Obama, Snowden, and the “Rule of Law”

Vladimir Putin, that guy who reminds our generation what Russian leaders were like before the dismantling of the Berlin wall, has done it again. I honestly admire him in some ways. Fool-hardy and brash maybe, but the man at least has guts … unlike some people in this hemisphere whose names need not be mentioned.

The latest confrontation is still brewing between Washington and Putin over the extradition of Edward Snowden. Apparently Snowden is still in Russia and is being treated like an international spy by the Obama administration. Putin says it’s not his business, and he adds that he doesn’t like our tone. He rebuffed American demands with something like, “What do I look like, a travel agent?”

Washington responded with frustration. Having already strong-armed Ecuador and Venezuala into cooperating with Snowden’s extradition, American state officials had just gotten used to having their way with people. Obama, in one of the more hilarious statements to come out of this whole horse and pony show, said:

“We’re following all the appropriate legal channels and working with various other countries to make sure that the rule of law is observed.”

What in the sphincterless gizzard of a harpy does “rule of law” have to do with it? Obama is going around bullying other countries. As soon as one doesn’t do what he says, then he decides to pull out the “rule of law” card. Nice try. Where was the rule of law when you were powderizing the rights of private Americans?

Obama is finding out that you can’t debilitate a country militarily, economically, and politically on the one hand and still hope to throw your once great weight around on the other. We don’t have the muscle to be a bully anymore. And Russia, and China for that matter, are testing our limits. If Russia gives Snowden asylum, there is very little Washington can, should, or will do about it.

As far as establishing or upholding rule of law, the “rule” Obama was referring to is: “Might makes right.” And perhaps “Whoever has the gold makes the rules.” Unfortunately, he has melted down our gold to make a golden calf in the image of big government and he has wasted our might, like so many presidents before him, on countries that can rebuild their entire infrastructure for less money than it takes for us to drop one bomb. And for what? We have killed millions of people, destroyed the civil liberties of all Americans, and made ourselves odious in the sight of the world. And we are no safer.

Sorry, Washington. You can’t appeal to the rule of law only when it suits you. Abide by it generally, and then perhaps your calls for Snowden’s swift extradition won’t fall on deaf ears. Although, if you had abided by it earlier, you wouldn’t need to be calling for his extradition. So there’s that.



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  • RobinPC

    WHAT RULE OF LAW are they talking about?? SURELY NOT the US Constitution, must be the mafia law. By the way, I am going to drive my Obamacar, while talking on my Obamaphone, going to my Obamadoctor to get my queer rights enforced, so I can legally vote Democratic in ALL elections, past present or future. (NOT!!)

    • Washington22

      You have given me my first good laugh of the day, Robin. Thank you

  • m123s

    The “rule of law” is suppose to be the U.S.C. which is based off of the Word; that is not what they are practicing. Their rules are U.N. based, and agreed upon in darkness.
    The U.S.S.C. works off of presidence-no case are allowed to be cited that are before 1938[Erie Vs. Thompkin].
    Lawyers and Judges are under another oath.

  • Washington22

    For Obite-me to even use the term “rule of law’ is hillarious………….Rule of law? He knows nothing about it, other than to manipulate it at every chance. I’m rather enjoying seeing O and his administration and their frustration over this entire Snowden thing. All I can say is that for them to get this testy and upset, Snowden MUST have a bunch more stuff that they are worried will become exposed………….I love it. It’s fun to watch O getting “dissed” by the world. He deserves it.

  • rhondareichel

    Yes he does look foolish

  • beijingyank

    They are not Congressmen! They are terrorist traitors!

  • Dave G

    Obama uses the Constitution and the rule of law at his own convenience. If and when it suits him to use those tools to further HIS agenda the he resorts to such tactics. The words, (Rule of law) and (Obama) should not be used in the same sentence.

  • Higherstandard13

    Obama does not believe in the US Constitution or the Rule of Law except when it can be used against his enemies, which to him is anyone that believes in the Rule of Law, the US Constitution, Accountability or will not bow to his will. He has shown this by his consistent lies and breaking of laws or failure to enforce laws. He objects to their restraint on him, but embraces the ability to abuse them to persecute Christians and people of moral character.

  • jdbixii

    Given the laws they have changed and the criteria they use to do it, you have to wonder why it was convenient to invoke the provisions of Title 17 or 18 or the U.S. Code as it pertains to espionage…..all the way back to 1917, was it? Wow, that is definitely a stretch………when do you think they will update that one? After all, all the other policy changes affecting traditional values, disregarding any consideration of religious teachings on morality and ethics, which facilitate nothing other than the entitlement mentality and situation ethics. Who determines the limitations of “situation ethics?” If he is a human being, what exactly gives him the authority or the right to do so?
    When is a “choice” not a “right?” Or, when is a “choice” not “right” as in, correct? I’ll bet they can’t get a consensus on that one, can they?
    With no absolutes at all, it must be a very difficult job to get anything done that is actually meaningful or purposeful. Perhaps, applicability has something to do with it.
    Resignation would have been cheaper and less aggravating. After all, what right does the American public have regarding “need to know?” That is obviously not a choice! Who determined that?

  • grannylake

    Since when does Obama care about the Rule of Law?
    He has done everything in his power to tramp on our Constitution, bypass Congress, waste the Peoples’ tax money and disregard Americans’ individual Rights, Liberties and Freedoms.

  • fcutch

    What gives this fool the right to invoke the Rule of Law when he has not one clue as to what it means and represents

  • evelyn123456

    Obama did worse than Snowden when he “outted” secret information after the Obsama bin Laudin killing which endangered the lives of people who were working on our behalf. It seems to make a difference WHO is disclosing secret information. Apparently Obama is above the law!!!!

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