Happy Socialist Union Day

Happy Labor Day all. I trust everyone is enjoying their long weekend. Here in New England Labor Day marks the official end to summer, fall unofficially begins, lasts about a week and a half and I go into hibernation until spring. Every year about this time I wish for global warming.

Labor Day for many is about family gatherings, cookouts, parades and fireworks. I enjoy all these but I personally give no acknowledgment to the “holiday” for Labor Day is a celebration of the “workers.” And not just any workers; union workers. Let’s just say I’m not a fan of unions, particularly public-sector unions.

But isn’t Labor Day a celebration of all workers? Maybe now, but it didn’t start out that way.

Most believe that like Independence Day, Labor Day is uniquely American.

It actually came about as a result of an 1872 strike by the Toronto Typographical Union. The strike was a protest of the long hours they had to work. They called it the “Nine Hour Movement” after the demand to decrease hours worked from 12 per day to 9 per day.

What those Canadian union strikers may not have realized was that striking was illegal, a criminal offense, thanks to a little-known law passed in 1792.

Consequently 24 members of the strike organizing committee were thrown in the slammer and many unionize workers were simply replaced by the employers. The employers brought in nonunion labor from nearby towns.

Prime Minister John McDonald was not too pleased by these employers’ actions and pushed through the “Trade Union Act” legalizing the union’s action.

Some accounts are that Peter McGuire, the general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, was witness to one of the Canadian Labor Day celebrations.

He went back to New York and proposed an American Labor Day; the first on September 5, 1882, yet it didn’t become a holiday until 1894.Pullman Strike_02

The holiday was brought about by the great Pullman strike of 1894. Pullman manufactured train cars in the Chicago area. This strike caused railroad shutdowns all over the country. President Grover Cleveland sent troops and marshals to end the strike. The result was 30 strikers dead and 57 wounded.

It was this that caused Congress to propose and ratify the national holiday not even a week after President Cleveland ended the strike.

Oh, and in the “some things never change category,” the Pullman strike was organized by a union boss, Democrat hack and avowed socialist, Eugene Debs.

Go Unions!

Happy Labor Day.



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  • T Lady62

    So, that’s how it started. Thanks for the history lesson.

  • MichaelR

    Just shoot people when they refuse to work. Uncle Joe Stalin would be proud. I believe a workers loyalty should be to his employer and mine would be also if I thought for a minute that the multi-national corporation I work for cared a wit about me and my family. They don’t. That’s why I am a Teamster.

  • Wrightclick

    I’m no fan of unions, especially today’s unions. But I have to concede that in early years unions helped shape this country. There’s no question that employer’s took advantage of workers and by banding together employees were able to negotiate better, more fair working conditions.

    But today’s unions have little in common with those of the early years. They seem to want more and more and more while producing less and less. They will squeeze the life out of a company and then take it over or just move on to the next one. The worker’s union dues are used for political purposes that benefit the union bosses, and workers had better toe the line or face severe consequences.

    Employees need to have some leverage toward a company or else they would simply revert to taking advantage of the workers. It’s a natural flow. Both sides need to realize they are in a relationship. Working together as a team they could be very successful. Unfortunately in many cases today the employer only wants to pay enough to keep the worker from quitting. And the employee only wants to work hard enough to keep from getting fired.

  • Dick Frakes

    Could somebody, anybody tell me what the hell Obama has done for the union’s besides suck them into voting for him. Bush is the president who was dumb enough to start the GM and big bank bail outs. Obama let the union’s out of Obamacare – I’ll give him that. However; you must keep in mind, had Romney been elected there would be no Obamacare – so that’s a wash. I just don’t get it – that’s why would the union’s want to destroy the country that feeds them.

    • Anthony Soro

      thats all he was looking for, just like the gays blacks, Muslims, anybody he could sucker into a vote, hell he let 4 people die to save his campaign.

    • kellys

      Unions are not responsible for govt failings, unions are only a very small percentage of all workers. It was Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich who sent jobs overseas to please their moneyed masters, not the Unions. This writer notes that strikers were working 12 hour days , probably in very unsafe and inhumane conditions and six days a week.. No holidays, sick time, vacations, work comp, insurance or anything we take for granted, Unions created these things protecting workers. UNIONS CREATED THE MIDDLE CLASS!

      I dont know about the rest of you but I WORKED for this holiday.

    • daledor

      I agree! A better question is what has Obama done that is good for America. He is a master OPPORTUNIST. He would put cow manure all over himself it it would make him look good – heck with the country!

      Obama’s power, like Satan’s, is in division – using people against each other and against themselves all with the help of the socialist New World Order controlled major media minions – the goose stepping, follow the leader (and money) followers of the evil globalists (who desire money and power). What empowers Obama and these NWO @#%$ is the quest for total control and money unspeakable.

      More damage has been done in the name of ‘caring’ by manipulative people than by any other means. A politician says, ‘I care’ – watch out for your money and lost liberty. The postulate is that if ‘upstaging opponents’ – after all if they say that they care then if you disagree then you are uncaring. Bleeding heart socialists have no heart or are deceived by manipulative people who have no heart. —- The great ILLUSION of caring is to make you dependent upon them so that you vote for them while they destroy the economy and your lives slowly – if no one works and all depend upon government then who will pay for the false illusionist system of total government control.—– Think about it, if you have no money then what can you buy? They print money and spend it which makes everything go up in cost as national debt goes up??? When the printing press stops because money is worth nothing – what then? —– The economy will totally collapse and the government and top officials will hide in the underground ‘reserved’ bunkers while Americans die from chaos. —- Don’t believe me? Just think if your bank was closed and how you would survive!! We have to get much better leaders into DC if we have any time left!!!!

      More importantly we need to pray and start paying attention to do what God tells us – let Him motivate us in His love through Jesus rather than poor leaders lead us over the cliff to destruction. We need to weigh true godly character in people we vote for – not let media do our thinking for us. True godly character does not say ‘I am a Christian’ when not for election purposes but lives a life of helping people be their best, have jobs, help people have self esteem, and motivates people to follow godly leadership rather than controls and manipulates people to selfish and self aggrandizing endeavors focused on the leaders will and not on God’s nor ours.

  • Johny Geetar

    I have NO USE for unions, of ANY KIND. Particularly the public sector variety. I merely utilize their “Holiday” to sleep late, defrost steaks, and watch 80’s movies. Unions had a purpose back when. Now in 2013, they are nothing but progressive political patsies and leftist toilet bugs that have priced American labor right out of the world market. Companies would rather bail out of America and open operations elsewhere than deal with these grossly overpriced douchebags and their thuggery. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to deal with them, either. American business does NOT OWE workers a damn thing just because they are Americans. The American labor market shrinkage is CLEAR evidence of that.You want American business returning to our shores? Then disassemble unionism. It’s a defunct business model that no one in their right MIND would embrace.

    • Deborah G Flynn

      I have never supported unions because I always thought they were Marxist and radical. Low life thugs who couldn’t do anything but dig ditches. The kind of guy your father tolde you’d be if you didn’t het A’s in school. Low class .

      • Paul

        They are…
        Just one of many good reasons to not support unions of any type.

    • EltonJ

      It’s American Greed that outpriced American Labor. Everyone wants to make more bucks than they are actually worth. It’s sad, really.

      A good example of this is in construction. My bishop builds for a living and he says the Rich are the hardest to work for. He builds houses that regular people can’t afford, but want. Everyone wants to look like they have it all and they are keeping it up with the Joneses. American greed is the cause of Obama being elected, American greed is why Unions are so anti-american. American greed is why most scientists hate capitalism, yadda, yadda. It’s too late to stop the tide of Greed in this country as an whole, but one starts with his own family and neighbors to combat greed.

  • CharlieFromMass

    I chose to take a slightly less cynical view.

    While it is quite true that Labor Day did in fact start out to mark the unions, even if I was alive in the 1890s, I would have seen this as a day to pay homage to ALL labor- everyone in this nation who works to make it great- from people in factories, to the store-keepers who epitomize great service to the entrepreneurs, waitstaffs, nurses, doctors and everyone else who try to build, rather than destroy, our nation.

    Thank you to all of you.

    For an interestng take on Labor Day, check this out:

  • http://PoliticalOutcast Josephine

    All the Japanese and Korean automobile manufacturers that have come here recently DO NOT and WILL NOT allow unions in the companies. They pay a living wage to American workers and if you want to unionize you can quit and go to Detroit. George W. Bush is NOT the 1st president to bail out Govmint Motors. That was done the 1st time waaayyy back in the 70″s or thereabouts. Fast food jobs ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FOR MAKING A LIVING. They have always been for young people to work while they go to school to LEARN to earn a living. When the wages are raised the food will HAVE to go up and I will STOP buying as much of it so these stupid people will STILL NOT make a living getting orders wrong. A person who is so stupid that they cannot figure out it is the boss of the union who has the money not the workers doesn’t need to get the right to TAKE any more from someone who worked for it

    • MikeinOK

      Any company which cannot pay their employees a living wage with benefits and also pay taxes and comply with regulations simply does not have enough revenue for the number of employees they have and should either downsize or go out of business and let someone who is smarter about business take their place.

      • oZ

        Alright, Mike in OK has never owned a business which is obvious. Let the employees that can’t make a living wage start their all businesses, c’mon it soo easy to operate a business.

        Yea they can pay theri employess $80.00 an hour washing cars or slinging fast food, what could go wrong?


      • Paul

        I guess you’ve never owned your own business, then? Obviously you have no idea what a small business enterprise is. Nor do you understand why we import so much from other countries and can’t afford to actually “buy American”. It’s because the unions have forced companies to overpay for underwork and that is passed on to the consumer in the form of outlandish prices for locally produced goods.

        And, pray tell, what is a “living wage”…is that some socialist thing that claims that no matter what the person does – scrape toilets, or design them – they have to be given a specific, minimum amount of money? Why? Not all jobs are worth that type of pay.

        Put the onus on the worker where it belongs. You want a certain pay? Get a skill so you can get a job that pays that much. You don’t want to develop a skill? Get paid what the going rate is for toilet cleaning.

        Don’t force me, as the owner of a business, to pay a worker a wage he is not earning. To prevent being forced to pay “minimum wage” for sub-minimum workers I simply don’t hire out those jobs. I add the duties to my, and my employees other duties – and we don’t get paid more for doing it. We rotate the duties so no one is overburdened.

        Now go back to reading your Communist Manifesto like a good little Marxist and let the rest of us build better products for lower prices by paying fair wage for fair work.

    • Aelissa Helm

      Not true of the Germans, here in choo choo town our new German plant wants there union but have to allow the UAW in too. We are doomed for destruction if the unions are allowed. Oblammer was here just for that purpose, to support unions in the Non union south & our idiots bought it hook line & sinker.

    • Spikeygrrl

      I agree with you about unions, but really, aren’t there a LOT more pressing reasons not to eat “so much” fast food?

      Just sayin’.

  • Twitch

    Okay so now the Socialists have two holidays: April Fool’s Day (because they are fools, atheists, and fooling lots of people) and Labor Day.
    Yet they won’t tolerate the Christian holidays. Go figure.

  • Ole SC

    I’ve said since the Carter Administration that Liberalism, Socialism, Political Correctness and Labor Unions would destroy this Country. I’m sorry to say it has happened! Labor Day is not a day to celebrate but should be a day to morn the death of this Country and a Capitalistic Society!!!! Thanks to all liberal voters and the Democrat Party and the RINOs in Congress, USA now means:
    United Socialist America

  • guestimate

    Well conservative stupidity and biased ignorance is why you lost the last election. Apparently you don’t realize that before workers organized they were roundly abused and even gunned down by employers. Unions gave us the 40 vs. 80 hour work week. Of course it pisses “makers” off that they can treat workers as just replaceable parts in their plans. Oh wait, I guess they can, by moving jobs & assets where unions are not, like communist Red China, or India …until workers wise up there as well. Incidentally it’s interesting how globalists have made an environmental mess there too; sphincters that they are, never responsible for the mess they leave.

    • kellys

      Evidently no one read the article, especially the part where they sent soldiers to gun down tax paying Americans. Americans. I am not anti business, but you have to realize for an employers to make a profit he must cheat you out of some of your wage. If he paid you fairly there would be no profit. Simple math.

      If I am employed I still see myself as a small business man, I am there to work and get paid FAIRLY for that work. He may not owe me a job but I sure as hell do not owe him my labor. It is a two way street. Un bridled Capitalism is as evil as unbridled socialism, they bot rely on someone elses labor to be successful..

    • Mike McKeown

      Which socialist/communist party did you say you belonged to? I’m with you all the way here. I’m tired of those 80 hour work weeks as well and I think that our unions should continue beating dissident and non-compliant members into submission so that they learn to follow our rules to the letter! It’s just not right that some of them have the nerve not to want to pay their union dues after all that we do for them. And what about all of those ill-informed citizens out there who believe that some members should be fired simply because they are incompetent or have do drugs while at work or on company time? That is just not fair or according to our contract. We started doing all of this more than 100 years ago so I don’t see any reason to stop our little friendly reminders now! Keep the rank-and-file in line and there won’t be any problems and we can continue to buy elections in the future, right? Hell, we have the best president and politicians money can buy!

    • Paul

      Nope. The last election was lost because it was rigged. Mathematically impossible statistical results prove that votes weren’t actually counted – results were assigned to specific parties and candidates.

  • Photon

    The Union Mentality:

    During WW2, Philadelphia was a huge industrial center for the war production of everything from ships to artillery ammunition to uniforms. The amount of labor required was enormous, and most of these workers had to be housed in outlying areas. They relied on mass transit to travel to and from work.

    Because of a shortage of transit drivers, the transit companies at one point hired about a dozen black people. But because the Transit Driver’s Union was racist, they went on strike and said they would remain there until the blacks were fired. The result was a paralysis of war industries in the Philadelphia area. Ship construction came to a stop because only about 10% of the workers could make it to the shipyards. Ordnance factories stopped operating.

    The Transit Drivers Union had committed what amounted to an act of industrial sabotage, in the middle of what was a national emergency, in order to satisfy their racism. FDR sent a two-star General from Washington, D.C., to resolve the situation. The General made an announcement which was published in the newspapers and on public posters, and aired on the radio, in which he said: Any transit driver who did not report to work on his next scheduled shift, would lose the draft exemption that he had been granted for holding a war-critical occupation, and would be inducted into the military immediately. The strike was immediately over, with only two Transit Union members not reporting for work. One was the Union President, who disappeared completely. Had the General not acted as decisively as he did, Union racism had the potential to become one of the Nazi’s biggest assets.

    All of which gives a factual history to the public notion that today’s Unions are on only their own side, national well-being be damned.

  • Rocko

    If you ever seen union folk at “work” you realize they don’t work very hard. Their empowerment has turned them into slackers who work at working slowly and incompetently. Unions are the end of production in this country. Every time they raise their ugly heads more jobs move off shore. Sadly there is no cure.

  • MikeinOK

    Happy Socialist Union Day to all of you! I will celebrate it by commemorating all of the evils which have been foisted upon society by unions. You know, evils like eight hour work days, five day work weeks, livable wages, benefits, vacations etc. Every single one of you takes advantage of some or all of these so complaining about unions just points out your hypocrisy. No that we needed any further evidence.

  • oZ

    *Well conservative stupidity and biased ignorance is why you lost the last election.

    Nope, Welfare recipients and anyone on the government tit out voted the real working class, we’ll never see a conservative in high office again, sad but true.

    *Apparently you don’t realize that before workers organized they were roundly abused and even gunned down by employers. Unions gave us the 40 vs. 80 hour work week.

    True, my parents were both union members and I am grateful to those that went before to get these benefits, BUT they are government or local laws now and if they are removed than there may be a need to really unionize, not join the thugs that are unions now but each shop or business employees thing for themselves and organize themselves.

    Unions produced the sorry state for under educated employees bolting on bumpers in Detroit making more money than life savers like nurses, firemen, and police.

    Compromise and common sense could have gone a long way in stopping the decline of the “working class” <-basic laborers with no special skills.

  • Kerry Hyman

    Welcome to what some have called the “race to the bottom,” I call, “getting in a pissing match with a pole cat.” Downward pressure on wages from offshore sweatshops would have us capitulate and resign our standard of living, the highest in the world, to labor forces like China (avg. wage= $1.36/hr. many work for 30 cents an hour.) to compete for jobs. With 30 years of favor for America, Inc. and their $$$ Trillions in record profits for our “multinationals,” “transnationals,” or “globalists,” that reap these record gains, mostly from the USA consumer (worker) they’ve kicked to the curb! When is it ever going to occur to you guys that the USA consumer market, the largest in the world is predicated on the discretionary spending habits of its middle and lower class; 300 million strong? They would think nothing of fleecing this market down to its last dime with no thought of putting anything (or as little as possible) back. When is enough, enough?

  • Spikeygrrl

    The only “workers’ holiday” we celebrate in this military household is Veterans Day. Ooh-rah.

  • http://amazingdiscoveries.org salim

    totally agree with article excerpt:
    “I’m not a fan of unions, particularly public-sector unions.”

    for more on this & to get the big picture on what we’re experiencing right now, i urge all to asap get a hold of
    The Great Controversy (free online reading also), authored by ellen gould white.
    be blessed!

  • http://priscillaking.blogspot.com Priscilla King

    Thanks for the history! I enjoyed the weekend anyway…