Piers Morgan: Women Risking Death Preferable To Possibly Defending Themselves

Everybody's least favorite Briton, Piers Morgan, told his guest on his CNN program the other night that he finds it jolly-good when women don't have guns.

He was debating with Brietbart News's A. W. R. Hawkins, whose position was that women with guns have a fighting chance at survival when their property or their person comes under attack. Hawkins cited the case of a Georgia woman who, along with her 9-year-old twins, was chased into her attic by an intruder. There the woman pumped him full of lead, thus saving her own life and the life of her children.

Morgan's position on the matter was expressed plainly when he said during that night's broadcast, "My problem is I don't want to see all the women in America armed with guns."

Yes, that certainly is his problem. One of many.

Morgan mentioned that when there is a gun in the house, the chances of a woman who lives in that house having that gun used against her are greater than if there isn't a gun in the house. This is exactly like saying that if you have a toaster in your house, you have a greater chance of eating burnt toast than if you had no toaster in your house. But it leaves out the fact that if you don't have a toaster, you can't eat toast at all.

The gun's existence in a house is not what increases a woman's chance of being killed; it is merely what increases a woman's chance of being killed with that gun. If the gun were not there, whatever abusive man she's living with would end up killing her by some other method, perhaps a slow and painful bludgeoning. Who you live with is what determines whether you will be killed by that person; not what items exist in your house. Why doesn't Morgan mention, for instance, that women who live with black men are more likely to be killed by that black man than if they lived with a white man? It's an inconvenient fact, that's why.

Morgan also pointed out that a woman who lives with a gun in the house is also more likely to have her gun taken away by an intruder and used against her; this, as opposed to the preferable method of having her skull opened up with a crowbar.

Piers Morgan: What happened here tonight, officer?
Officer: This woman was killed by 33 stab wounds to the chest by an intruder who used one of her kitchen knives against her.
Morgan: Good God. Well, at least she wasn't shot with her own gun.
Officer: She was killed regardless, Piers.
Morgan: Yes, but the loud bang could have damaged her hearing.

Finally, the reason Piers gave (as do many a liberal) for not wanting women to own guns? Because it increases that person's chance of using that gun for suicide. (It doesn't increase their chances of suicide, mind you; just the chances of doing it with a gun.) Know what I say to that? Her body, her choice.

Back in January an 18-year-old mother used a shotgun to protect herself and her 3-month-old baby against two men trying to break into her home. One of them, whom the mother shot dead, had a 12-inch knife.

They say you shouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight. Morgan's advice to women: bring nothing to a knife fight, and come what may. Why does he hate women so much?



150 thoughts on “Piers Morgan: Women Risking Death Preferable To Possibly Defending Themselves

  1. Come on people. Lighten up. CNN is brilliant for hiring this ass. People watch just to see what absolutely dumb remark will come out of his mouth next. And the best part is he does it with such a straight face -- as if he actually believes his own stupidity. His show is priceless. All he did was steal Chris Matthews shtick and amp it up a bit. Such great comic relief. I'm as Libertarian as they come and I watch just to get a laugh. I hope he stays on the air until the day he dies.

  2. Everett Dickens says:

    This libertard has no good feelings for women or their safety. Probably a woman hater, just cannot cure stupid. No wonder England does not want him back.

  3. If Piers were faced with a armed attacker, I bet he would beg like a baby on his hands and knees to make the shot clean so it wouldn't hurt his hearing. There is just no cure for stupid and this man is about as irrationally stupid as I have seen. Piers its better to die than resist an attacker. You could injure your attacker and that would make you the criminal.

  4. Piers MOrgan is brain dead. Does anyone think that a woman can outrun a man or a pack of black thieves? Does he really think that just because a woman turns around a runs that these people will not follow, if for no other reason than to shut her up and have nothing to show for it. You have to love liberals. They haven't a complete thought in their head, not able to think beyond the moment. Obamacare itself is a terrific example. Sounded good at the moment but it is going to hid people hard. It was so good at the time, they didn't even read the damn thing.

  5. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Time to deport that undesirable person! Whatever his beef with women, he can just take it home and let the women there deal with him! I see NO good reason to be hurt or killed because HE doesn't like it for women to be armed, and to defend themselves!

    • Isabel D. Sanchez says:

      I think he does not like the fact That he looks
      like a man, HE' wishing that he was a woman !!!!
      God help us all.......

  6. BarleyWheets says:

    I betcha .. Queen Elizabeth.. is ashamed of Morgan & is glad he is spouting his BS in the USA instead of his Mother Nation!

  7. Poor Piers. He is such a stupid fool that he doesn't realize what a stupid fool he really is. I NEVER watch his show. On purpose. It is something I make point to do. It is bad enough reading what stupid, foolish stuff he says in articles like this one.

  8. it seems to me that the only people who really want others to be defenseless are those who what to harm the defenseless. if the brit wants women to be defenseless, maybe it's because he wants to harm some of those defenseless women?

  9. Why are people giving Piers Moron the time of day when he is not even an American citizen nor he wasn't even born here? How dare he have the remote nerve to dictate what we should and shouldn't have in our society. Another thing, it doesn't matter what the crime rate is in various countries. This is America,and in OUR Constitution we have the right to bare arms! Why doesn't someone say, I don't give a rat's ass what the murder rate is in England because this is America! In one of Piers Moron's previous interviews on guns, he said he doesn't interpret a lot of things in the America's Constitution the way Americans do! Guess What?! You are a British citizen and it wasn't meant for you to understand because it was meant for AMERICAN CITIZENS TO UNDERSTAND.BTW, when he talks about the gun issue, I'm stunned how much he lies and contorts the truth. It is long over due for this man to be kicked out of America!!

  10. That Pierre Morgan is useful idiot as postulated by Lenin is well known. That he can freely as foreigner undermine the freedom on our soil is only thanks to that freedom and The Constitution. In most of the countries he would be prosecuted. What is really amazing that CNN would pay him to appear on the TV, unless of course CNN is on the same note as useful idiots of the leftist propaganda.

  11. Randy Caudell says:

    I refuse to watch CNN at all because of this idiot. I hear more about him than I want to from other sources. I wish he would go back to England or Canada or Australia or anywhere outside the United States of America. We are running out of time to set our nation back on the track our forefathers planned, and he is NOT helping.

  12. GrumpyOldMan says:

    If people, including this electronic rag, would just ignore the babbling baboon, maybe he would just go away. Preferably back to where he came from.

  13. David Hedricks says:

    When we consider the source is Piers Morgan, why do we give his words any credence whatsoever?

  14. ElderAmbassador says:

    More puff from a "puffer" and another SO WHAT?
    I agree, I don't watch CNN, or any of the other formerly news nets that have morphed into obama propagandists.

  15. "Piers Morgan: Women risking death preferable to possibly being asked to carry on a conversation with Piers Morgan".

  16. Why are people like this even allowed on tv. Such an idiot!!!

  17. I would rather have all women armed to the teeth so that they could kill any male who is attacking her or her children. I would much rather have some dead males then to have women and children raped

  18. In country folk speak this guy is what we call a Jackass........the
    loudest one in the barn, and will never be more than half a thorobred
    no matter what he says...........
    Now you know the origin of the country folk term "HALF-ASSED" when it
    is used to refer to a persons abilities or how well they accomplish
    them........nothing more nothing less.....yup