Hey Rangel, Those 'White Crackers' Are Your Bosses

Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel knows his crackers.

He should. He’s a founder of the Congressional Black Caucus whose members claimed they were spat on and called racist names by Tea Party protesters during the Obamacare debate.

(Personally, I can think of lots of reasons Democrat legislators should be spat upon, none of them having to do with skin color. But let Charlie have it his way. Here’s a HuffPo video of the alleged spitting incident involving Rep. Imanuel Cleaver, who later denied saying he was spat on, despite his office having issued a press release saying he was.)

Rangel’s been at the forefront of the “Tea Party is Racist” brigade since then.

So it was no great surprise to hear Rangel spouting off once again the other day, when he said of the Tea Party, “It is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police. They didn’t care about how they looked.”

Rangel, demonstrating once more what a racist tool he is, is making himself the very definition of “Uncle Tom” by reinforcing the Left’s false historical narrative about civil rights.

It is instructive to take a look at some of the most famous segregationists of the Civil Rights Era and see what their political affiliations were. Admittedly, there were some Republicans, such as William F. Buckley and Trent Lott, and there were some segregationists like Jesse Helms who later became Republicans. But none of those big names seems to be associated with the modern Tea Party, most of whose leaders were probably kids at the time of the Civil Rights struggle.

First, prominent segregationists who were Republicans at the time:

William F. Buckley, Jr., National Review editor; Howard “Bo” Callaway, United States Representative, Georgia; Jerry Falwell, conservative evangelist; Trent Lott, U.S. Senator; Charlton Lyons, State Chairman, Louisiana Republican Party; James D. Martin, United States Representative, Alabama; Rubel Phillips, Mississippi lawyer.

Prominent segregationists who were Democrats at the time:

Dale Alford, United States Representative of Arkansas; Taddy Aycock, Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana; Ross Barnett, Governor of Mississippi; Hale Boggs, United States Representative of Louisiana; Albert Boutwell, Lieutenant Governor of Alabama; Bryant Bowles, white supremacist organizer in Florida; Parey Branton, State Representative of Louisiana; Overton Brooks, United States Representative of Louisiana; C. Farris Bryant, Governor of Florida; Garland T. Byrd, Lieutenant Governor of Georgia; Harry F. Byrd, Governor and U.S. senator of Virginia; Harry F. Byrd, Jr., U.S. senator of Virginia; Robert Byrd, United States Senator, West Virginia; Francis Cherry, Governor of Arkansas; Kent Courtney, activist from Louisiana; Jimmie Davis, Governor of Louisiana; Vail M. Delony, Speaker of the Louisiana House of Representatives from Lake Providence; James Eastland, United States Senator, Mississippi; Allen J. Ellender, United States Senator, Louisiana;
Clyde Fant, Mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana; Orval Faubus, Governor of Arkansas; William Fulbright, United States Senator, Arkansas; John Sidney Garrett, State Representative, Louisiana; Peter Zack Geer, Lieutenant Governor of Georgia; James H. Gray, Sr., Georgia Democratic state chairman; Marvin Griffin, Governor of Georgia; Jack P.F. Gremillion, Attorney General of Louisiana; F. Edward Hebert, U.S. representative from Louisiana; Jesse Helms, United States Senator, North Carolina; Lister Hill, United States Senator, Alabama; Orville L. Hubbard, Mayor, Dearborn, Michigan; Wellborn Jack, State Representative of Louisiana; Shelby M. Jackson, Superintendent of Public Education, Louisiana; James D. Johnson, Arkansas Supreme Court justice; Paul B. Johnson, Jr., Governor of Mississippi; J. Bennett Johnston, Jr., United States Senator, Louisiana; B. Everett Jordan, United States Senator, North Carolina; Robert F. Kennon, Governor of Louisiana; James J. Kilpatrick, Columnist, Virginia; Russell B. Long, United States Senator, Louisiana; Speedy O. Long, United States Representative, Louisiana; Lester Maddox, Governor of Georgia; John McClellan, United States Senator, Arkansas; John McKeithen, Governor of Louisiana; Harold Montgomery, Louisiana state senator; Danny Roy Moore, Louisiana state senator; deLesseps Story Morrison, Mayor of New Orleans; W. Lee O’Daniel, Governor of Texas; John H. Overton, U.S. senator from Louisiana; Otto Passman, U.S. representative from northeastern Louisiana; John Malcolm Patterson, Governor of Alabama; Dave L. Pearce, Louisiana Agricultural Commissioner; Leander Perez, Louisiana judge; William M. Rainach, Louisiana state senator; John Rarick, United States Representative of Louisiana; A. Willis Robertson, U.S. senator from Virginia; Richard B. Russell, U.S. senator from Georgia; Victor Schiro, Mayor of New Orleans; George W. Shannon, Louisiana journalist; Gerald L. K. Smith, evangelist from Louisiana and Arkansas; Howard W. Smith, United States Representative from Virginia; John Sparkman, U.S. senator from Alabama; John C. Stennis, United States Senator from Mississippi; Ford E. Stinson, State Representative of Louisiana; J. B. Stoner, Georgia political candidate; Herman Talmadge, U.S. senator from Georgia; A. Roswell Thompson, Louisiana political candidate; Strom Thurmond, Governor and U.S. senator from South Carolina; Ned Touchstone, Louisiana journalist and printer; Joe D. Waggonner, United States Representative of Louisiana; George C. Wallace; Albert W. Watson; John Bell Williams, Governor of Mississippi; Edwin E. Willis, United States Representative of Louisiana; Fielding L. Wright, Governor of Mississippi.

Students of history will also recall that it was Democrats who opposed ending slavery, who formed the KKK, who tried to keep blacks “in their place” after the Civil War, who founded Planned Parenthood to control black breeding, who largely opposed the Civil Rights Act.

And yet blacks today, like Rangel, vote in a bloc for Democrats. Historically, Republicans started losing the black vote when FDR came out with the New Deal and began giving away government (really taxpayer) money and services to the poor, which included a lot of black families.

Today’s black communities remain loyal Democratic servants because of government benefits and “Obama phones,” not because of any rational self-interest.

People like Rangel are the Democrats’ overseers, making sure their fellow blacks stay on the plantation by any means necessary, including bald-faced lies and historical revisionism.




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  • rifftop

    Rangel only remains in office because district formation in New York allowed Harlem to become it’s own district, thereby guaranteeing the never ending existence of this obviously demented fool to plague our government for decades. Some may remember Adam Clayton Powell, the flamboyant black congressmen years ago…..who was full of ethic questions and problems, just like the current creep who has contributed nothing to the nation’s survival. I guess democracy causes this type of defect to be able to exist in government. We made the mistake of believing that the population would make rational judgements and choices, or at least correct an error once noted. The shame is that the taxpaying, working citizen has to “pay” for these bad choices…….but his resentment will grow and the backlash in the future will make the civil rights era…..look like a joke. When it comes down to rationing, shut downs, food shortages, job losses and a general demise the pressure will cause a serious conflict that would make the purges of some of our most popular tyrants look puny.

  • http://www.divine-way.com Marie Kalivas Devine

    Leaders are deceiving people to protest, as in George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case, pushing to end Stand Your Ground laws so confiscation of guns would be easier; because we can legally have guns under our US Constitution. We are the unpaid army and police to protect our nation by preventing more crime from criminals and those who want to take over our nation from within or from other nations. They fear an armed population and would not fear hand guns alone.

    If we give them authority to change our constitution, they will take away our other rights and protections.

  • Robert

    George Orwell called that double think.
    The approved government thought process.

  • telall

    This bozzo should be in jail for tax fraud, but here the Race hustler is still on the tax payers pay roll!!!!! getting paid to run his big mouth piece!!!!!!!
    He,LOKE Obama, Jessie Jackson, Al sharpton , the black caucus in congress are nothing but race hustlers and welfare PIMPS , they do nothing for the black people!!!!!! how these jerks get elected iIS beyond me!!!!! WHO VOTES THEM IN OFFICE??????????? TH ILLITERATES!!!! THAT IS WHY THEY WANT TO KEEP THE BLACKS, ILLITERATES!!!

  • barb patton

    This disgusting creature will continue to spread his lies and promote the racial divide. Frankly with N@ggs like this I prefer to be friends with dogs

    • danimal

      Me too…my dog HATES n!99ers

  • Wayne Henry Braden

    Nothing is new with Rangel, this latest is not surprising. The man truly has an inferiority complex and sees himself as a African-American. He knows he doesn’t stand up to the likes of Thomas Sowell and Col. West who are not hyphenated Africans but Americans.

  • Ben Snyder

    William F. Buckley was NOT a racist. Why do you list him as one? He was at the foreront of discrediting the John Birch Society for their racism.

    • mechmorph

      The word is actually segregationist:

      “The central question that emerges… is whether the
      White community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are
      necessary to prevail, politically and culturally, in areas where it does
      not predominate numerically? The sobering answer is Yes – the White
      community is so entitled because, for the time being, it is the advanced
      race.” — William F. Buckley, August 24, 1957, “Why the South Must

  • http://twitter.com/jsbrodhead Jeff Brodhead

    Rangel suffers Cranial-Rectal Inversion Syndrome, IMO.
    Pull it out Charlie and TAKE A BREATH OF AIR!

  • the_uglydog

    Sounds like a rather “RACIST” statement!

  • Ovomit1

    Blacks in general are the most racist people on planet Earth, they are obsessed with their skin color..note to you racist the shade of your skin is only important to you- get over it! That skinny race baiting poverty pimp with the large head Sharpton and that other shakedown artist the crook in a clerical collar Jackson along with the half breed Kenyan that you worship are taking you and the country over a cliff…enjoy the ride while you can

  • Bob

    “Those that do not learn from history are condemned to relive it.”

    The only problem with teaching history is that some people refuse to hear the truth and only want to hear their fantasies. While these people seem to grasp the concept that the opposite of “right” is “left,” they fail to realize also that the opposite of “Right” is “Wrong.”

  • iamsurrounded

    Can someone please educate them already!

  • waterman

    One good turn deserves another………… “nigga”………..now watch me be called a racist………….oh, I’m white, I can’t say that.

    • danimal

      Rangel is a n!99er, you can say that

  • lakehead2

    Rangel is the classic race-pig. He is an ignorant imposter posing as an intelligent human being. His scam is not working; we all see what an ignoramous he is. Go on back to where you belong Charlie, because it is not in Washington.

  • ronpaynter

    There has been a big movement among the blacks to denigrate the Republicans. E-mails like the one above will in all probability be ignored by these blacks as well as the “lame stream media”. But it doesn’t alter facts that these people will not admit are correct. The democrats have been against the Civil Rights Act at it’s inception. They have generated racial hatred in the past,developing and participating in the KKK ideas. The list that this e-mail generates is amazing when you consider the vast number,almost 95%, of blacks voted for a white African America for president,a Democrat. Many of these people have come to realize the Obama hasn’t and is not about to do anything to deserve their vote. Once again the old cliché comes to the front,How’s the hope and change going for you?” As an example,black unemployment is a disastrous 14+%,about twice the national rate. Thanks to a Democrat. Yet,there is no doubt in my mind that the majority of black voters will cast their future votes for a Democrat,whoever it is. To me,knowing the history of the Democrats and their aversion towards the black people I find unbelievable that they will cast their vote for this party in any election.

  • Bruce

    To be called a “cracker or honkie” is just as offensive to me as being called “nigger” to a black person.
    So why aren’t black people called on this when they use the terms? Aren’t my feelings just as
    important as theirs? After all, it is meant in a very derogatory way.

    • Tasha

      The reason that most white people don’t get offended, when blacks call them names, is because white people have a better opinion of themselves. In general, whites don’t care what blacks think of them and are too busy trying to get ahead to worry about skin color.

    • Tasha

      Gah, no edit. At the end I meant to say that whites are too busy trying to succeed in taking care of themselves and their families to worry about skin color.

  • DE Nav

    What does Rangel call the white folk on Senator Graham’s staff?

    Graham Crackers.

    What does Rangel call the white folk on his own staff?


  • Wayne Brasher

    Some African Americans are ‘Niggers.” Some Caucasions are “White Trash.” I may be (or maybe NOT be) White Trash, but I know Rangel is a Nigger. With his lofty positions in the US Government he has
    no regard to tax laws, some of which he even wrote. How convenient –
    I’m in a position to levy taxes on the populace but I don’t have to
    adhere to the code. This guy is so full of gas that I’m surprised
    that he isn’t airborne. Rangel is one of the best examples of term limits in ALL OF GOVERNMENT that can be found.


    Hey rangel, as a New York SLUM LORD, how is everything goin with you?? As a cracker I just wanted to know.

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