Will the Government Shutdown in October?

Yeah, we’ve all heard it before, the government will shut down and default on its loan payments if Congress doesn’t pass the necessary legislation.  And at the last minute, some compromise is reached to avert the impending financial doom.  Lately, it’s been Republicans that have compromised to meet Obama’s demands.

So again, come October, we face another possible government shut down.  The lines are being drawn between some Republicans and the Democrats.  At issue is funding for Obamacare and the dreaded Sequestration.

To date, twelve GOP senators have stated that they will not approve any spending measures that will continue to fund Obamacare.  Among them are 2016 presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marco Rubio (R-FL).  They have been joined by senators John Thune (R-SD), Jim Inohofe (R-OK) and Mike Lee (R-UT) who authored the letter written to Sen. Harry Reid.

House Republicans are also taking a stand against any measure to fund Obamacare, even if that means the government will shut down because of it.  So far 69 GOP House members have signed a letter that will be handed to Rep. John Boehner, Speaker of the House.

The funding of Obamacare isn’t the only reason that Republicans are making a stand.  Obama has stated that he will not sign any spending bill that maintains the current spending cuts that were instituted by the sequestration.  The $100 billion cuts are said to be unfathomable and cannot be made permanent.  However Republicans do not want to increase spending, but work towards further reductions and insist on fiscal responsibility.

In response, Obama has threatened to allow the government to shut down unless he is presented a spending bill with more spending and funding for Obamacare. Ironically, sequestration was Obama’s idea to begin with.  He set the parameters of it and he signed it into action in March of this year.  He could have blocked it from taking place by not signing it, but no, he signed his own threat into law.  As Rep. Tim Griffin (R-AR) said:

“You’ve got a president who is pledging to shut down the government if the Congress passes spending bills at the levels he set.  I don’t know what to say except, I guess they are flailing … this is mind-boggling.”

The closer we get to October, the more we’re going to hear about the showdown to the shutdown.  Like an old western, we’ll see the GOP gunfighters walking slowly from the end of the street with Obama and his gang walking from the other end of the street.  When they reach the October mark in the street, guns will be drawn and bullets will be flying.  Who will be left standing in the end?  Will Obama and gang win and the government goes back to spending wildly as if there’s no limits or will the GOP gang win and reign in the outlaw spenders and shut down the federal purses?  Guess we’ll just have stand on the sidewalk and watch what happens.



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  • Robert12Disqus

    actually the best thing to happen would be a federal government shutdown… permanently. our country would be run by each individual state until we decide to form a more perfect union. i say shut down and ensure it is permanent!

    • danimal

      Best post yet, the Government we have now, isn’t worth a hill of beans. I think my state can survive a shutdown. We have farmland, industries, great schools, most of all, 90% of us speak English, and we are a right to work state

      • TAM44

        Surprise obama has not sent out his army to make you comply and have unions take over so they can ruin your state too.

  • gainez.bruce

    Go ahead. But don’t let Obama declare martial law because he vetoed the spending bills for too little gravy.

  • RonMar

    In answer to the headline question, I hope so. Then we have even more reason to remove them, take over as We the People and save the nation, our Constitution and way of life from them.

  • Carl Stevenson

    Shutting it down would be the best thing that could happen. Keep the military, customs and border enforcement, and social security going, shut the rest down.
    People whine about “gridlock” and “government can’t get anything done.” Be thankful.

    Be careful what you wish for.
    Imagine what horrible things they could do to us if they could break the gridlock and act in unison.
    Imagine the totalitarianism they could achieve if they stopped fighting themselves and fought against our interests in a united fashion, instead of fighting against our interests in a divided, disjointed, uncoordinated fashion.
    We should all hope that they stay divided and at each other’s throats, rather than being united and more effectively at OUR throats.
    The thought of our totalitarian beast of a government actually functioning “smoothly and efficiently” is frightening beyond belief.

  • marineh2ominer

    I certainly hope so , but even if it does no one will notice until taxtime .

  • Traditionist

    I certainly hope so. It is the right move with what is going on with our deficit. The size of government should be cut in half it is so over bloated.

  • BlueViolets

    Although it might be for the best I don’t think it will happen. The Republicans will beat their chests and fold. The Democrats will weep and predict dire consequences then smirk when the Repubs fold. Obama will shake his finger at us and scold us like little children and then leave for another government financed vacation/campaign trip. When he comes back the debt will have doubled and so will the spending.

  • battle

    Shut the government down and quit threatening it. This will be the only way the gov will cut back to spending what the take in.

  • HongryHawg

    Shut it down. We’re not going to survive as a nation with it running like this.

  • patriotusa2

    Don’t fund it.com. Sign the petition and help those who are sticking their necks out to rid this country of Obamacare before it collapses the entire system.

  • http://theobservatorium.blogspot.com/ Nate

    If you’re taking bets, $5 says the Republicans fold – like all the other times.

  • agbjr

    Will the government shut down? Let us pray it does! Then we can get back to living our privacy and God-given personal liberty.

  • bull57

    I agree with the approach now being presented. Fund everything except Obamacare. Obamacare is a total bust and this looks like the simplest way to eradicate it from our books. Next time everything except the IRS and continue on going down the line! After going through this proceedures a few times maybe a real budget may emerge from congress!!!

  • jkdriss

    Jeez, we could only hope.

  • TAM44

    Our government is working against us as I type, wouldn’t shutting it down be in our favor? The DEMONCRATS and RINO’S are destroying America for obama and his muslim brotherhood for God sakes wake up people.

  • Richard Holmes

    The government? What government? Are you talking about the dysfunctional barrel of monkeys in Washington? Please! Let it shot down. In fact: WE SHOULD DEMAND IT.

  • gammaML

    Best thing that could happen !

  • Jim

    We can always hope so. Our government is too corrupt and we should fire everyone and start from scratch. The world would be much better off without obama, pelosi, reid, boehner, feinstein, boxer, and many other communists and socialists in government.

  • http://www.computer-rescue.net NavyCorpsman42

    Barry shut down the government, not the GOP. It had little effect on anything except stopping veterans and other citizens from visiting national parks and monuments. Everyone that was furloughed got paid. To quote GWB-“Bring it on”.

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