Private Gun Buyback Program Redistributes Guns To The Poor And Unarmed

Here’s a buyback program we could all support. It’s actually less of a gun buyback and more of a gun giveaway. The organization is called the Armed Citizen Project. They’re working on becoming a 501(c)(3) organization, but that could take a while since they’re a conservative, gun-rights group. We know how the IRS likes to take their time with those types of people.

The ACP takes monetary donations as well as firearm donations. But instead of being a way to get guns off the streets like in typical police gun buybacks, they’re turning around and giving these donated guns as well as training to unarmed Americans (after performing background checks). As the director Kyle Caplen said, “We’ve combined Joe Biden’s love of shotguns with Obama’s love of redistribution.” So, ACP is calling this giveaway their “Redistribution of Firepower Program.”

They’ve been in the news several times before for arming particularly vulnerable citizens like single mothers and the urban poor. They’re in the news again, because they’ve announced they’re expanding their Redistribution of Firepower Program to Texas and Florida. Their press release stated, in part:

“The group’s founder, Kyle Coplen said, ‘We see this as a buyback we can believe in, one that removes old and unused firearms from homes of existing gun owners, and uses them to create new responsible gun owners in our own communities. Residents of Texas and Florida can now donate their unused firearms to ACP, and will receive a number of gifts, including one raffle ticket to win a custom painted AR-15 with custom made, 3-D printed 30-round magazine.  More importantly, donors will receive one transferable ‘Empowerment Scholarship,’ giving them the opportunity to ensure that ACP trains and arms members of their own community. ‘We all know a single mom or widow, or retiree who would benefit from being trained and armed with a free pump action shotgun.’”

They plan on training about 500 single mothers and other women nationally on August 10th, a day they’re calling National Empowerment Day. Their effort in training and arming these women is their response to the liberal “war on women” that leaves women defenseless from violent crimes because of the gun control culture. I look forward to seeing if this Redistribution of Firepower Program has any effect on crime rates in the neighborhoods that benefit from the ACP’s free shotguns and training.



106 thoughts on “Private Gun Buyback Program Redistributes Guns To The Poor And Unarmed

  1. I am sure the IRS will be auditing everyone involved with this project....

  2. Truth goes 100 MPH says:

    I love the idea except guns should not be given to "progressives" They are not capable of handling a check book so how would they do with a weapon?

  3. Diane Ringen says:

    I am a retired school librarian in my 60s. I want my government to pay for my class to receive my concealed to carry license and buy me a gun. You never know when I might need it! Thanks, Obama!

  4. Diane Ringen says:

    I am a retired school librarian in my 60s. But of course, you know that already! I want the government to pay for my concealed to carry class and buy me a gun. You never know when I might need it. Thank you, Obama". (This better show up this time.)

  5. This makes way too much sense, so liberals will find a way to demonize it.

  6. I would like a handgun. How do I get in on this?

  7. This is freaking awesome. What a way to arm more people, especially the people that Owevomit and his regime just love to pieces. The poor. Man I love politics.

  8. If I had the funds, I would send them to this organization. They are doing a good deed.

  9. I love my guns and I love shooting them! I would like to take this opportunity to invite every muslim, lib, commie, fascist, progressive and their supporters to visit me and do some target shooting with me and my gun toting pals. I will not be responsible for any misfortunate shooting accidents that might occur. Yall come!

  10. Creepy Crackah says:

    America has the largest concentration of BLACK CRIME on Earth. Guns are needed to protect us from THEM.

    • This is the plain truth that you will never hear from the news media, politicians or activists. To put it simply liberals have made the black CULTURE a threat to us all, it has nothing to do with skin color but their choice of actions.

  11. How many times do we have to see politicians get their nose in front of any camera?

  12. I'll chip in to buy this outfit a 3-D printing press. Anyone else?

  13. Can I get a hand gun? I want to buy one but they cost so much. I'm retired fixed income. New Mexico resedent.

  14. blacksunshine84 says:

    I like it.

  15. What an excellent idea! This incorporates the efficiency of the private sector that the public sector sorely lacks.