ABC News Reveals Obamacare as Failure but Won’t Admit the Truth

Here’s the part that matters:

Citing anonymous administration sources, The Associated Press has narrowed the figure to 476,000 applications divided among state and federal exchanges. But although the number does serve as a gauge of activity during the site’s early days, the White House has declined to release how many of those applications resulted in enrollment in a health insurance plan. Those figures are expected to be released in mid-November.

Let’s be generous and pretend that every single application results in an enrollment in a health insurance plan. According to the story, that’s the number we have “almost three weeks into the plan.” The story was release on the 20th (yesterday) so let’s not include the day the story was published. Let’s say that the number was accomplished in 19 days.

So 476,000 divided by 19 gives us a rate of 25,053 enrollments per day. Let's round up to 26,000.

We are told that 46 million people don’t have health insurance. Let’s pretend that everyone who applies (and we assume, are enrolled in a healthcare plan) are one of those people who don’t have health insurance.

So how long will it take for them all to have insurance?

46,000,000 divided by 26,000 tells us it will take just over 1,769 days. That is almost five years.

Yet the deadline to get the insurance in 2014 is December 15, 2013. The deadline to avoid a fine from the IRS is February 15, 2014.

And the White House can’t promise will even be fixed by the December 15 deadline. Of course, the closer they get to the deadline, the more the website will be choked by people trying to get insurance in time to meet the deadline. I assume this means more is likely to go wrong under that heavy internet traffic.

But maybe there won’t even be heavy internet traffic. Fox News reported yesterday on the Administration’s own claims about visits to the site:

The 918-word blog acknowledges the glitches have been “frustrating” for Americans and states roughly 500,000 applications for coverage have been submitted. It also states that has had roughly 19 million unique visits, which “confirms that the American people are looking for quality, affordable health coverage, and want to find it online.”

I don’t understand the reasoning in that statement since many people, like me, have just received notice that their health insurance is being terminated in 2014. I guess, “confirms that the American people are scrambling to find affordable health coverage after we robbed them of the coverage they already had,” doesn’t sound as positive.

But nineteen million unique visits? Let’s assume that every single one of those visits was one of the people who are always talked about—the people who have been uninsured for years—as opposed to people who have just found out they will be uninsured in 2014 because there insurance has been destroyed by Obamacare so that they have to find new insurance. If every single hit came from those uninsured then more than half of them either can’t get online or can’t be bothered to do so.

Typically, when a new product is rolled out, one gets a big response which then tapers off.

Unless the product is a complete failure.



146 thoughts on “ABC News Reveals Obamacare as Failure but Won’t Admit the Truth

  1. The Obama campaign used computer technology to its advantage a great deal in it's campaigns for the presidency effectively. It's despicable that the same level of technological capability was not applied to Obamacare. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA.

  2. Information is king. The government gets it, controls it, and hides what is inconvenient to provide--especially if it doesn't play well to the overall agenda.

  3. Only in America extortion not permitted, but is permitted at the goverment level and with out penalty!

  4. we the people,who are the real government.all of the treasonous lame stream medias,are all bought and paid for buy ovomit/satan and his unconstitituional administration.we have always been are own medias.we research and uncover things that the lame stream traitors,try to black out,cover up,and hide,and we expose expose and expose them,to people across the street and around the world,so we have never listened to,or cared what the lame stream liars say or do,so be your own medias.ours work out fine.god bless america

  5. I really have to say that I do not understand this whole health care dilemma, but the first thing that comes to mind is since we all have to have a Social Security Number, so they already have all your information. Why couldn't that portal have been used?

  6. While we all sit down here in the peanut gallery arguing about health care, why don't we take a look at the big picture? The real problem with our country is that the federal government is operating outside their jurisdiction on about 95% of the programs they are running. The fed takes in 223 billion dollars in taxes a month. That is $ 223,000,000,000.00 and they cant make ends meet. I propose to all of you that if they took in $ 443,000,000,000.00 they would not be able to make ends meet either.

    If we had a government that would abide by the constitution, we would all have excellent health care, we would have a great educational system, with reasonable costs for college, and most importantly, we would not have dead kids coming back from foreign lands.

    We need a Revolution, not a health care program.

  7. Do you think Obama might be sabotaging his own healthcare program so that people will eventually succumb to a single-payer system in desperation? Just saying. That's what he really wanted when he first started to campaign but admitted it wouldn't be easy and it would probably take at least ten years to come about.

  8. That is because ABC cares more about Obama ,then the American people . In a word ,they are kissing his A------ !

  9. ABC is part of the Lame Brained Media. They are to stupid to recognize the truth.

  10. Like the administration that foisted this upon our Sovereign nation, it is broken!

  11. This entire country knows this abortion of a plan is only a big tax hike, and was never designed to sign anyone up for coverage. It would take all the people in the country at least the 5 years to get through and get covered, so it wasn't designed to cover just to increase our taxes again without anyone being wise enough to spot it because they are stupid enough to believe everything this idiot tells them. This country is heading down the tubes real fast, I give it a year or two before we file for bankruptcy.

  12. Something is up. Communist Propaganda otherwise known as main stream media never TELLS THE TRUTH. They march in lock step to the official American communist party line.