Why Is The US Risking War In the Middle East To Save Muslims But Not Christians?

The news out of Syria seems to indicate that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on their own people.  That has Obama and US officials outraged.  They are preparing to take military action against the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad.  Russia has warned us not to use military force against the Assad regime and Iran has threatened all-out war if we do.

UN investigators are in Syria trying to determine if chemical weapons were used or not.  The death toll is unclear, but the estimate ranges anywhere from 330 to 1,800 people have died so far.  As best as I have been able to determine, most of the victims are their own Muslim people.

I admit this is tragic but we are not and cannot be the world’s police.  But if we are, then I have to ask why Obama and US officials are so outraged and ready to risk starting a war in the Middle East to protect Muslims, who hate and want to destroy America, but they won’t lift a finger to help the hundreds and thousands of Christians under attack in the Middle East and North Africa?

Hundreds of Christians in Egypt were being beaten, murdered, burned, women raped, homes and churches burned and destroyed.  Morsi’s supporters attacked and burned 63 Christian churches in past couple weeks.  The White House remains silent.

In areas of Nigeria, whole Christian communities are being attacked, destroyed, and thousands of Christians being attacked, killed or driven out of their homes.  The White House remains silent.

Uncounted numbers of Christians have been slaughtered in the Sudan.  The White House remains silent.

Muslims are persecuting Christians in Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Sudan, Nigeria, Turkmenistan, South Africa, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Kashmir and Mali.  The White House remains silent.

I believe this speaks volumes of where our nation’s priorities lie.  Our leaders have demonstrated time and time again that they are more concerned for Muslims worldwide than they are for Christians.  They are ready risk starting a major war in the Middle East to protect Muslims, but these same leaders have never risked anything for the sake of the thousands of Christians in the Middle East that are being persecuted and killed, and I for one demand to know why!



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  • Ellen King

    The Muslim in chief’s actions have spoken loudly since he fraudulently invaded our country,and the White House

    • Bonboyl

      And he gets bolder and bolder all the time. The more he gets away with, the more he can get away with.

    • chicago76

      George Bush did nothing to help the Christians either. It seems that the Israelis and Saudis do not approve of us helping Christians.

  • Merriel

    The answer to your question is simple. Obama is a Muslim. He doesn’t care about Christians or the USA.

    • Mensamule

      Christians are oppressed in the US and in the military. Nobody can mention GOD but can openly talk about alla. No Christian prayers in any school, sporting event or political function but muslim prayers are just fine. Soldiers are not allowed to mention God or pray but there are special areas for muslims to prayer while laying on the floor. By now everyone should be getting the idea of what is going on. When Churches were being burned, Christian children were being raped, beaten and killed, the white house was laughing and joking about it.

  • Bonboyl

    What will it take to wake the Obamabots up? Is it possible that they really cannot see what our muslim-in-chief is doing? We had better stop kidding ourselves and face up to what he and his commie administration is doing and get them out of office and in prison.,

    • Mensamule

      He has too many of our senators and congressmen in his pocket, whether with cash or threats, so I don’t think it will happen. The ballot box is open to corruption so can’t be trusted. Many of the judges are obama’s hand picked goons and will rule as he tells them to. One of his judges just ruled that shariah law could be forced on the people of Oklahoma. As citizens that are law abiding, we don’t know where to turn or who to trust. We are losing our country and there is nothing that we can do about it.

      • Bonboyl

        So true. I feel so helpless knowing we should be doing something, but what? The borders are kept open to accommodate the influx of Muslims. Obama is installing them in government. We’re being destroyed from within and can do nothing about it. Some people just refuse to see what’s happening and so many are just simply not interested in following it.

  • Pat

    First off I am against any military strike as I was against the war in Iraq. To say Obama is Muslim Is pretty funny, but he is highly educated and I would assume behind closed doors he would admit to being an atheist like most rational people would if they weren’t persecuted by the religious christian right in this country!

    Next thing you know it might say in “allah trust on or money” and “one nation under allah” in our flag salute. That would be pretty silly in a country that has separation of church and state? Oh wait a second christianity already infiltrated ore supposedly secular government a long time ago. This is all about stability for oil industry and has nothing to do with religion. Saying it does is ignorant at best.

    • robertb

      Tell me where in the Constitution says we must have separation of church and state. Obviously you have never read the Constitution. You are simply believing what someone told you. My Constitution says in the First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of Religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. There are quite a few explanations that follow that you should read that are perfectly clear and only a dimbo could interpret differently. That’s why I said you obviously hadn’t read it because I really don’t think you are a dimbo. It also says the government cannot fund churches so they can’t take sides with one against the other or try to make the USA a one religion nation. SO…. Obama committed another crime when he had Hillary to choose many Mosque over seas to be renovated and some totally remodeled and paid for with millions of our Stimulus dollars. I’m sorry that you feel that atheist and I assume you are also talking about gay people are being persecuted by Christians, but just because we don’t agree with your lifestyle doesn’t define persecution. If there are those who have not read the Constitution, I would suggest that you pick up one at the library and read it.Stop letting other people tell you what it says. You will probably be surprised at way Obama has abused it many times and merits Impeachment.

    • chicago76

      You ought to just say thank you to all the Christians who have died so you can be so stupid.

  • OMGO

    Obama is doing nothing and saying nothing about the slaughter of Middle East Christians because his Muslim father believed that Christianity was an enemy that played a role in European powers occupying North African and Middle Eastern countries (in reaction to more than a thousand years of Muslim pirates preying on European shipping and operating from those countries). Obama shares those beliefs and that Islam should dominate the world. While our president claims to be a Christian, it s clear from his actions that he actually feels no connection to Christianity and is a Muslim at heart. The fact that Muhammad repeatedly told his followers that they could and should lie, steal, cheat, torture, enslave, rape and kill non-Muslims, or Kafirs, to advance Islam because these actions are “pleasing to Allah,” I believe is why Obama finds it so easy to lie to Americans and the world and to say and do nothing as Christians, Jews, and members of any religion or group who are not Muslim are murdered by Musilms every day of the year, including one day recently, when our president who has never had a White House dinner celebrating Christianity or Judaism, chose to have one celebrating Ramadan,

  • NoChip4Me

    Because Barack Hussein Obama is a muslim……………he supports the slaughter of Christians. This infiltrator hates everything American including our Christian values this country was founded upon. Goes back to his Indonesian upbringing and his mother being “free spirited” (a tramp.)

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