US Air Force Personnel Ordered Not to Read About Obama Scandals

President Barack Obama and the Pentagon have taken another outrageous step to deny American military personnel of their constitutional rights.

Many military personnel on US bases and serving abroad use an internet connection system known as Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRN) to access the internet and emails.  Air Force personnel were just warned not to use the Air Force NIPRN system to access the internet to read about several of the latest Obama scandals.

As reported by WND, an unclassified NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) was sent to all Air Force military members to prevent them from learning about the governments data mining and accessing billions of phone records.  Supposedly, the last line of the NOTAM read:

“Users are not to use AF NIPRNET systems to access the Verizon phone records collection and other related news stories because the action could constitute a Classified Message Incident.”

The government censorship is upsetting to a number of people.  Cindy McGee’s son is in the Air Force and stationed in the United Arab Emirate.   When she found out that her son had received the NOTAM, she was understandably concerned.  She told WND:

“The fact that our government is attempting to censor our service members from the truth of what is happening here at home is truly frightening and disheartening.”

“I am outraged that our government is attempting to censor the information from our military that every citizen in this country is potentially being targeted by our government in a massive overreach of their constitutional powers by unconstitutional surveillance of all Americans and storage of that data.”

President Obama continues to refer to the controversy as just hype and that it is all perfectly legal and being done in the name of national security.  I don’t believe that national security has anything to do with it.  I believe that it is being intentionally done to identify all of Obama’s political enemies so that when he makes his orchestrated move to take over the US government, he will know exactly who to round up and silence.  He will need the backing of the military to accomplish this therefore he doesn’t want them to know about all of his illegal and unconstitutional activities until it’s too late.

If you don’t believe me, then ask yourself why all of the monitoring of phone and email records is really being done.  Why does the Department of Homeland Security have over 2 billion rounds of ammunition – a portion of which are hollow points which are illegal in international affairs and courts?  Why does the DHS have thousands of fully automatic weapons?  Why have top military leaders had to answer whether or not they would be willing to open fire on US citizens?  Why the executive orders that gives Obama complete control over all forms of communication (phone, internet, television, radio and satellite) if he ‘perceives’ the possibility of national emergency?  Why have a law that allows the government to indefinitely detain any American citizen without a warrant or probable cause in the name of national security?  Why the executive orders that gives Obama virtually unlimited powers in the world of finance if deemed necessary?  Why do you think there was such a push for gun control that required a universal registration of all guns and background check on all gun owners, not just those wanting to purchase a gun?  Who do you think was really behind all of the IRS scandal, considering the fact that the IRS commissioner visited the White House significantly more times than any Cabinet member?  Why has Obama done more to harm the nation’s economy and job market than to help it?  What about his self-confessed socialist upbringing and Marxist mentor Frank Marshall Davis?  What about Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama who works with and for known Islamic terrorists and frequently visits the White House?

There can be a logical explanation for one, perhaps two of these things, but when you put them all together, it can spell only one thing: Obama has every intention to carry out his socialist conquest of the United States.  And like I said, he needs the military’s help, so once the news leaked out about his illegal spying on Americans, he is now forced to try to keep as many military personnel in the dark as possible.



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  • battle

    Soon obama will ban other government agencies from reading about his scandals. Then the media will not be allowed to report it.

  • AmericaAwakens

    The [n]obama regime is conducted similar to Islamic radical…”do not “slander” the leader. Anything adverse (truthful) is suppressed from the people. This is now becoming more and more apparent! First the lamestream media refuses to report on the myriad of scandals, Christian churches are told not to impose any political talking points especially if God is mentioned, now our military is being told what to read and what Not to read? The next thing will be the burning of books! All this crap is going to backfire on the [n]obama regime eventually-hopefully sooner than later!

    • Dandydonnie

      Your very posts to this forum are being read and stored for further use against you. Your phone calls are being recorded, soon there may be a video camera in every room in your house so the government can watch your every move and listen to your every word. If you have a cell phone the government knows where your cell phone is every minute of every day unless it is turned off.


    This is not surprising on two counts. First the NIPRNET is not supposed to be used for personal use and reading articles could be considered personal; and secondly, classified information is supposed to be on the secure network, called SIPRNET. The Air Force did not forbid personnel from reading it on their own computers as DoD did involving Wikileaks. So Airmen, go read it in the library or on your own computers.

    • SEBtopdog

      But it’s OK for them to send and receive personal e-mails?

      • titan fosos

        define personal, anything containing obama?! NO BLOODY WAY!!!

      • Dandydonnie

        Every email is scanned for key words and stored in a data vault. This is 1984 and you no longer have any privacy. You may think you have but it is only an illusion. Big brother is watching, listening and taking notes as we post here. Everybody who has posted comments to the articles on this News Letter is known to the government already and we will be dealt with at the appropriate time.

  • RockyMtn1776

    1941 Germany anyone ?

  • SEBtopdog

    People didn’t understand when he announced he was embarking on the “fundamental transformation of America”, but people should have paid closer attention.

    • patriot2

      they were probably reading(if they can read) directions for their new cell phone instead of paying attention to what’s going on in the real world.

    • grassroot

      If they had looked into his background, his political affiliates, listened to
      his spoken memoirs as I had listening to Christian radio, this would have
      come to the fore.

    • Dandydonnie

      Only fool voted for him, but many of us stayed home and did not vote because we could not vote for a Mormon and so doing we aided a Muslim to get reelected. I wonder how god feels about us for doing that?

  • SEBtopdog

    If I weren’t a vegetarian, I would eat at Chik-Fil-A several times a week in support.

  • jdbixii

    Yeah, it might crap the fans and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

  • joanc

    The Military men and women fighting for US citizens First Amendment rights, are having their own rights denied. . Come to think of it, US military members fight and die to protect the Constitution and the rights it contains ,which means they are also defending the rights of those out to do us harm. Call me crazy, but something is very wrong with a Government that deems it okay to restrict inalienable rights of citizens, but to openly do it to our Military- it is unbelievable !.

    • grassroot

      Remember their votes were suppressed in both elections,

  • patriot2

    the military can’t say what they feel about our fearless leader but when I dealt with them at work I could make remarks about obama & they couldn’t say anything about him but the grins I got spoke volumes.

    • grassroot

      Remember when He first got ” elected,” And as all newly minted
      POTUS’s do, he was scheduled to visit the Academy at West

      Point. He remarked to his co-horts, leftists all, ” We are going to
      enemy country.” And he declined to dine with the cadets as all
      the other Presidents have done. Actions speak as loud or louder
      than words.

      • patriot2

        and that’s why democrats are so determined not to count the military vote.I’m sure we can count on them if worst comes to worst,& I’d always rather have the military on my side than a pack of sniviling liberals.

        • Dandydonnie

          When will you consider that worst has come to worst? Will it be after you are a resident in a FEMA camp?

        • patriot2

          some days I feel like I’m already there.

        • patriotusa2

          I know exactly what you mean.

  • Kenneth Bowman

    This would ENCOURAGE me to read all I could about it.

    • Dandydonnie

      Would anything encourage you to act????

  • grassroot

    This is all, obviously, Fascist crap,,

  • sammy13

    I can understand the directive to not read about the scandals. Reading porn is not good!

  • jtmurphy

    The Nazi’s show their true colors. Like I said O’Scumbag is still a scumbag

  • beijingyank

    Traitor to the Constitution, “The Usurper” is in the White House. Criminal mafia in control of Congress. The Courts make Kangaroos look good. The government is rogue. You better get that through your head.

  • Dandydonnie

    You are as wrong as you can be. This isn’t Obama politics, this is democrat politics. This is the way the democrats have been doing all along, they just haven’t been as bold in the past. Now they have us by the throat and they know it. They have declared war on us but we refuse to fight. Oh, we may eventually but it will be long after the time when we would have had a chance to win. In the meantime these forums give us an outlet for our rage and allow us to feel we are doing something but in reality all we are doing building excuses for our betrayal of our families, our country and our god.

    • patriotusa2

      The last time I looked – Obama was a Democrat, and he practices democratic policies to the extreme. Yes, they’ve been in existence for eons, but have never progressed to the point where they now are since the election of Obama. I don’t know about you, but I have never “refused to fight,” so you can speak for yourself. We all fight in different ways – not necessarily like some psycho armed with a machine gun and wiping out everything that doesn’t move. I have never betrayed my family, country and especially God. We are not all in the position to do as much as those who are in power and have authority. When we have tried to do something and voted on social issues we didn’t like – the liberal courts repealed them, time in and time out. What you expect us to do other than call our Reps, Senators, etc., when nine out of ten times they don’t even answer the phone – is not quite clear. In the interim, I will continue to vent my anger on these sites as long as I’m able before Big Brother takes another freedom away.