Al Gore's Global Warming Mega-Church

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh once again spoke of the hoax that is global warming. It's in the news again, don't ya know.

As Rush stated, how otherwise brilliant people can just buy into the lie is fascinating.

It just shows that it is indeed not science but a religion and for others; it's the politics of money, power, and control.

The evidence so clearly shows there is no warming and hasn't been for over 15 years. Recall the published e-mails of climate "scientists" falsifying and deleting data to achieve the necessary result. Yet the obvious manipulation by these climate hacks seems to hold no sway to the true "warming believers."

The latest revelation of the climate scientists is that there is 95% certainty of global warming, and it is man-made.

And there you have it. Proof positive! All they have to do is announce it, and the religious faithful will eat it up.

Rush said it is especially prevalent with the twenty-something crowd. I agree. I believe they have an ongoing struggle to be relevant and will thus latch onto any feel-good cause. They ask for no data, no proof, and no evidence.

And there is plenty of real data out there. There is also plenty of doctored data. That unfortunately is what makes the headlines.

For people like Al Gore who have become super rich off the hoax, one needs no proof. His version of the truth is the truth.

Yet, as I stated, there is no real science to support their claims. In fact, the unaltered science claims the exact opposite.

The unaltered data show cooling, not warming, and that just won't do.

James Hansen worked at NASA's GISS (Goddard Institute for Space Studies). He is now a professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University. Maybe if you're lucky, he will be teaching your impressionable children all about global warming. Or at least his made-up version. Below is some of Hansen's "scientific" handiwork.

Measurements of daily temperature data USHCN (United States Historical Climatology Network) show a decline in US temperatures since the 1930s.  But before they released it to the public, they put it through a series of adjustments which change it from a cooling trend to a warming trend. Just like magic, eh?

Realscience reported that in 2000 Dr. Hansen and Tom Karl at NOAA adjusted the US temperatures. 1934 was no longer the hottest year, and the 1930s was no longer the hottest decade. Hansen essentially erased the Dust Bowl.

Now, as Rush said, "Why don't they just show the real unaltered data and take credit for it?" Why don't they claim that their various methods of combating global warming are working?

Well, if they claimed victory — then what? No more cause — no more further restrictions on fossil fuels and other man-made evils. In fact, they don't even claim partial victory. In doing so, they could at least insist on more of the same regulation.

Ah, but if those who derive money and power from the hoax claimed even partial victory, their zombified followers might lose interest and dump them for the next cause du jour.

The purveyors of the hoax, like Gore and Hansen, must keep ratcheting up the hysteria. It's the only way to hold the public's attention.

I liken those like Hansen and especially Al Gore to the villain in a made for TV movie. You know, the brash arrogant preacher of some southern mega-church.

The movie makers portray him as a fraud — only interested in the money and influence. Yet he has hundreds of thousands of loyal followers that hang on his every word. He knows he's feeding them a line of bull but they soak up every word without question. He lives the high life in a huge mansion with all the trappings (humongous carbon footprint), yet he'll plead with his faithful to believe in him and drain their bank accounts for the cause of fighting evil.

That's Al Gore! Head preacher and owner of the Anti-Warming Mega-Church. But rather than just hosing his congregation, he and his high Council fleece whole nations.

What a racket!



14 thoughts on “Al Gore's Global Warming Mega-Church

  1. Someone! Anyone! PLEASE!!! Put that miserable, low-life scumbag, Al Gore OUT of his misery! It's obvious he's a terminal libtard and can no longer be counted on to provide anything other than blather.

    And those wonks that follow the giant toadstool, Gore, are just as bad if not worse. Not a shred of evidence to be found, yet they continue to perpetuate the greatest hoax ever attempted.

    Al Gore is a disgusting waste of oxygen. A sleaze-artist that was, rightfully, denied the highest office in the land. THANK GOD! Gore never has gotten over that rejection that even democrats showed this low rent loser.

    • Gore is right in thee with Sharpton, Jackson and all the divisive personalities on earth. All are making money of their issues and ignorant stupid people fall for their rhetoric. It is amazing how many people have been fooled by this hoax and allow these people to exist without calling them out on their BS.

  2. One thing for sure, there is no shortage of IDIOTS in this Country, nor sycophantic fools to follow them!

  3. Al Gore couldn't scam his way into POWER by becoming POTUS so he scammed his way into WEALTH with the global warming mantra.

    • Al the lying gore couldn't even carry his home state, and they counted the votes in Florida time and time again, and al the liar gore lost every time.

  4. And wealth is power, so Gore achieved his objective in the end. Look at the circle he is a part of.

    God said that for those who love lies, He will arrange for them to have all they can hold.

    Loving Truth is something that doesn't need to be worked at. Philosophically, Truth and Love can be said to be synonymous. But loving Lies is something that needs to be worked at, and any Lie needs continual efforts of support.

  5. Anyone that can read and have any comprehension of what they read knows Gore is a phoney snake oil salesman! A typical politician that, what do they call it, mislead congress and the people? O, I out right lied! As a typical politician he is only concerned about his own wealth and power. Promoting global warming and then selling his cable Chanel to the towel heads. Just think, he was almost our president!!!


    Please contact me ASAP re the proper name for Al Gore's and Barack Obama's mega-church of global warming -- the BRANCH CARBONIAN CULT -- as explaned in great detail in the following essay:

    JIM GUIRARD -- 703-768-0957

    A DC-area attorney and national security strategist, Jim Guirard was longtime chief-of-staff to former US Senators Allender and Russell Long. His Web site is devoted to truth-in-language and truth-in-history in political discourse.

  7. The only thing I see with the increase in CO2 is my 2 tomato plants are taking over my 20 foot garden and are producing some of the sweetest tomatoes I have ever eaten. Here in the east coast area we have been setting record lows at night for August.

  8. Someone please send Al Gore and his mega church to Peru where the COLD temperatur has killed Lamas and children. Maybe Al and his hot wind could bring a little warmth there>

  9. Are you guys for real? This Web site has got to be one of the stupidest. You guys' comments are brilliantly, amazingly saturated with irrational fear. Man, I thought I was paranoid, but I've got a lot to learn from you. Enjoy your freaking tomatoes. Fck the rest of the world. They ain't gonna be in your heaven.

  10. I like the part about the 20 something crowd grabbing onto a cause. Its really the teens to about 35 year olds though, as they simply do not leave home nowadays, or they keep coming back for one reason or another.

    They really crack me up. They do not know how to turn off a light, a TV or a bathroom fan, and I do not even think they know what a clothesline is. They never think far enough ahead to combine errands into a single trip to the store(s) and they turn on the AC the minute they are the slightest bit uncomfortable.

    There is, of course an amazing transformation in their concern for our environment as soon as they pay their own first utility bill. Its really uncanny how this happens, LOL

    • As a twenty year old man from Dixie, I'd like to apologize for the idiots and OWS goons spawned from my generation. If it means anything, rest easy that I counter their Obama vote and actually donate money to GOP causes.

  11. Climate change is fact.

    Anthropogenic (literally "originated by man") climate change is fiction.

    If people admitted that we are too insignificant to affect our planet's climate, we'd have to focus on REAL environmental problems, like Chinese pollution or ACTUALLY CLEANING STUFF UP.

    The lowest hypocrisy of ACC is that all these bigwig people who care about the environment recycle less than my far-right hyper-Republican Fox News grandfather! He taught me to recycle from an early age. Now, I am the self-appointed plastic trash pre-sorter and recyclables garbage man. I take bags' worth of recyclables to my grandfather every Friday!

    Al Gore should be installing solar panels or fifty story windmills on his estates. It would recoup his investments in mere years and save on both utility views and criticism! He uses more electricity than we do, and his mansions use a dirty power grid like the rest of us.

    If Al Gore believed what he said, he'd be leading by example.