are facing deficit budgets and don’t have the extra money lying around to pay their police and city workers for the extra duties and the security that is mandated.

For example, in April of last year, President Obama attended a pair of fundraisers in Atherton, California at the homes of wealthy supporters.  The two events netted the Democratic National Committee more than $3 million for Obama and fellow Democrats.  To accommodate the visits, the city had to pay police officers and road crews to block off roads and provide the extra security mandated by the Secret Service.

In Atherton’s case, the cost came to $8,122.91.  City officials believe that anyone causing the city to incur extra expenses should have to pay them.  In the case of Obama’s visits, the city has submitted bills to the White House, Democratic National Committee, Secret Service and the two home owners that hosted the fundraisers.  A year later, they have heard nothing from any of the parties involved and they have not received a penny of reimbursement.

While many towns continue to just eat the cost of a presidential visit, Atherton leaders are determined to recoup their money.  They say that if someone had a wedding that required the city to block of certain streets that they would expect the person(s) hosting the wedding to pay for it and the same should be true for any political event as well.

Since they have not heard or received anything from the hosting parties, the city is considering the possibility of placing a lien on the properties of the two hosts and collecting their money through property taxes.

Republican or Democrat, any campaigning President or other politician should have to pay the expenses incurred by their campaign efforts.  If it costs a city extra for security, road blockage or cleaning up, then the campaign or candidate should be forced to pay those costs out of the funds they raise.

In fact, I would like to see a bill introduced that would require all candidates running for any political office to pay for all costs of their campaigning.  All campaign funds raised at any campaign event would be held until all expenses for said campaign have been paid in full.  Then the remaining funds would be turned over to the campaign responsible for the fundraiser.  Since no other presidential candidate is provided free transportation, any travel incurred by the President for campaign purposes should also be paid for out of the funds raised for the campaign.  That would mean that the costs of Air Force One would be taken out of the campaign funds and not left to the American people to foot the bill.

Until such a bill is passed, and I doubt one ever will be passed, I hope more towns follow Atherton’s lead and bill the responsible parties for all costs incurred from political campaigning.



43 thoughts on “California Town Still Trying to Recover Costs of Obama Campaign Fundraising Visit

  1. Refuse to offer services and don't allow others to do them either, I.e., secret service!

  2. OBAMA should me made to pay for ALL his Campaign Fundraising Visit,Or stop them. No one think he is that good at what he does any ways.

  3. Yes slap a lien on he properties. Even if you don't collect it will at least irritate them. And send bills to the White House with CCs to Fox News and various other news agencies. Obuma's speechs are never anything of general interest--only to the lemmings who sit and stand behind him to listen and be on camera, so he should have to pay any costs incurred with his being there. .

  4. Not only should the Democratic party, or someone other than the taxpayers, pay for security, if he comes in just to raise money, the cost of Air Force One should be paid for by someone other than the taxpayer.

  5. If someone, political candidate, parade, wedding etc. is going to cause a city, county or state to incur costs they should be required to post a bond or place money in an escrow account in the amount estimated to cover those costs. They should also sign a contract promising to pay additional costs if the amount goes over the estimate. If they refuse they should not be allowed to carry out the planned function.

  6. Old_Gringo says:

    Bravo to Atherton if they lien the properties of the hosts for Ovomits campaign shindig.

  7. Good luck ,if you are dumb enough to let that leach in to your city keep trying,he/they don't give a rats ass and you should know it.He got the money he wanted you go w/o

  8. cleanwater2 says:

    When it is proved that the Democratic party lied about Obama meeting the Constitutional requirements to be president , they should be forced to pay all the costs of having an imposer in the presidency. This should include every penny of every vacation,dinner and trip by the imposer.

  9. Any place who wants him to speak deserves to pay the bill. They need to eat from the same crap sandwich that the rest of us are getting...

  10. Undettered says:

    Seize the property of all his supporters until they pay the overtime and all other expenses. If they don't pay up in 30 days sell the homes and businesses

  11. gambleallen says:

    Extra costs like these should by all means be paid by the candiate or his/her campiagn. I f they don;t pay promtly don't let them or thier party camaighn there again

  12. junkmailbin says:

    atherton CA is a small filthy rich estate enclave. have the wealthy conservatives sue the liberals who brought the traveling circus into their town.
    Like all rich, they want someone else to foot the bill