Obamacare Driving Up Automobile Repair and Auto Insurance Costs

The Republicans appear to be all for full repeal of Obamacare. They make speeches and appear on talking head shows bemoaning the new healthcare law, insisting it has to go. Nothing else will suffice but full repeal.

Knowing that the call for full repeal is simply a soundbite to appease the GOP’s dwindling base, those remaining few true conservatives are once again stepping up to the plate to lead.

Sen. Mike Lee has proposed defunding Obamacare. That sounds simple enough. After all, Congress does control the purse strings.

However, this idea is evidently too radical for our spineless Republican leadership due to their overwhelming fear of the dreaded “government shut down.”

Meanwhile the president and the Democrats continue to insist that Obamacare is a good thing and will actually save us money. I give them props for boldness — boldness in the face of obvious contradictory truths.

On ObamacareFacts.com, it clearly states that Obamacare does not increase insurance premiums directly. In a way, they’re right. There is no mandate to raise insurance rates. That is left to the discretion of the individual insurance companies, either to raise rates or go broke. It’s their choice. The site’s argument is that rate increases will be curbed when the law is fully implemented next year.

Well, the insurance companies know this and know they must raise their rates now while they can in an attempt to stay viable in the future.

This is why we see health insurance rates skyrocketing in states all over the Union. Washington State’s rates are expected to rise between 34 and 80%. Florida’s looking at an increase of 30 to 40%. Georgia expects increases of upwards to 198%. Indiana estimates a 72% increase and Ohio 41%.

The low information twenty-something crowd of Obama supporters is in for a surprise when they discover they will be paying 100% more (on average) than their elderly counterparts.

But the Obamacare law is not only affecting our direct healthcare costs. If you haven’t discovered it yet, you soon will.

This past weekend I received my auto insurance renewal. I opened the envelope and saw something I didn’t expect. My auto insurance premium increased by 20%.

I’m pretty plugged in to all this stuff, but I must admit, I didn’t connect the dots.

Figuring it must be a clerical error, I called my insurance carrier. I explained my spotless record to the representative; the fact that I am a year older as is my car, yet my premium was jacked up. He explained the increase was due to a sharp rise in the medical insurance rider and auto repair costs.

That’s when the light went on! Obamacare is also driving up auto insurance rates.

I called the dealership that does work on my car and spoke with the owner. He explained he would either have to lay people off or raise the labor rates for repairs, thanks to — you got it — Obamacare.

So when you start to see increased costs across a full spectrum of goods and services, you can thank Obama, the Democrats and the jerk Republicans who are too stupid and too spineless to defund this ruinous law.



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  • Lowell Freeman

    So if congress passes a budget that funds everything except Obamacare and the president refuses to sign it, then who shut down the government, the ones who passed the bill, or the one who refused to sign it?

    • libslie

      Yes, but when the media starts their leftist PROPAGANDA campaign, telling the brain dead masses that the big bad Republicans took away their “free” healthcare, food stamps, VA benefits, SS benefits & that babies & the elderly are starving to death, they will scream bloody murder & the panicked Republicans will give ObaMAO everything he wants. Any dictator will tell you that having FULL CONTROL of the media is essential to keeping the masses in line. Why do you think that ObaMAO went after Fox News, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin & the Tea Party, TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY, movement, mocking & dismissing them? The biggest danger to his regime is a grassroots uprising & TRUTH of his economy & middle class destroying policies making it to the ears of the general public.

  • Paul Brown

    If this abortion of a health care is so good then why did congress opt out of it because they didn’t want any part of this thing. That bill is an abortion and is going to destroy America now as we know it today. It will succeed in bankrupting the country and all the people with higher and higher fees and fines when they can’t pay it anymore.

    • Janice Cole

      Well Congress didn’t exactly opt out of Obamacare. What they did do was to make us taxpayers pay (subsidize)for their insurance. See how Congress works for the people? (sarcasm). The politicians that represent Americans are out of control. They have no morals, accountability, or consciences. We need to vote these bums out and put people in that have the welfare of America at heart, but who to and how to choose is a crap shoot at best.

      • http://PoliticalOutcast Marilyn R. Smith

        Janice Cole The key word you said there is VOTE. Herman Cain said 7 million conservative, registered Republican people did NOT vote in the 2012 Presidential election. IF they HAD “we” would not be in this discussion or this predicament because “we” would not still have this illegal as leader (sarcasm).

      • edweirdness

        Pragmatically speaking, voters should exercise their ability to vote as often as the opportunity presents itself. Ergo, while some will insist that ‘term limits’ is the answer, it’s a ridiculous construct to suggest that ‘voters don’t already have the power to term limit’ any incumbent by simply voting for an alternative during the primary election, or if no primary candidate exists, simply by not voting at all. Clearly this is what seem to have happened during the last Presidential race. Many self absorbed voters, aggrieved by the fact that their preferred candidate didn’t make the final cut, chose to vote for a Libertarian Presidental Candidate, or simply failed to exercise their right to vote (much like muscles that are not exercised, the right to vote when not exercised, withers and atrophies). Just as the left can count on certain demographies for support, regardless of how dangerously misguided their policies and agenda. likewise the Conservatives can always count on a certain self absorbed, self serving demographic that will always put their own selfish interest before those of their fellow Conservative citizens. The disaster of this present administration demonstrates that this is deep cause for concern, as does the fact that Republican Leaders continue to ignore their core constituencies in pursuit of voters who have historically opposed the conservative agenda, and who would never vote Republican, even if you gave them citizenship and a free car!

  • http:/[email protected] John Bazen

    What else is NEWS?
    This is the very same as any TAX to a business.
    A TAX is but a cost of doing business, therefore, as with ANY tax, it just gets passed onto the end consumers, YOU & ME!
    I just wish that ALL the Progressive-Liberal Democrats, will SOMEDAY WAKE UP!
    This makes ALL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES we buy more expensive!
    Besides, all this TAX the rich, if there were no rich people, where would the poor find work?

  • http:/[email protected] John Bazen

    The P. [progressive] L [liberals] Dem – rats – have being trying to get single payer health Insurance for 100 years!
    All this means as some American Indian Tribes policy, IF a person was to ill, to feeble, or to crippled, to be a positive contributor to them, they were taken out an left to die.
    No matter what one calls it, a RATIONING BOARD, HEALTH SELECTIVE BOARD, OR A DEATH PANEL the results shall be a rationing of health care VS. what can this person still contribute to society question!
    Because that’s the ONLY way the Single Payer system works anywhere on earth!
    Anyone who says different, is out of touch with reality!
    Because there is nothing for nothing, period!

  • http://www.coolwebsite328c.com Roxy

    An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who has been conducting a little homework on this. And he in fact bought me dinner simply because I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending time to talk about this issue here on your site.

  • Jim Nuziard

    We learned a while back that Obamacare was driving up the cost of taking Fido to the vet because of a 2.3% excise tax on medical equipment that is interchangeable with animals!

    This just keeps getting better and better! The unintended consequences of imposing a dictatorship is risky business!

    I fear that simply defunding won’t work given Obama’s propensity to step beyond his Constitutional duties unilaterally from Congress. If Congress doesn’t fund Obamacare, I think Obama will simply print the money he needs for his flagship piece of legislation, and we will suffer the consequences of inflation on top of everything else!

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