Hypocrisy: The U.S. Has Used Chemical Weapons on Civilians Too

The U.S. is also the only country that’s ever used nuclear weapons against civilians, while making sure that countries like Iran never obtain them. Why is OK for the U.S. to use nukes on innocent civilians, but it’s wrong for Iran to want them, to the point that the officials in our government have been threatening to bomb Iran for years now?

I would argue that these “justifications” for going to war (i.e., Assad using chemical weapons on civilians, Iran obtaining nukes, etc.) are all false pretenses. The U.S. government doesn’t actually care that Iran might want nukes. Iran’s neighbors all have nukes, and no one seems to care about that. And on the chemical weapons charge, the U.S. has used chemical weapons on civilians as well, so Assad allegedly using them shouldn’t outrage any official in our government.

Global Research pointed out 10 instances where the U.S. or its allies used chemical weapons against innocent civilians:

  • The U.S. military dumped 20 million gallons of chemicals on Vietnam from 1962 – 1971
  • Israel attacked Palestinian civilians with white phosphorus in 2008 – 2009
  • Washington attacked Iraqi civilians with white phosphorous in 2004
  • The CIA helped Saddam Hussein massacre Iranians and Kurds with chemical weapons in 1988
  • The Army tested chemicals on residents of poor, black St. Louis neighborhoods in the 1950’s
  • Police fired tear gas at Occupy protesters in 2011
  • The FBI attacked men, women and children with tear gas in Waco in 1993
  • The U.S. military littered Iraq with toxic depleted uranium in 2003
  • The U.S. military killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians with napalm from 1944 – 1945
  • The U.S. government dropped nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities in 1945

Usually when someone brings these issues up, the retort is something like, “Oh, you’re one of those blame-America-firsters, aren’t you?” or “Why do you hate America so much?”

It’s not I that hates America. It’s those in power. They’re the ones calling the shots. They’re the ones destroying America and Her reputation around the world. I love America, but I hate what those in power have done to Her.

The Obama administration is desperately tugging at America’s heartstrings to convince us that we need to bomb Syria, because Assad has used chemical weapons (assuming government officials are telling the truth). But so have lots of countries around the world, including our own. And maybe that’s why Americans aren’t buying the propaganda this time.

So next time you hear John Kerry’s self-righteous rants about how “Assad’s behavior will not be tolerated,” or “Oh, all the children!” just remember about all the times our corrupt government or the governments of our allies have committed atrocities just as evil or more so than what they’re accusing Assad of and thought nothing of it.



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49 thoughts on “Hypocrisy: The U.S. Has Used Chemical Weapons on Civilians Too

  1. The have used brain damaging microwave directed energy weapons on Iraqi soldiers and Americans in the US.

    • We continue to use chemical weapons, not just in Iraq, Paka, Pali but on our own soil against our own people. They passed a law years ago authorizing such use and continue to do so. The CIA tested bacteria on New Yorkers via subway to see how fast it would spread. In Iraq the corporate U.S.gov used chemical weapons banned by the Geneva conv which destroyed an entire village of estimated 3-400 men women and children in mid 2000's. It burns only flesh and leaves clothes completely UN-burned I saw this. Foreign news casters from Australia, Africa and France refused to go back after what they had witnessed made them sick. I was in Russia at the time and they dont hold back on groosum pictures, they show it all.

    • As for this supposed journalist Hodges , if he really equates the United States with maniacs like run Iran, maybe he ought to just move over there! But I'm sure he won't carry his misguided convictions that far. He shows his ignorance by even bringing up WW2 , a case where Japan had murdered millions across the world , and without a doubt would have used nuclear weapons as easily as they did chemicals in China!In fact, ALL GOVT is detrimental to individual freedoms and the dignity of mankind , and the United States govt is out ofcontrol, it has turned authoritarian and aggressive toward free minded Americans , but fortunately loyal, legal Americans are a devastating force and will not allow "militant progressivism' to turn our wealth over to 'global socialism"! Anyone who doubts the loyal, legal, traditional, patriotic sector of Americans will not fight US Govt aggression towards its own people, they are wrong! WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION NOT THE GOVT!

  2. It's the old " Don't do as I do, do as I say".

  3. What about all the dumping every day across America with all of these Chemtrails? The list of these toxic chemicals they use is so long and my opinion that is "crimes against humanity". We need to look out for our own people first and foremost.

    • Just one of the poisons our government has approved for our daily use: FLUORIDE!
      Read your toothpaste box. "If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison-control center right away."

  4. We were at war with Japan; a war they started. Both Germany and Japan were doing nuclear research towards a bomb which they would've used on us if they had it first. Many of the above statements are misleading. Agent Orange was a defoliant; not a weapon against people. White Phosphorus is used by every country and is not considered a "chemical weapon". This article is basically nonsense. When we use the term "chemical weapons" we mean nuclear,nerve gas or biological agents."All of Iran's neighbors have nukes? Really? Besides Russia, who has nukes? Iraq? Afghanistan? What we're talking about is keeping unstable fanatical regimes from going nuclear. Please stop this crap.

    • DaveP326, thank you! This post is so full of crap. Tear gas is a "chemical weapon?" Please. Let's not use the same stupid argument tactics the Left employs. It demeans us.

      • Tear gas, formally known as a lachrymatory agent or lachrymator (from lacrima meaning "tear" in Latin), is a non-lethal chemical weapon that stimulates the corneal nerves in the eyes to cause tears, pain, and even blindness. Common lachrymators include pepper spray (OC gas), CS gas, CR gas, CN gas (phenacyl chloride), nonivamide, bromoacetone, xylyl bromide, syn-propanethial-S-oxide (from onions), and Mace (a branded mixture).

        Lachrymatory agents are commonly used for riot control. Their use as chemical warfare agents is prohibited by various international treaties. During World War I, more toxic lachrymatory agents were used.

    • A nuclear reaction is NOT the same as a chemical reaction. Chemical weapons aren't classified the same as nukes and aren't what we are talking about when the term "chemical" is being used. Nukes are nukes, chemicals are chemicals.

      • A nuclear reaction is a chemical reaction.
        It is only classified different because of its enormous power.

        A chemical reaction is:
        A process in which one or more substances (reactants) are chemically changed into one or more new substances (products). Chemical changes may involve motion of electrons in the forming and breaking of chemical bonds.

    • Yes, they attacked us at Pearl Harbor. We responded by killing civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, coincidentally the two Japanese cities with the highest concentrations of Christians. And you're justifying this? What did these Japanese Christians have to do Pearl Harbor?

      And here we are in Syria, supporting terrorists who kill, rape and ransack villages of innocent civilians, many of whom are Christians. What is it with our government going after Christians in other countries?

      • TheChristianSolution says:

        Agreed. Germany was Christian as well, but we had to save the Jews you know. Meanwhile, no one cares for the Christians anywhere else, such as the ones our faithful Uncle Joe Stalin ally was slaughtering in the Katyn Forest.

        Did not know that those two cities had such Christian populations. Our Judeo-Leaders will do their best to keep Christianity from spreading. By the end of the Obama admin. there will be no Christians alive in the entire Muddle East. Jews will be safe and sound though.

    • Saudi Arabia has nukes. So does Pakistan, India and Israel. They're allowed to have them, but Iran must not.

    • "White Phosphorus is used by every country and is not considered a 'chemical weapon.'" Yeah, and Syria never signed the Chemical Weapons Convention treaty, so I guess sarin isn't a "chemical weapon" to the Syrians, so it's OK.

      Who cares that we don't classify white phosphorus as a "chemical weapon?" Its effects are as destructive as other weapons. The point of the article was to show the utter hypocrisy of U.S. government officials who pretend to be outraged by other countries' atrocities, but our history shows that we're no better. It's just that we're more powerful and can bully other nations around.

      • Ok. So tell me-what's the effect of white phosphorus?

      • @ Barefoot

        White phosphorus is the most active allotropic form and is extremely toxic when inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through burned areas (Eldad and Simon 1991). It is fat soluble, glows in yellow-green light, and ignites spontaneously upon drying and exposure to air. Storage of white phosphorus in water prevents it from burning spontaneously (Eldad and Simon 1991). White phosphorus can cause thermal injury and hygroscopic damage by absorbing water from surrounding tissues. It reacts with oxygen and water to form strong acids (H3PO2, H3PO3) and combines with metals like copper to form dark-colored inactive salts (Eldad and Simon 1991).
        White phosphorus particles can burn on the surface of the skin or penetrate deep into the tissues when carried on shrapnel particles. Local destruction of tissues continues as long as white phosphorus is exposed to oxygen. White phosphorus smoke with a garlic odor is characteristic of white phosphorus burns (Eldad and Simon 1991). High mortality rates seen following white phosphorus burns can be due to its absorption from the burned surface, which may result in multi-organ failure (mainly liver and kidneys), hyperphosphatemia, hypocalcemia, and electrocardiogram (ECG) abnormalities (ST depression, QT elongation, microvoltage of QRS and bradycardia) (Bowen et al. 1971; Eldad and Simon 1991).

      • As the name "Mike11C" implies, I was a Mortarman (11C) in the US Army. Our smoke rounds, which are used to create a smoke screen to deny the enemy troops the ability to observe our movement, are filled with White Phosphorus. They are also used to start fires to destroy the enemy's equipment. While White Phosphorus is technically a "chemical", so is C-4, RDX, Composition B, and so is the smokeless powder used in our rifle and pistol rounds. None of these, however, are considered to be "Chemical Weapons". This article is completely skewed and ridiculous in it's content.

        The "Agent Orange", used in Vietnam is a "Defoliant". It is also NOT a "Chemical Weapon". At least, not unless "Round-Up" is. Every hardware store in the country sells that. If you're going to call this a "Chemical Agent", you may as well complain about Chemical Weapons being used on our own troops because the mosquito repellant we issue contains DEET and some even has Permetheryn. OH LORD NOOOO!

    • Totally agree with your comment and the author of this screed apparently is ignorant of history and the details of some of is alleged "violations". Sabot rounds (depleted uranium cores) are used to penetrate heavy armor, tear gas is used as a riot control agent and to flush out hidden bad guys, the two bombs dropped saved millions of lives on both sides that would have been lost in an invasion of Japan (apparently the author "missed" the Japanese fighting to the death on Okinawa and other Pacific islands), the Japanese killed thousands of Chinese and others very brutally in their occupations, then there was the Bataan Death March and Japanese treatment of allied prisoners, WP is used in smoke rounds for screening as well as being an incendiary, and the problem with Waco wasn't tear gas but the illegal action by the Clinton administration for political purposes. The problem with Syria isn't the chemical weapons use but the fact that the US has no interest in that conflict in part since there is no "good" side. The author also ignores the fact that Iran is a radical state run by islamic extremists who believe in religious suicide and them with a bomb isn't like the old USSR or China where the leadership likes it power and perks and allegedly doesn't believe in an afterlife.

      • TheChristianSolution says:

        Actually, all you did was justify WMD.

        Tear gas is good for flushing out bad guys
        Depleted Uranium is good for penetrating armor
        WP is good at making smoke
        and my favorite
        Nuclear bombs save lives!!!

    • TheChristianSolution says:

      Plenty of Iran's neighbors have nukes. Pakistan, India, China, Russia, and especially, the country who has been on a propaganda campaign for several years now wanting to wipe them off the face of the Earth -- Israel.

      • TheChristianSolution: Your ignorance is really astounding. BTW, as a retired US Army officer with a MOS 1204, which is Armored Cavalry Unit Commander, I happen to be very familiar with all of the areas you are ignorant about since I also was trained in NBC (nuclear/biological/chemical) warfare as well. You should also check history as to he Pacific War and think good, long, and hard as to what the loss of life would have been without the two atomic bombs in an invasion of Japan.

      • I think you have that backwards it is Israel that all those Countries would like to wipe off the map

  5. your father or grandfather should have been in the first landing wave on the Japanese home island in ww2 . I would not find it necessary to write it they were. The nukes actually save lives on both sides. All japanase were trained to be defense forces. They would have fought and died for years because of the false use of the code of Bushido.
    Chemical weapons such as tear gas do not count. Agent Orange was a plant killer. WE FOUND OUT LATER IT HAD HUMAN SIDE EFFECTS.

  6. Nuts!

  7. Joe from Texas says:

    Nice try but your attempt to blur the lines of distinction failed. To expand your analogy every household in America uses chemicals on itself every day of the week! We wash dishes (chemical surfactants) do laundry (previous chemical plus deadly dryer sheets) Cook meals (have you ever read the ingredient list on a box of anything)?

    There is a HUGE difference between "chemicals" and "Chemical Warfare". While chemicals are everywhere Chemical Weapons all fall into two distinct classes..... Blood Agents and Nerve Agents. These are the lethal ones. A minor class of chemical weapons is "harassing agents" which are intended to dissuade a target group of continuing to act in an undesirable or aggressive manner. This would include "tear gas" "Skunk gas" and another which causes vomiting. (although either of the previous two agents can do that as well) A final chemical is a "blister agent". While this can be lethal, especially if inhaled, it primarily caused large, liquid filled, blisters on exposed skin which is intended to cause an enemy to loose their will to fight.

    The nuclear argument is lame as well. As you probably will not recall, America was at a state of war with Japan at the time those two weapons were deployed. Yes they killed civilians. Wars tend to do that. (you might wish to investigate what the Islamist states are doing around the world to civilians...... but I doubt you'd bother to clutter your brain with facts) Why don't we want Iran to have Nukes? Simple.... they place NO value on human life. At this point in Islamic history their greatest goal is to bring on a world wide conflagration so as o hasten the appearance of the Mahdi. They also have stated repeatedly their goal of "Wiping Israel of the face of the earth." If you are still unable to see a reason to deny Iran Nuclear weapons then you'll likely never figure it out.

    • Iran has no value on human life? Says you, who are trying to defend the U.S. who murders millions of unborn babies every year under the guise of "women's rights." Because the U.S. really values human life, right? And we send nukes to the two Japanese cities with the highest concentration of Christians. And we support terrorist organizations that murder, rape, kidnap, displace innocent civilians, many of whom are Christians. And we send armed drones into countries like Pakistan to kill indiscriminately men, women and children, most of whom have nothing to do with terrorist organizations. But our government "values life," right? So WE can have nukes and use them on other countries, but no one else can, especially Iran, because they have no value on human life. And they attacked how many other countries in the past several centuries?

      • Joe from Texas says:

        Another nice try but the vast majority of points you make (which are all valid) are the exclusive handiwork of the "Progressive Left" in this country and, as such, fail to represent the core values of the average American which the "Progressive Left" is trying to marginalize on a daily basis via their non-stop assault on the founding principles of the nation. Thus your beef is with those on the Left who promote such vile acts as abortion. (Aka premeditated murder)

        Who has Iran attacked in the past few years? Oh my.... one has to go back a bit farther than a few years for a complete answer but to that point... how about a multi-year war with it's neighbor, Iraq?

        Quoting from http://ancienthistory.about.com/cs/persianempir1/a/persiaintro_2.htm we have the following:

        "Darius I (also known as Darayarahush or Darius the Great). Darius attacked the Greek mainland, which had supported rebellious Greek colonies under his aegis, but as a result of his defeat at the Battle of Marathon in 490 was forced to retract the limits of the empire to Asia Minor.

        The Achaemenids thereafter consolidated areas firmly under their control. It was Cyrus and Darius who, by sound and farsighted administrative planning, brilliant military maneuvering, and a humanistic worldview, established the greatness of the Achaemenids and in less than thirty years raised them from an obscure tribe to a world power.

        The quality of the Achaemenids as rulers began to disintegrate, however, after the death of Darius in 486. His son and successor, Xerxes, was chiefly occupied with suppressing revolts in Egypt and Babylonia. He also attempted to conquer the Greek Peloponnesus, but encouraged by a victory at Thermopylae, he overextended his forces and suffered overwhelming defeats at Salamis and Plataea."

        Persia (Iran) has been at war for thousands of years as has most of the world. Until we can all let go of the urge to dominate one another then war will remain the norm and peace the anomaly.

        Be that as it may the old empire of Persia contributed much by way of science, language, art and culture. Following either a humanistic or a Zoroastrian "religious" path Persia was one of the hubs of trade and commerce. The rise of Islam began the true decline of that empire.

      • TheChristianSolution says:

        Joe from Texas has to go back nearly 3,000 years to make his point about Persians fighting.

        But his most ridiculous one was about Iran fighting Iraq. Them bad...we good.

        Except we labeled Iraq the bad guys and fought them, not once but twice. As well as Afghanistan. And we have been droning away in Yemen, Oman, Pakistan, Lebanon, and Iran. We sure are not ones to talk.

        BTW, love your posts.

    • rusureuwant2know says:

      Totally agree - this is the kind of "reporting" I detest. It's intellectually dishonest and misleading.

      • You're being intellectually inconsistent if you don't see the hypocrisy of U.S. government officials over the past several decades. We can engage in any kind of warfare that we want as long as it's consistent with our own rules, or if we break our own rules, the powers that be will cover it up. We're supposed to be outraged by Assad's use of chemical weapons, but we're supposed to look the other way when our own country or our allies commit similar or more wicked atrocities. We're supposed to look the other way, or in your case, just deny it.

    • Iraq invaded Iran, so that doesn't count.

  8. MIchael Chandler says:

    Are you kidding me? You are gonna equate our dropping of atomic bombs to end the Second World War to the totally different scenarios extant in Syria? Those atom bombs saved tens of thousands of Allied forces lives and, unarguably, millions of Japanese lives. You are disingenuous in your contention and strive to obfuscate understanding of two dissimilar circumstances. You might consider this from another perspective: How many millions of people and how many societies have we liberated from tyranny and oppression versus how many we have ushered into tyranny and oppression. Your argument is untenable.

    • Are you joking? How many people have we "liberated?"


      • How about Western Europe and a great deal of asia. You are a pig.

      • TheChristianSolution says:


        csarebel actually said we liberated Western Europe and Asia? I thought Western Europe included Poland which was left under the thumb of Stalin -- the one who was responsible for the Katyn Forest Massacre of their officer corps. How much more of an insult can we take?

        As for Asia, we saved China from Japan for them to end up with Mao who wiped out 70 million of them.

        Then we fought the North Koreans and failed to liberate that country.

        Finally we fought the North Vietnamese and not only failed to liberate it but lost the southern half as well.

        Heck, we couldn't even liberate Cuba from Castro

      • We did liberate western europe as opposed to conquering it. Same with Asia. You have no valid point.

    • Well we have (This Government) not done much in the way of freeing anyone in the obama years .. we have on the other hand aided the oppressors in too many countries of the middle east .. and now the obomaites are in the process of turning America into a dictatorship !

  9. Wow. You're seriously going to equate tear gas, defoliants and phosphorous with sarin gas?

    You can count me among the former subscribers.

    BTW, I staunchly oppose US involvement in Syria.

  10. The article is crap. I guess we arent allowed any moral authority because of "past transgressions". Under that lame logic i guess in the future the USA is not allowed to criticise any socialist government because we have obama, a socialist, as our president.
    Not really worth debating. The article was written by someone that is pro iranian. What a piece of pig shit he must be.

  11. Relativity huh??

    We should not have used the nukes so the war would have ground on for another ten years or more with the US besieging Japan at home. A physical invasion of Japan would have caused more deaths and much more destruction than the Nukes. The firebombing of both Germany and Japan was far worse than the Nukes.

    Of course, everyone apparently finds it quite easy to forget who the aggressors were. Try looking up The Rape of Nanking!!! This was done by Japanese soldiers with the full involvement of the military command. You might try and claim that the Japanese people had nothing to do with this, BUT, the Japanese people were VERY committed to their EMPEROR who was the absolute ruler of them and the military!!

    Y'all seem to forget the PEOPLE of a country provide the manpower for replacement soldiers, food, supplies, training new world conquerors... This ludicrous idea that the PEOPLE have nothing to do with a war that goes on for YEARS is the thinnest of rationalizations!! The people ARE responsible if they are not REVOLTING against their leaders who have attacked other countries!!

    Germany is a great example of this. While ignoring that the people loved Hitler and supported his military aggression, they are NOW turning fascist again!!

    • TheChristianSolution says:

      Well you sold me. We are responsible for what Obama is doing, since we are not revolting.

      • President Obama is either trying to help his Muslim brotherhood buddies in Syria or he is using his lame-duck status to drag republicans into agreeing for a conflict which he already knows he can't win so he can set up Hillary as the savior of the American people because she will stop all wars. Obama doesn't do anything for the people unless it gets him votes, you should know that by now. Democrat candidates running for office will say that republicans wanted to invade Syria and start a world war III and the democrats want peace and prosperity. Please wake up people, its all a political game for the greatest deceiver-in-chief to ever occupy the Oval Office. Obama knows Obabamacre is going to be a show stopper for many democrats who are running for office so he is inventing a method to use as a weapon against republicans.

      • we should "revolt" at the Polls, folks .. get Congress to pass the voter ID laws ..Vote for Candidates that still believe GOD, and our Constitution ..

  12. WAY TO GO! FANTASTIC ARTICLE! This article SHOULD earn you the Nobel Peace Prize!

  13. It is also very possible that we supplied the weapons Assad used. He got some from Saddam that we gave to Saddam to use on Iran

  14. 2, 3 or more wrongs STILL do not a RIGHT make

  15. How about pouring tons of industrial waste by-product into the drinking water in the US--by gummint edict. I'm talking about Fluoridation with a toxic form of the junk that they couldn't find a way to safely dispose of, so the big corporations found a way to market it to the morons in the American Dental Association. Do ya figure it's just a coincidence that the incidence of thyroid problems and cancer, ADD, lower IQs in kids, diabetes, and a plethora of other disorders accelerated at the same time as we began poisoning the water supply with this junk?

  16. mfernandez57MN says:

    The use of atomic bombs on Japan actually saved lives as it was the ONLY thing the military powers that controlled Japan understood, overwhelming power.

    The Agent Orange, though it turned out to have long term harmful effects, was NOT used as a "Chemical weapon" against "people" whether civilian or enemy combatants.

    The use of WP is not considered by any military as a use of "Chemical Weapons" as defined in the Geneva Convention or any other Accords. The use of WP is no more proscribed than the use of HE or Fragmentation rounds.

    The use of napalm in WWII was on both sides, both sides engaged in "Total War" including the terror bombing of civilian targets and so is not necessarily a blight against the United States. The U.S. has since done all in its power to avoid civilian casualties as a matter of policy.

    The attack on the Branch Davidians in Waco,TX was not a military operation but the FBI and was an over-reaction by federal police forces. That IS a blot on the record of the U.S. Government.

    The use of "tear gas" in riot/crowd control hardly constitutes the use of "chemical weapons" in the context of warfare. In fact, the Geneva Accords allow for its use in that contexts, riot/crowd control.

    As for Saddam's use of chemical weapons against the Kurds, he may have gotten them from us (I can't say) but he certainly was not instructed to use them in that way by us.

    Finally, the depleted uranium rounds used in anti-tank cannon, and their subsequent radiological pollution of the land, that I think was not deliberate but a result of a poorly thought out weapon system. Or not. Hey, you start a war, you suffer the consequences.

    Now, all the above said, I believe that our current government is a criminal enterprise and should be arrested en masse. I believe that the government's meddling in Egypt, Libya, etc., is against the Constitution and the best interests of the United States. I believe that while the 1st Iraqi war was "somewhat" justified (only because it was in response to a war of aggression on the part of Saddam), because it was not concluded properly (i.e., Saddam and his government in jail) that led to the 2nd which should never have been necessary. As for Afghanistan, following 9/11, a limited engagement to put a major hurt on Al Qaeda would have been justified. Our continued presence there today is not.