Poll Indicates Republicans Could Lose Big in 2014

In mid-May, Obama’s approval ratings had climbed to 53%.  By mid-June, the IRS and NSA scandals had dominated the news and Obama’s approval ratings had plummeted to 45% in only a one month period.  One month later, his approval ratings have dropped even further, falling to 41%.

Worse yet, the poll showed that only 37% of the people approved of the way Obama was handling the economy and 56% disapproved.  Sixty percent of the people said they feel the country is heading in the wrong direction and 54% said they believed the country is still in a recession, even though Obama continues to tell us we are recovering.

In April, 53% of the people said that they still had a favorable personal opinion of Obama.  In the recent poll, Obama’s personal ratings dropped to 47%.

The additional plummet is being blamed not only on all of the political scandals, but on Obama’s relationship with ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.  His handling of Syria is also hindering his ratings, but I really don’t think he cares.  If you recall last year when Obama met with then Russian President Dimitri Medvedev, an open microphone picked up Obama telling him to just wait and see what he’s going to do during his second term.  In other words, he will do whatever he wants and doesn’t have to worry about polls or approval ratings.

One item in the poll should be a wakeup call to Republicans going into the 2014 election was that the approval for congressional Democrats went up 32% to 33% while the approval for congressional Republicans dropped from 24% to 22%.  I would have thought that all of the scandals would be hurting the Democrats, but that may not be the case.  GOP candidates hoping to retain their seats or unseat a Democrat needs to evaluate why the people have such a low opinion of them and what they need to do win back some of that approval along with winning their 2014 elections.  Otherwise, they could lose control of the House, giving Democrats carte blanc to finish their raping of America.



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  • SpecialK622

    People are upset with the RINO Republicans who cave to whatever Obama wants. We need Conservative Republicans who want to see the corruption and destruction of the Constitution stopped.

  • Guy Daley

    I don’t trust polls, I don’t trust the media.

    What is the point of this constant polling except to tell us how to think? How many fence sitters go with the majority when they see a poll because they aren’t sure but want to agree with the majority after they see the results?

  • Miller51550

    America is fed up with the GOP being ball less.

    In the Senate the Rinos cave into Reid at the drop of a hat. McCain and Graham might as well be DEMORATS.

    In the HOUSE Boehner is WORTHLESS. And the so called leaders in waiting are just full of hot air.

    Seems the entire group of OLE DWAG GOP members need to be swept out of the Senate and the HOUSE.

    Along with EVERY low life Demorat !

  • JHW

    What bullshit lib paper put this out for the stupid people to read.

  • James Green

    With more than half our country dependent on the government for sustenance (welfare, food stamps, subsidies, no taxes…), these ignorant people will vote for whoever promises them the most. And that spells the END of our republic! There is no way to recover from that situation. It’s a steady descent into oblivion. We can NEVER have a Patriotic Conservative as president ever again, sadly… until our country totally collapses and we start over at the bottom again. We are headed for Third World status and Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) seems to revel in leading this decline of our once great nation.

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