Million Muslim March On DC Scheduled For Sept. 11

The American Muslim Political Action Committee is alive and well and gaining great influence in American politics.  Currently, they are planning a march on Washington DC to complain about religious profiling and the way the US government has handled the investigation of the 9-11 attacks that took down the World Trade Center Towers and hit the Pentagon.

The march on Washington was originally called the Million Muslim March, but in an effort to make it sound less radical, they have changed the name to Million American March Against Fear.  The change was made to supposedly make it sound more in line with mainstream media.

You have to realize that changing the name of something has been an extremely successful ploy by liberals, progressives and now Muslims to get the American people to accept something that they would normally be against.  Case in point, few Americans would openly embrace anything labeled socialist, but the whole country is welcoming the term social justice which is the very same thing.  Who in America would openly embrace communism, but who would turn away from community action?

Secondly, notice they use the same terminology that gay activists have used to get support for their perverse lifestyle by labeling anyone that disagrees with them as fearing them.  How many times have you seen articles referring to straight people and Christians as homophobes? It’s not that we fear them, it’s that we believe their lifestyle to be an abomination and wrong, therefore it is unacceptable to us.  But they constantly claim that the only reason we are against homosexuality is that we fear it and them.

Now Muslims are using the same tactics, claiming that everyone who dislikes them must fear them because we don’t understand them.  I’ve got news for them, I understand them very well and because of that understanding I claim that they are a serious threat to Christianity and the American way of life that has stood for over 230 years.

Muslims teach that anyone who does not convert to Islam is an infidel and should be killed.  Numerous Muslim leaders, both here in America and abroad have said that their goal is to infiltrate every aspect of American life until they can successful convert our nation into a Muslim country.  And folks, they are well on their way to doing this.

Do I fear them?  Yes!  Why?  Because they want to destroy the America that I love and they want to destroy my Christian faith that I love.  And our current government in Washington is doing everything in their power to help them.  If you don’t believe it is already taking place, then please visit places like Dearborn, Michigan where they already control the city government, the public schools and the police force.  Sharia law prevails over American law and they only get away with things that Christians cannot.

But back to the Million Muslim March on Washington.  What do they have to protest about concerning the investigation into the 9-11 attacks?  The Muslim terrorists behind the attack admitted they did it.  Every investigative road led back to Muslim terrorists.

The ultimate offense about this march is that they selected Sept 11 on which to hold it.  On the twelfth anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on American soil, committed by Muslims, Muslim activists are going to march and protest the way they are being treated by the American people and government.  And what’s worse is that all of the mainstream media will give them hours of coverage and embrace their causes.

The Million Muslim March is a significant step in the de-Christianizing of America and turning the nation over to the worship of pagan gods and pagan religions.  When Israel turned to worship Baal, God gave the people a chance to repent.  When they failed to do so, He turned the nation over to its enemies and it’s looking more and more like history is once again about to repeat itself.



37 thoughts on “Million Muslim March On DC Scheduled For Sept. 11

  1. Ready, aim, FIRE!

  2. mooSLUM March Madness On September 11th, 2013, 2998 Korans will be burned! Each one representing one of the victims, every person who was murdered by Islam.
    "Dr. Terry Jones to Burn 2998 Korans on 9/11" is the search title on YouTube.
    Stand Up America Now, invites you to send Korans to:
    5200 NW 43rd Street, Suite 102 #188, Gainesville, Florida 32606
    ON FACEBOOK, EVENT PAGE: Worldwide Burning of 2998 Korans on September 11th, 2013
    Abraham Lincoln said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” Both Joseph Smith & MoehamMAD had an angel appear to them which completely changed what the Bible has clearly taught us for thousands of years. The Bible warns that even if an angel should appear to you preaching a different word than the one in the Bible, "Do Not believe it" The Bible repeats here twice, "Let them be accursed" (Galatians 1:8)

  3. Chuck Mudgett says:

    In this article you said: "It’s not that we fear them, it’s that we believe their lifestyle to be an abomination and wrong." (Homosexuality) An article I recently read turned the term of homophobia by homosexuals having Truthphobia. I love that description. Let's turn the tables back to the truth.

    Thanks for the article and other postings this week.

  4. We could always shower them with bacon bits.

  5. How about 1,000,000 old baby-boomers like me, showing up with our concealed weapons permits & greeting them with a show of "wide open arms"? Lots of American flags & handguns!

  6. There is danger in the Million Muslim March; just because they plan to be peaceful does not mean that people will be sent to instigate a problem. People from our nation are stirring up Arab Spring protests, race protests, union protests etc. for anti-democratic purposes and often proclaiming Democracy. God's way is stay home, pray, wear Muslim attire for desire for holy nation; use mail, social networks, all media and internet comments etc. to news and government. That will say more, keep the people in peace, and not reward Washington DC by the extra commerce. There is a lot of disinformation on Muslims to keep the people willing for war in Muslims nations. Love conquers all. Show the love in the heart of Muslims, not fear and anger. Just trust God's peace. Do it His way.

    Keep Torah Sabbaths of No Work, 7th day, Saturday, September has 7th month commanded holy days or be cut off. Leviticus 23, Exodus 20:8-11, Deuteronomy 4:2.. Qur'an Ahmadiyya Numbers 5:68, 69; 42:14-16; 5:43-51

    • God didn't stay home when there were money changers in the temple. He sent His Son to physically throw them out and He didn't wear muslim garb either. And the misinformation on muslims is that they are a peaceful and loving people. What a bunch of garbage! You may be one of the first to get your head cut off believing this stupidity.

  7. It IS religious profiling.

    If authorities are looking for islamic terrorists, they will not be profiling Irish Catholics. Right?

    Stop the whining. If you cannot police and control and report suspicious on your own people, expect profiling and learn to live with it. OR start reporting suspicious behavior, stop protecting these monsters, and do something for America. You can either be part of the solution or part of the problem. Your choice.

    Nuff said.

  8. be a good time to drop a nuc and get rid of a million cancerous vermin