Death Panels On "The Five" - Hatred For Sarah Palin Grows As She's Vindicated!

I've said before that Obamacare is the death panel. We already see how Medicaid is causing shortages. And the Obamacare law is doing the same thing. NPR confirmed what the New York Times reported: patients are getting access to fewer doctors and hospitals. Specialists are often outside their network.

Which brings us to the repeated accusations against Sarah Palin where the same people rationalizing Obama's repeated and emphatic lie were claiming she was a liar. The video puts it all out there.

Notice still the refusal to apologize to Sarah Palin for trying to warn the American people. The onslaught on her reputation continues on virtually all the mainstream media outside of Fox.

Remember, Alan Baldwin was fired from MSNBC for unscripted comments he made in a fit of rage that were offensive to homosexuals. Martin Bashir went on air with a contrived and scripted plan to advocate defecating in Sarah Palin's mouth. Baldwin's apologies didn't help him; as far as we know MSNBC wouldn't have treated Bashir any differently even without his "apology."

My personal opinion is that all most of the outrage and hate from Liberals on Sarah Palin is, for the most part, no different than the reason that Cher hates her so much and called her the "C word."

They are all ovewhelmed with guilt and envy. They can't stand that a normal American conservative is able to stand in the public eye and tell the truth. She exposes them for what they are and she does it while being cheerful and content.

To liberals that is unforgivable.

But, whether one is receptive to recognizing Sarah Palin's virtues or not, the point that needs to be spread far and wide is that Obamacare is a way of giving people nominal coverage while, in doing so, actually reducing their access to health care.

It is a killer.



71 thoughts on “Death Panels On "The Five" - Hatred For Sarah Palin Grows As She's Vindicated!

  1. Beckell thinks single-payer won't have death panels? What a maroon!

  2. The left hates it when the people know the truth and they are there, have read them.

  3. Paul Krugman, ultra liberal columnist for the New York Times, repeatly referred to "Death Panels" in this video (later wrote a column to try to walk this comment back), but he clearly said what he meant in the video:
    Why on earth did "The Five" not show this video, knowing they were going to have this conversation and that Bob Beckel would chime in to defend it?
    Non-elderly are being effectively denied care by cancelling their insurance (M.S. patients with complications), i.e. $350/month premium--and after days and days on trying to get on the government Obamacare website find premium is now $1200/month. If they can't afford it, it's effectively a death panel.
    Many don't want to burden their children and aren't the end of life elderly, maybe in their 60s and 70s, who have chosen not to pay the now triple premium cost and stop payment. This the Democrats have "baked into the cake" of Obamacare. Then once the medical insurance has had to raise their premiums to such a degree to cover GOVERNMENT MANDATES everyone will be forced into the government website (including those now covered by their job's insurance), we have a one-payer system because insurance companies will go bankrupt and/or can no longer exist. Dems have admitted knowing this. One-payer systems, like In Canada, Great Britain, etc. have panels that decide whether it is cost effective to allow people to get surgeries and certain drugs.
    My brother works for either Comcast or Charter and his premiums are doubling next year and has been told they will probably triple. My daughter, who works a couple part-time jobs, previously was eligible for a state-run insurance program--but NO LONGER QUALIFIES. So she has no medical insurance.

  4. “The Five” should have had video of Paul Krugman, ultra liberal columnist for the New York Times, who repeatedly referred to “Death Panels” (and tried to walk comment back in a later column) but he said what he meant in the video.

    Anyone with half a brain would know from experience with Canada and Great Britain’s system, among others, that a panel is set up to decide which procedures for what people would be allowed (also which drugs). Forcing U.S. insurers to cover more with regulations causes changes which cause insured to lose their plans and have to get a new plan, tripling their cost in many cases.

    A woman with M.S. complications has lost her $350/month policy and the cheapest she could get on the Obamacare website is $1300/month, which she cannot afford. She and millions of others would be forced into bankruptcy or die without the care they need. I’ve heard of people who were not that old (60s and 70s) and lost the medical insurance they liked and could afford--who do not want to burden their children with this cost and now forgo insurance to let their cancer progress.

    This was known by the Dems who have pushed this since it’s “baked into the cake.” Sarah Palin and many of us who actually read the bill know this would happen. And we knew that Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Exekial Emanual—an Obama medical advisor, had written books on denying care to those who are not productive and too young or too old or too sick to be worthy of treatment. There’s just not enough money.

  5. LIBERAL'S are hypocritical asses ... remember the stem cell issue that they use to scream about during the Bush days. They were claiming a miracle cure was just around the corner if only there were no harvesting restrictions (unborn). Nothing yet some 6 years later. And although loud mouth Micheal J. Fox who at least had a vested interest was one of the most outspoken ... we hear nothing from him today. People that have Michael's illness but are wealthy or famous should be weary of ObamaCare and any mention of Dearth Panels, because they would be on such a cost cutting list. Hey Michael where us is your mouth now! Speak up .... let us know what you think of the Dictator Barack?

  6. You need to read POLICY ANALYSIS NO. 700

    The Independent Payment Advisory Board: PPACA’s Anti-Constitutional and Authoritarian Super-LegislatureBy Diane Cohen and Michael F. Cannon

    June 14, 2012

    When a member of Congress introduces legislation, the Constitution requires that legislative proposal to secure the approval of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the president (unless Congress overrides a presidential veto) before it can become law. In all cases, either chamber of Congress may block it.

    In 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) created the Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB. When the unelected government officials on this board submit a legislative proposal to Congress, it automatically becomes law: PPACA requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to implement it. Blocking an IPAB “proposal” requires at a minimum that the House and the Senate and the president agree on a substitute. The Board’s edicts therefore can become law without congressional action, congressional approval, meaningful congressional oversight, or being subject to a presidential veto. Citizens will have no power to challenge IPAB’s edicts in court.

    Worse, PPACA forbids Congress from repealing IPAB outside of a seven-month window in the year 2017, and even then requires a three-fifths majority in both chambers. A heretofore unreported feature of PPACA dictates that if Congress misses that repeal window, PPACA prohibits Congress from ever altering an IPAB “proposal.” By restricting lawmaking powers of future Congresses, PPACA thus attempts to amend the Constitution by statute.

    IPAB’s unelected members will have effectively unfettered power to impose taxes and ration care for all Americans, whether the government pays their medical bills or not. In some circumstances, just one political party or even one individual would have full command of IPAB’s lawmaking powers. IPAB truly is independent, but in the worst sense of the word. It wields power independent of Congress, independent of the president, independent of the judiciary, and independent of the will of the people.

    The creation of IPAB is an admission that the federal government’s efforts to plan America’s health care sector have failed. It is proof of the axiom that government control of the economy threatens democracy.

    IPAB may be the most anti-constitutional measure ever to pass Congress, and it is therefore tempting to dismiss IPAB as an absurdity that the body politic will soon reject. Until that occurs, IPAB will potentially empower just one unelected government official to impose any tax or regulation, to appropriate funds, and to wield other lawmaking powers.

  7. The Palin haters just can't stand the fact that a conservative woman is good looking and smart and right about Obama and his disastrous health care law.

  8. Avoidance of the truth does not make the truth untrue! the sheeple continue to believe.

  9. Well let us think about this for a moment.....the leftovers have pelosi, boxer, feinstein, huffington, mccain, mcconnell, dick tater obama, and princess boob heckle to represent. The RIGHTEOUS, GOD loving, gun carrying, extremists of the tea party have Sara Palin, Michelle Bachman, Michelle Malkin, and Ann Coulter.....they hate us because our women look like women and look and sound good when they talk. Pisses the left off because all of their women, especially mrs dick tater michelle, all look like the spawn of satan and are such ill informed princesses that people laugh at them and they get all butt hurt and will start to cry. Them liberals is so stooped and UN-edumacated.

  10. We need to fight against the liberal media. They are too powerful and brainwash the low information voters. We need to compete or buy them out.

  11. Typical Fox News Propaganda! Just a bunch of Bull!