Will Benghazi Topple Hillary Clinton?

The inevitability of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run at the Presidency has taken a hit, thanks in large part to how the public views her role in the Benghazi scandal. According to a recent poll by Quinnipiac University, 48% of respondents lay some blame at her feet for the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in the Benghazi attack.

Complicating matters further is that the issue doesn’t seem to be fading away anytime soon. Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) seems keen on recalling Secretary Clinton to testify again before Congress in light of much of the new information that has come up since her last visit to give testimony.

Republicans in Congress smell blood in the water with the Benghazi incident — the scandal seems to point directly to the State Department which Secretary Clinton was running at the time of attack. Clinton’s deputy, Susan Rice, did her boss no favors in repeating talking points that seem now to have been manipulated to show the State Department and White House in the best light possible.

At worst, the talking points may have been manipulated to ensure Benghazi would not become a scandal before the 2012 elections. People dismiss lying in making campaign promises that never come to pass, but lying about dead soldiers and civilians is another matter all together.

The lies and cover-up could be a devastating blow to the Democrats’ hopes in 2014 and 2016, so expect Republicans in Congress to continue to pursue the truth in the Benghazi cover-up until they get some reasonable answers.

Clinton still stands out as the force to be reckoned with in any 2016 potential Presidential match-up. Her favorability among women is still high, and Democrats across the country love her because they know they’ll also get Bill. The Republicans have their work cut out for them. But there is hope as this latest Q-poll shows us: Clinton is not untouchable, and while her family name may coat her in Teflon, there are still gaps in her armor.

You know the media sycophants are worried, since they’re talking about “Republican overreach” in order to dampen further pursuit by the GOP. It’s the new media meme. The use of “overreach” is everywhere. Even some Republicans worry about “overreaching” on these scandals. MSNBC’s new token Republican Michael Steele is fearful of “overreaching” by Republicans that could bring about a “black backlash.”

Anyway, here are some important comments by Michelle Malkin on the Benghazi hearings and what most Americans are not getting from the mainstream media. Keep in mind that the voting public has a short memory:



21 thoughts on “Will Benghazi Topple Hillary Clinton?

  1. It was, however, not overreach for Obama and progressives to treat the 2012 presidential election as if it were a landslide.

  2. USARetired says:

    "Broom Stick One' should never been a consideration in the first place. She is, and always has been, a wicked, lying, corrupt and vile person!

    • Absolutely right. My concern is that slick willy is still really well liked by dems, God only knows why. and that might get her elected. I pray not she would be as dismal as obama maybe even worse. You are also assuming that obama will give up the white house.

  3. Please GOD, make it be so!!!!!!! She is as bad as bo.

  4. RockyMtn1776 says:

    No. Benghazi will not hurt Hillary to any great extent. Many of her voters have never heard of Benghazi and could care less about anything other than their entitlement check arriving on time. Then there is the old Hillary fans that are still furious over the fact Obama was chosen over her as nominee. At the present time I do not see any Republican that can beat her. It is almost impossible to out vote Santa Claus.

  5. Gary Calhoun says:

    Obama, Biden, Hillary and ALL in Obama's administration MUST be EXECUTED for TREASON!!!

  6. This is being covered up and I dont see anything coming out of it. Hillary is untouchable also.

  7. Paul Leslie says:

    I hope so. The only difference between her and Dear Leader is the Crisco.

  8. Hillary Clintoin should be in jail and not in Uncle Bills N.Y. mansion enjoying her gubment perks.

  9. We can only hope and offer up a prayer if you are so inclined......

  10. QuisPercusit says:

    Who ever nominates Hillary "hog Thighs" Clinton for the Presidency in 2016 should be biblically stoned at high noon on the day it happens, tried for treason and hung and all of their kith & kin declared persona non grata and banished from the country for ever. to commit treason is one thing to support and promote it is another.

  11. titan fosos says:

    "Do whatever you want, than blame the other guy" That's the communist motto.

  12. jimchambers says:

    Don't know if you know this but when hillary (to capitalize her name would imply respect) was a young lady she worked for Goldwater. Then she got tangled up with the democrats and civil rights. She met the philanderer when she went to Yale and then worked for Mondale and McGovern. After that she worked on the committee to impeach Nixon (where she pulled some shenanigans that got her sacked) followed by work on Carter's election. Up until this point she was still pretty much as honest as any democrat can hope to be. Then she joined the Rose Law firm and things started going sour.

    She and the philanderer invested in a little endeavor called Whitewater Development Corporation which went bankrupt and cost you and me about $73 million. Additionally, the philanderer,while he was governor of Arkansas, pressured a guy by the name of Hale who ran a lending company into making an illegal loan to a gal named Susan McDougal, the wife of the guy who owned the failed Madison Guaranty Savings and loan (the front company for the Whitewater fraud), a partner of the Clintons and who was jailed for 18 months for refusing to answer questions about the affair (she was later pardoned by the philanderer prior to leaving the office of POTUS).

    In 1993 the philanderer and hillary had the white house travel office director fired to put their friends into the freed up positions. Usually those people cannot be fired unless they committed a crime so hillary arranged for the director, Billy Dale, to be charged with embezzlement (he was later proved innocent). He lost his job and hillary's friends got the job.

    She was also the instigator in a little scandal called Filegate where she authorized the hiring of an unqualified man named Livingstone to the FBI who then gave the Clintons access to the records of certain republicans for blackmail purposes.

    Then again in 1978 hillary against odds estimated at 250 million to one, turned a $1,000 investment in cattle futures into $100,000 with help from a guy named Blair who was a muckymuck in Tyson Foods (he was married the following year using the philanderer as the official conducting the ceremony).

    After a little incident involving a cigar, a white house intern and the philanderer resulting in his impeachment hillary decided to pack her carpetbag and, knowing how gullible New York citizens are, got herself elected to the senate from that state as a stepping stone to the presidency. She didn't reckon on a young black thug from Chicago coming in with the backing of a very wealthy thug named Soros with thoughts of raiding the treasury. We all know that democrats will fall for just about anything you tell them if you use words like 'fairness', 'victim', 'special interests', etc and the dark guy was very good at using words like that. His job was all about talking that way before he became a useless and ineffective senator out of Illinois. He gave her a good drubbing but let her back into the halls of power in the state dept.

    That is a short history of our girl hillary. She is a crook but she has been very slippery and has slippery friends. She is also a democrat and as we all know you can be the lowest of the low but if you are one of them they will still defend you.

  13. Why stop with Hillary? Why not the entire administration?

  14. Hillary is dead meat, as far as running for anything except dog catcher. She has lost so much face, starting with losing to Obama, only then to work with him, now the Benghazi incident will finish her off. I don't know where the Dem party thinkinf lies that she won't be hurt by these snafus.

  15. It may topple Hillary, but it certainly is a millstone about her neck and she has a lot of swimming to do.

    See The Two Minute Conservative via Google or: http://adrianvance.blogspot.com and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  16. I think if the voters or let us say a large percentage of the voters just use common sense and remember all the lies of Hillary she is done forever in politics. Her comment of "What difference does it make" should resonate with all voters. Now just remember her tearful speech of "the Despecable video" just makes me want to barf.

  17. In my opinion it very well could put a damper on her Presidential run.If "what does it matter" reverses to it surely does matter the she is a goner.In my opinion I do know that there are 2 votes she will not get.Think on it.

  18. gnafuasusual says:

    Benghazi should topple the entire top administration that was privy to what was happening! Really happening!!!!