Uncle Sam Wants You (But Not Muslims) . . . Under Surveillance

According to an ever-increasing array of sources, we are all under surveillance. Every electronic source of communication is being monitored, cataloged and stored in Utah to be accessed by the authorities at any time in the future.

Our phone calls, e-mails, texts, everything. And with the ever-growing number of security cameras lining our streets, our every movement can be monitored outdoors.

Once inside they have the capability of watching us through our web cams and interactive TVs. With the introduction of common core in our schools it does seem like the government at least has the makings of building a "Minority Report" type profile on each and every American. Well, not quite.

There is the odd schizophrenia when it comes to the Muslim community. It seems our same ultra-intrusive government doesn't feel the need to monitor them as they do us.

Even when moderate Muslims claim to have seen materials calling for jihad against the United States in the Cambridge mosque attended by the Tsarnaev brothers.Watching You_02

But I'm sure our government sees the Cambridge mosque as a holy place that should not be monitored even though the founder of the Islamic Society of Boston mosque was none other than Abdulrahman Alamoudi, who is currently serving two years in prison for funding Al Qaeda. Yes, only two years.

One of the mosques former trustees and a "spiritual leader" of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has been banned from even entering the U.S. due to his terror ties. Other notable mosque attendees include a member of Al Qaeda. Yet the mosque is still fully operational and growing every year.

And evidently the jihadist materials recently found in the mosque are nothing new. One Muslim attendee told CBN news that 10 years ago he found in the mosques upstairs library, many flyers and newsletters, written in Arabic calling for jihad against America, Jews and Christians.

Note our all-seeing governmental eye did not discover these publications, but they are watching you.

Four years ago the Muslim American Society built a new mosque in Roxbury, a Boston neighborhood.

By the way, the Muslim American Society is, as are most of these "societies", a front for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The mosque cost a whopping $15.5 million and most of the money came from our buddies, Saudi Arabia. You know, our friends, the wahhabists. Naturally, the liberal Massachusetts political class all endorsed these mosques.

Now we all know, if this were a Synagogue or Christian church, breeding and promoting radicalism, the doors would've already been padlocked.

Yet radicals can be bred in these mosques and no one is allowed to say anything for fear of being branded a racist or Islamophobe.

So us law-abiding patriotic citizens live our lives been catalogued and profiled with every keystroke being monitored. All the while, radical Islamists are holed up in their "religious sanctuaries" all across the country churning out jihadist literature and killers.

At least our government has their priorities straight.



225 thoughts on “Uncle Sam Wants You (But Not Muslims) . . . Under Surveillance

  1. Cindy Mccoy says:

    What a load of crap. Then how can they utter that they are looking for terrorists????? Since they were all muslims!!!!!!!!!! Yet you do not check them???? The United States is in real trouble if we keep following these clowns in Washington. They lost their way, but we don't have to.

  2. The reason for everyone but Muslims under surveillance, as you people already know is...Obama. How much clearer does it get? Ne's one, and he's afraid - afraid - of them of them. The whites won't do anything; but, the Muslims? be cautious! Sick, twisted thinking. Japan has the idea: Muslims are not allowed to immigrate, period. They're not wanted, not needed and IF there's a visa, it's short-term, and they are watched. That's the way. Saw two whistleblowers (now they're mostly called the bad guy) from the NSA 6/12 and they reported that Obama's design for spying goes far beyond anything George Orwell thought of. He's divided the country, turned things upside down brazenly in plain view, without people saying anything. As long as their tv is larger. their car better, and their attitude more arrogant (sounds like politicians) Obama gets a free ride. But, looming, is a very disturbing scenario. Our giv't is in a coup-non-violent now- and I can see a Greece or Turkey happening here. O's coup is working, he's captured most of our great land, and violence is not the answer, but O started it and he's pushing it.

  3. The United States needs to adopt the Australian methods when it comes to dealing with Muslims ! The "NOT WANTED" sign is on display !! We need to rid our country of all Muslims,as THEY ARE a threat to our country !!!

  4. danhspoonhourdc says:

    Our illustrious government forgets that TWO can play that game! We the people outnumber them by the tens of thousands and we can put them under OUR surveillance system! The wise in this country are NOT asleep; and we know what is going on. If and when it becomes necessary we will take care of business. It is not wise to scoff at the power of the people; you would have a better chance of survival by putting your hand into a spitting cobra's, den than to stand stupidly against the collective rage of a determined American people whose intent is to remove tyranny from a government who has become the enemy of the United States and the United States Sovereign Citizen! WE wouldn't be under this tyranny if would simply get back to God and the basics. You can't turn your back on Him and expect to be blessed for ever! Better wise up and get cracking fellow citizens.

  5. So let's repurpose the NSA;

    The doctrine of Islam (as in the Koran and taught by clerics) is global jihad. The methods (as in the Koran and taught by clerics) are force and extreme violence. In Islam, orthodoxy is required under pain of death.

    Granted that Islam is an anti-religion and a political death-cult. High officials of Islam declare that "Mosques are our barracks, the dome our helmet, minarets our bayonets, the faithful our soldiers".

    The statements and actions of Islam ARE probable cause. So, NSA, watch all Moslems and mosques 24 - 7. That would even be Constitutional!

  6. Americans knows the biggest threat to the world is Obama and his Islamic beliefs

  7. Allahu FUBAR.
    "Civilization has to be imposed by the civilized upon the barbarians." -attribution unknown at this time-
    It's time for pushback on the BARBARIANS who practice female genital mutilation among other atrocities, don't you think?
    Molon Labe.